Forest Dwellers Want Say and Pay in Climate Talks

Paying to keep rainforests standing a mustIt has been a good week for the ecologically necessary concept of paying for rainforest protection [search] on the basis of biodiversity and climate benefits. Hundreds of indigenous leaders gathered in Brazil to build a consensus for wealthier countries compensating developing countries for conserving Amazon's tropical rainforests [ark]. There it was correctly noted “the challenge is to pay the native peoples, not the governments” for rainforest protection.
A new study found that “global carbon markets [search] could generate billions of dollars [ark] each year for developing countries that tackle tropical deforestation [search]“. And the Brazilian government unveiled a scheme to pay the residents of the Amazon for the ecosystem services [ark] their bioregion provides. The program seeks to reward small-scale community development while providing a disincentive to large-scale destructive activities such as logging, soya production and cattle ranching.

Clearly the future of the Amazon and perhaps the biosphere depends upon paying forest dwellers' for their role in protecting Amazon rainforests and global climate [search]. To be successful the emphasis must be upon maintaining large and fully intact primary forests free from industrial development, while focusing upon equitable community development including payments for demonstrable foregone destructive practices for those dependent upon standing ancient forests.

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