EcoInternet Surges with Two Decisive Victories

Follows science showing right on biofuels and natural ecosytems, and recent news of three preliminary victories
Press Release by EcoInternet
Contact: Dr. Glen Barry,, +1 920 776 1075
(Earth) – EcoInternet's Earth Action Network reports two stunning victories in campaigns to promote global ecological sustainability. Colombia's Constitutional Court has declared their Forestry Bill unenforceable [original alert] because it treats forests only as wood, and indigenous and black peoples that have protected forests for decades were not consulted [1]. And French President Sarkozy has announced gold mining activity by a Canadian company in French Guiana's rainforests [original alert] been permanently cancelled [2]. We had earlier reported progress on these measures.
These decisive victories come as EcoInternet (EI) has recently reported important initial success in helping to freeze oil palm development in Woodlark, Papua New Guinea; ending rainforest timber use for park benches in NYC; and keeping ancient timbers out of Ocean City, New Jersey's boardwalks and in rainforest canopies [3]. Efforts continue to finalize and expand these recent initial strategic victories. EcoInternet's ecological science based environmental advocacy continues to prove itself time and time again.

For years EI has highlighted impacts of ill-conceived biofuel development. EI led successful efforts to highlight the tremendous carbon released to “protect” the climate by oil palm production in Indonesia's peatlands, making it an international issue. We were amongst the first to work on global biofuels' impact upon ecosystems, food and water. This week science caught up with EI's ecological intuition, as a definitive report shows biofuel production releases huge amounts of carbon as it almost always results in clearing of natural ecosystems [4].
In each case EI's large international protest campaigns supported active, well organized local opposition. Their efforts had become stymied by local power elites, and international protest came at just the right target and time to shame them internationally, strengthen local demands, and delay inevitable start of ecological destruction to allow time to pursue final victory. “Assuming success raising funds, EI expects to continue leading and contributing to saving the world's rainforests and climate,” says EI's President Dr. Barry [5].
“The world needs to stop looking for easy answers to failing global ecosystems; and commence radical, even revolutionary, means to protect our atmosphere, land, water and oceans. The Earth and humanity's very survival — being — depends upon protecting and restoring intact ecosystems, ending burning of fossil fuels, reducing human population and consumption, and other sufficient actions to avert global ecological collapse.”
Additional information:
[1] The original URL for the protest campaign is found at:
[2] EcoInternet worked closely with Pita Verweij of the Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development and Innovation. The original URL for the protest campaign is found at:
[3] A list of selected recent environmental victories by EI can be found at:
[4] More on emissions from land clearance to grow biofuels:
[5] Twice yearly EI appeals for donations, we seek to increase our foundation support, and tax-deductible gifts are always appreciated at

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14 Responses

  1. Pita Verweij says:

    Dear Glen,
    I am very happy to tell you that we have been successful in cancelling the goldmining activity by the Canadian company Cambior (now part of IAMGOLD group). Last week, Sarkozy announced this decision. As you will remember, we have been successful in the fall of 2006, which resulted in freezing the activity. If we look at a reconstruction of facts, we cannot claim this success, as there was a strong and broad movement of opposition to this project in French Guiana as well, but we certainly made an important contribution by issuing the email alert in a critical stage of the process – at he moment when only the governor needed to put one final signature and all other environmental permissions had been granted already. The actual market value of the 34 tonnes of gold that will remain in the ground now, is more than 600 million euro. We need to congratulate Sarkozy on this wise decision, which is a valuable contribution to greening the French economy, as he advocates. Green gold is worth more than real gold in this case! It is a historic decision, since ecological considerations never have been taken seriously in the face of major resource extraction projects in this overseas department of France. So there is an important precedent now!
    Thank you very much for your effort. This came as a complete surprise, not in the last place to the local environmentalists. We are very, very, happy. An important threat to the adjacent Trésor nature reserve and other highly valuable primary forest and wetlands in the neighbourhood has been removed. Site preparation had already taken place, so part of the forest had been logged already to create space for the installations, but at least the destruction of a much larger area (eg as a result of road construction, illegal logging, agricultural expansion) could be avoided.
    Many regards,
    Pita Verweij
    Assistant professor
    Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development and Innovation
    Utrecht University
    P.S. I would be grateful if you could mention my name somewhere in the announcement of the news about this success. It helps me to demonstrate the societal value of our research activities. You may remember that my student in Biology Liesbeth Fontein and me put together the document on environmental risks of gold mining, which served as the basis of the campaign. We used information from existing reports and articles to make that overview.
    Rejection of the gold mine project in French Guiana: the scientists have been listened to
    The rejection by the Head of the State of the open-pit gold mine in French Guiana implies "taking in consideration our work", estimated Thursday Pierre-Michel Forget, one of the experts selected by the government to provide complementary expertise on this discussed project. "I am happy that our scientific work was at this point considered", declared to AFP Mr. Forget, scientist with the museum of Natural History, who belongs to the five experts selected at the end of 2007 by the government to appraise this project carried to Guiana by CBJ Ca

  2. Flo says:

    Awesome victory !!!
    Congratulations on you work !!!
    flo c.

  3. Amy Hance says:

    How exactly is the human population to be reduced?

  4. Congrats on the good news!

  5. Geoff says:

    You are right.

  6. Maxwell says:

    Dear Glen, I am pleased and proud of what you are achieving with EI. I note the successes with impeding palm oil plantings. I am sure that you are aware of the rape of forests in West Papua, which is Indonesian, and also Papua New Guinea, which is independent but corrupt. I have noted the attachment as that is the first voice out of RI to really sound like he is going to stop logging. He could therefore use one of the EI campaigns of mass email pointed at the appropriate area in Djakarta as well as Suebu who I think is Papua Indigenous and therefore a rare governor unless SBY is trying to change the Papuan spots.
    If you think this is one which would deserve EI attention, let me know how I can help. Maybe with RI email addresses, as I have a hitch with the Australian West Papua Association. They are pretty well informed. In fact, could be a good liaison point.
    Gotta go. Let me know what you think.
    Max Stark.

  7. Rick says:

    My congratulations! Keep up the good work, Rick

  8. Dorene A. Rew says:

    That is wonderful news about your victories, Dr. Barry. We have to turf the “Conservative” government here in Alberta (election is March 3/08) before we will see any change in biofuel policies, I expect, so I've been concentrating my letter writing to that end.
    Carry on with the good work. I wish you all the best and I will send money when I have some that doesn't have a 'save for' tag on it.
    Dorene A. Rew

  9. Tiiu says:

    Dear Glen,
    You really are doing well. I hope all those successes, even if we have to
    keep on fighting to make them permanent/long lasting, make you feel happier.
    Did you ever get the holiday you were going to have?
    Are you still working 100 hour weeks?
    How has the fundraising gone? I assume you met your pre Christmas target?
    My very best wishes,

  10. Roger says:

    Hello Glen. Thanks for your report on recent successes in your campaigns. As you said earlier, saving rainforest may be only a temporary repreive. Unless the forest is in a stable country with firm laws — then there is a good chance that it will survive long term. Even a stay of execution is better than nothing — it buys time.
    Daresay you are watching your election. If Obama wins the Democratic nomination, then the Republicans will almost certainly win. If it is Hilary Clinton then with Obama as VP the Dems have a chance. Still, it looks like a Mc Cain victory either way. I know he wants action on climate change. Good. What he is like on population I dont know. He is conservative, but the “social” agenda of the Right is likely to have a lower priority than with Bush. I am still nervous about Huckabee — with “God” ( ie. his god ) on his side he is still a danger. That man is bad news.
    Best wishes, Roger (Xanten)

  11. Shorter family says:

    Good news. Your feedback is always appreciated
    The Shorter family, UK

  12. Cr Gordon Wallace says:

    Well done. Thank you for the information.
    Cr Gordon Wallace

  13. Many congratulations, Glenn! A great achievement by my compatriots Pita Verweij and Liesbeth Fontein. Pita not only is a highly regarded scientist in her field but has also contributed to important conservation activities in Costa Rica which EALA actively supports.

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