Asia’s Stolen Rainforests

Asia's illegal rainforest loggingA massive well-established illegal market in stolen black market timbers threatens to bring down all of Asia's rainforests [ark]. The main perpetrators include Indonesia, Burma, Cambodia and Russia. China is the largest buyer of illegal timber [search] in the world. Along with Japan, and to a lesser extent India, Europe and the U.S., all are tacit supporters by acting as prime markets. The newest frontiers for ill-gotten timbers is from Laos via Vietnam [ark].
The problem of illegal rainforest logging [search] has been known for ages, and has resulted in little more than meaningless rhetoric. And recent backtracking, as Indonesia has announced it will allow mining in its rainforests [ark]. The existence of a legal timber including those falsely certified as being well-managed and sustainable, provides cover and legitimacy to the trade, confusing the public. it is criminally ecologically negligent to allow rainforests to be logged for a pittance when they should remain in rainforest canopies making the Earth habitable.

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    Save trees & avoid the global destruction – attract the bless & the power of Universe for execcelent long life.

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