Bush Administration Affirms Climate Change Causing Extreme Weather

Bush has long obstructed progress on climate changeJust back from a short blogging break, to find the climate crisis never rests. Scientists and policy-makers have finally caught up with ecology as the link between climate change and extreme weather [ark | moreark | search] — such as the recent flooding and tornadoes in the U.S. — has been reaffirmed. The only surprise is the new report was released and endorsed by the Bush administration, whose climate obstruction over the past decade has bordered upon criminality. To issue such a serious report after a decade of inaction is unconscionable, and can only be forgiven if the administration swings into real climate change policy action now.

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  1. Let us take a moment to identify global challenges that are emerging and converging in our planetary home. Of course, this is a partial list to which other threats to human and environmental health can be added.
    1. Unregulated human overpopulation of Earth
    2. Unwelcome human-induced effects of global warming in particular and climate change in general
    3. Human-driven pollution of Earth's environs
    4. Reckless dissipation of Earth's resources by the human species, with particular attention to the challenges posed by peak oil and peak soil.
    5. Relentless expansion of the unbridled global political economy.
    These distinctly human activities appear to be overspreading the surface of Earth on such a gigantic scale and at so astounding a growth rate that scientists can make projections indicating a noticeable risk to life as we know it and to the integrity of Earth, perhaps in these early years of Century XXI. That is to say, Earth cannot much longer sustain unrestrained human population growth, unrestricted per human consumption and unchecked economic globalization without running the risk of precipitating some kind of global ecological catastrophe.
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population, est. 2001

  2. J A Baker says:

    Here is a single page of good, eco-friendly ideas for individuals, cities, and communties. Pass it on!
    A single page of action you can adopt to combat global warming. Pass it on!
    THE WHITE ROOF IDEA: Install white or light roofs. Replace or repaint dark roofs. Dark roofs absorb heat. White roofs reflect heat off the planet. Paint things white.
    THE THICK WALL IDEA: Build homes with thick walls able to withstand heat, cold & high wind.
    THE WHITE ROAD IDEA: Change to white or light-colored materials for all paving. Asphalt pollutes. Dark roads act like hot wires in car windows that melt ice

  3. betsey butera says:

    sounds wonderful
    now how do those of us not living in a city close enough to ride a bike to shop or work change our lives? I watched as the frenzy of oil drilling was distroying north dakota. those truckers NEVER turn their rigs off… where is the key???
    so try and make a difference….
    there are trains leaving a coal mine every twenty minutes with one hundred and ten cars, which I was told can continue for the next three hundred years.
    so paint all you want and plant lots of trees.
    what will you do when we have drained the great lakes to feed the lawns on the tops of the buildings? think before you just speak…. everything is linked. I am just surprised that the pacific ocean hasn't been tapped for the las vegas water shows.
    no one will stop
    not till they can't continue and even than they will cry and whine for someone to fix life back to what it was. they already are…
    it sounds more like a bandage not reality.
    go travel the world first before you speak.

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