Here We Go Again: Uganda’s Mabira Rainforest Again Threatened by Biofuels

Sugar cane for biofuels must not threaten protected rainforestsIt is widely reported that Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has revived a controversial plan to destroy a quarter of Mabira rainforest [ark | more2ark2 | search] which is a protected area for a sugarcane plantation to produce biofuels. In the face of massive domestic protests and supportive international action by EcoInternet, two times last year the government had announced the project was dead. The situation illustrates my long held contention that no rainforests are ever truly saved, they are just granted a temporary reprieve, until the next threat comes along and they need to be protected again.
Clearing rainforest to produce biofuel for their alleged climate benefits [search] is the ultimate demonstration of humanity's death wish. Mr. Museveni has shown himself to be a devious strongman, without honor or conscious. After sending millions of emails protesting his rainforest for biofuels policy, sadly our arsenal may be spent. EI has been blocked from sending protest emails to virtually all parties after repeated volleys. It is up to local citizens to again take to the streets if the project is to be stopped.

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2 Responses

  1. Are we fiddling while 'Rome is burning' and Earth is overheating?
    Are we communicating as if we are living in a modern day Tower of Babel? Is our spectacular failure to communicate reasonably and sensibly about whatsoever is somehow real, and to widely share adequate understandings regarding both the family of humanity within the natural order of living things and the limitations of the planet we inhabit, in evidence here and now.
    Perhaps the human community is indeed in a serious predicament, but only in part because of the objective biological and physical circumstances defining our distinctly human-driven predicament. The global challenges in the offing are further complicated by our incredible failure to communicate effectively about the potentially pernicious results derived from having recklessly grown a soon to become patently unsustainable, colossal global economy, one that we have artificially designed, conveniently constructed, and unrealistically expanded without regard for the requirements of biophysical reality.
    Could it be that the current scale and unchecked growth rate of the global economy is unsustainably driving both per human over-consumption and unrestrained human population growth toward the collapse of Earth's ecology?

  2. Ann taylor says:

    leave mabira forest alone!

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