Ocean Ecosystems Collapsing, Running Out of Fish

Oceans fish and ecosystems collapsingAs incredible as it may sound, the world's oceans are running out of fish [ark]. Terribly wasteful and unsustainable industrial harvest of natural, wild fisheries [search] has led to much of humanity's swollen population eating ever smaller fish from inexorably shrinking populations. “Ninety years of industrial-scale exploitation of fish has… led to 'ecological meltdown'. Whole biological food chains have been destroyed.”
Remaining high quality fish stocks are being stolen by rich nations from developing countries, and neither politicians nor consumers have invested much in developing a sustainable wild fish industry. Solutions including marine reserves [search] and greatly diminished harvests, including bans on some species as they recover, are possible and needed immediately. If not pursued much of the world will have to turn elsewhere for protein, and the future is toxic farmed fish [search]. EcoInternet is pleased to offer Ocean Conserve to inform and bring action re: collapsing oceans and fisheries.

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  1. I understand the desperate situation of the dirt poor developing countries needing to eek out an existance any way they can.I doubt that any impact can be made here.Where I do believe we can make progress is at the top end of town with the actual consumers of shark fin soup for example. At $100 per bowl full this is certainly not food to feed the starving millions. We must follow the example of the Ivory bans and simply make shark fins illegal to serve in restraunts or anywhere else.
    Bondi Boy

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