Russia Joins World’s Top Polluters Obstructing International Carbon Cuts

All nations will be seriously impacted by climate changeRussia has indicated it opposes further international efforts to negotiate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions [ark]. It joins the United States, China, and India as the top polluting nations [search] obstructing international cooperative measures to cut carbon emissions by at least 80% [ark], necessary to address climate change. What is it about these filthy, addicted to economic growth and rapidly over-developing countries that make them unable to act to avert a very serious crisis of their own making?
In the face of unprecedented global ecological crises, the nation state system of government setup under the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 has proven unwieldy and ineffective. It may well be that the necessary social change to protect against global heating, water shortages, ecosystem loss and related crises of militarism and hunger cannot be addressed under the current system. Given leading nations' failure to lead when it is needed most, saving ourselves and the Earth may require changing both our lifestyles and our governments.

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  1. The topic nobody is openly discussing. What a shambles is being constructed for our children to confront. What a colossal sham is the soon to be unsustainable pursuit of the primrose path of endless economic growth. What a shame.
    Please consider the exemplary work of a splendid scientist, Martha M. Campbell, Ph.D.
    Her 2005 presentation has been ignored and yet it is particularly timely in 2008, especially in the light of so many of the world's major polluters avoiding their duties and responsibilties to protect human wellbeing and to preserve the integrity of Earth and its ecosystems.
    Please click on the following link,
    Thanks to all,
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
    established 2001

  2. curt says:

    It is quite easy to predict Russian behavior, considering cutting CO2 pollution and problems of global warming.
    Russia has massively profited from oil and gas export in recent years. We really can not imagine, that anybody is motivated to stop selling oil/gas at historical record prices, especially Russia and its leadership.

  3. zephyr says:

    Anybody read about the 500-or-so migrating ducks that landed in that Syncrude tar sands sludge pond in Alberta, Canada this last Monday? All but about six of them are now dead at the bottom of the pond.
    That just about killed me tonight, frankly.
    Everyone I know WANTS to do SOMETHING to contribute to a major change in direction where our situation here on Earth is concerned.
    The thing is, everyone also feels that no matter how much they do to change things in their own lives, their efforts will be completely overwhelmed by the failure of our heads-of-state to get up and LEAD in the problem-solving department.
    At the same time, we all know that we need to press on and continue to do what we can.
    It just gets hard when, for example, you hear about situations such as the one in Alberta this week. I'm sorry, but that did not have to happen. It was inexcusable.
    I'll be back later. I don't like to sound so negative.
    Thanks for listening.

  4. zephyr says:

    OK, this is a little more hopeful.
    May 3, 2008
    Hi Everyone,
    I've been looking at this New England Wind Energy Fund and considering a $10-a-month contribution toward the expansion of an existing turbine farm in Princeton, MA:
    Then I saw this in yesterday's Globe:
    May 2, 2008
    NStar to offer wind energy – for a price
    NStar customers willing to pay a premium will soon be able to power their homes with environmentally friendly wind power.
    The state Department of Public Utilities Wednesday approved a program that allows customers to buy half or all of their electricity from wind farms in Maine and upstate New York. Customers who opt for the green power can pay an additional $4.25 a month to buy half their electricity from wind farms or $7.25 for all of it, NStar said.
    NStar will begin enrolling customers in NStar Green immediately, with service to begin in July, said spokeswoman Caroline Allen. The program is the first of its kind in Massachusetts and one of the few nationwide, according to the Conservation Law Foundation, an environmental advocacy group in Boston….. (continued)
    Here is more information on the NStar Green program:
    I've decided to enroll. I will also make a one-time contribution of $25 to the New England Wind Energy Fund.
    And here's some good news from this morning's NYT:
    May 3, 2008
    A Northeast movement to cut emissions
    Let's GO!!!

  5. Jan says:

    @ Steve. I agree. Russia won

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