Tasmanian Pulp Mill Finance Stalled

ANZ and Prime Minister Rudd support ancient forest logging in AustraliaAustralian media reports “Plans for Tasmania's controversial $2 billion pulp mill are dead [ark | search]… following reports the ANZ bank will pull out of funding the project.” ANZ has not yet publicly confirmed the decision, yet should they do so, this would be a tremendous victory for the ancient forest protection movement.
Let's hope this is more than Green wishful thinking. Yet, clearly the Gunns' much maligned Tasmanian pulp mill proposal [alert] — the focus of protest by many including EcoInternet's Earth Action Network — is facing troubles as its construction is much delayed. We have protested the mill on half a dozen occasions over past years, most lately targeting ANZ funding apparently with some impact. We must intensify protests until Australian ancient forest logging ends.
Ancient forest logging releases vast carbon stores [search] at great expense to the climate. The Australian government must end its ridiculous double-standard regarding international and domestic forest protection in regard to climate.

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  1. sofearinozat says:

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