McBush Panders on Gas Tax, Sacrificing Climate for Ambition

McCain's Gas Tax Pandering Threatens ClimateU.S. Presidential candidate John McCain is given accolades for accepting rock solid climate change science [search] (apparently this is progress within the flat Earth, born again, “value voter” crowd). Yet apparently his concern is secondary to populist pandering on federal gas taxes [ark] — as he suggested yesterday they be waived over the summer.
McCain's attitude, thinly veiled under a bitter temper and sense of entitlement to the Presidency, is damn the climate, it can wait until I am elected. How will necessary climate policies be maintained when even the issue's supposed champions so easily bend? McCain shares much with his predecessor — formerly hard partying, war criminals, who are willing to say or do anything to get elected. A McBush presidency means continued war for oil whose burning is destroying the atmosphere.

Not that the Democrats are much better, as all play politics with the climate and pander on gas prices [search]. Given its increased scarcity, tremendous environmental damage and societal addiction — gasoline remains at reasonable, even under-priced levels. Gas taxes provide critical funding for transportation infrastructure, and an expanded true carbon tax [search] could ensure necessary changes in societal and personal behavior while channeling funds from terrorists and oil companies (rather similar actually) to energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy investments.
I considered blogging on news that Bush is to support “intermediate” climate targets [ark] but decided not to waste the electrons on this climate criminal. This is so transparently further obstructionism of any policy adequate to address climate that may disconvenience his oil oligarchy buddies.

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  1. Dave Moore says:

    McCain is still fighting Viet Nam. He did not get it that the war was immoral and does not get that the Iraq war was immoral. These wars destroy lives and eat up money needed to fix environmental problems to the tune of trillions. Health care, social security, climate change research, disaster relief, etc are all sacrificied to war funding. STOP THIS IDIOT!

  2. curt says:

    About the last war: it appears that the main purpose of the war in Iraq was to push oil prices as high as possible ($116 per barrel) to please the oil lobby, to which all these old boys, belong to and massively profit from. They used/abused all American resources, including the army and all state of the art intelligence agencies to work hard for higher oil prices and to stop transforming American economy/society to energy independent by use of unlimited renewable energy sources, which are friendly to environment.

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