Show Me the Clean Coal

The myth of clean coalThe most dangerous and pernicious lie ever to be told is that “clean coal” [search] exists as a climate mitigation strategy. There are only a handful of working efforts that sequester carbon emissions from the oil industry, which troublingly allows more oil to be retrieved. And there have been a few tentative prototype efforts [ark] to bury and store coal plant emissions, but nothing of scale or production ready. Carbon emissions stored may not remain in place permanently, nor be done economically.

Yet on the basis of illusory, untested technologies that may or may not work, and companies and governments are unwilling to fund [ark], the coal industry amazingly portrays itself as green. Thus centuries of treating the atmosphere as a waste dump continues. Survival of the human species and their habitat requires that no new coal plants that emit into the atmosphere are built. And if an operable atmospheric system is to be maintained, existing polluting coal plants must be shut down as soon as possible.

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  1. The "powers that be" are evidently in denial of reality and unwilling to openly and honorably express their understanding of what 2000 IPCC Nobel Laureate scientists are reporting with regard to the ominous, distinctly human-induced predicament that is looming before the human community. That many too many politicians and economic powerbrokers adamantly support the soon to become unsustainable global enterprise of endless big-business expansion, does not favor our children's well-being or safety, I believe. These leaders appear to have pledged their primary allegiance and reverent devotion to the short-term

  2. ewoc says:

    The obsession with “clean coal” can be seen for what it truly is – grasping at straws to continue access to supposedly “cheap” electrical energy that has become the norm of the last several decades in much of the developed world.
    Even if we were not facing a crisis unparalleled in human history, we would still be guilty of plundering the planet for coal, esp in areas such as the southeastern US where coal production has become the most environmentally devestating mining activity ever, by far. Anyone who understands the current “techniques” used to produce coal in Kentucky, West Virginia, etc. knows that this form of rape and pillage symbolizes our arrogance and greed, without even referring to the climate impacts of actually burning that coal.
    But when we talk of the carbon released it takes on another dimension entirely – one of extinction, of many forms of life including our own. Who ever claimed we were smart primates?

  3. Maybe we are going about this thing all wrong — trying to attack the many arms of the Climate Change problem instead of going for its eye.
    On the face of it, Climate Change is a problem of excess CO2 emissions. But analyse deeper, and one finds that it's a problem of overconsumption by all of us, individuals, corporates, government.
    Analyse still deeper, and one finds that overconsumption is triggered by and funded by CREDIT. There is an overabundance of bank credit — far out of proportion to actual earnings and savings — that gives people the power to overspend and overconsume.
    So this is where the cancerous tumour, so to speak, can be clearly isolated from human flesh. This is where we can start cutting away surgically, methodically, without hurting too many people.
    CONSUMER CREDIT — loans extended by banks for purchase of new vehicles and consumer appliances — is a major artery feeding this tumour. Easy loans warp our purchasing decisions, making our desires seem like needs.
    Two calls from an aggressive marketer of car loans is all I need to make me feel that I NEED to step up from my family car to an SUV.
    CREDIT CARDS make one feel really wealthy, by enabling your to securely carry large amounts equivalent to many months' earnings in your wallet.
    And when you do that, you are potentially able to do all those wonderful, beautiful, generous things that you see in TV commercials like buying your wife a diamond solitaire, booking the Presidential suite for your wedding anniversary or surprising her with a couple of air-tickets to Paris.
    Consumer credit and credit-cards are the hot air causing the great big Economic Growth balloon to go up… and up… and up.
    Driven by this excessive consumer demand, a number of industries flourish, new corporates are created, and new factories get built, diversified, expanded, acquired… We aren't only borrowing economically, we are borrowing ecologically.
    Suggested line of action: At an individual level, we should stop buying things with credit, and stop using our credit cards. It is worth cutting up our credit cards. Let us stop borrowing from the future.
    And as a community of concerned citizens, let us lobby for a clampdown on consumer credit. Let us write to the government, to our Central Banks and to individual banks and bankers.
    Let each person in the banking industry be targetted with this message: Cap and roll back. Let us ask for a freeze of consumer credit at current levels this year, and a 50% reduction in the amounts of credit given each year.
    This would give the economy about three years to adjust to the changing scenario.
    Three years is 36 months — far more time than the economy and its stakeholders get for adjustment when the stock-markets crash. So why delay, postpone and vacillate?
    Krishnaraj Rao

  4. KML says:

    The clean coal technologies have been the focus in the power generation industry and the government agencies, such as DOE,which has been doing the research and demonstration projects for decades. But the results are not obvious. More efforts are needed to carry on this type of technology development. Otherwise, the future of coal is not promising.

  5. Clean Coal (sic) Nowhere in Sight

    Just days after President Bush promised to "fund new technologies that can generate coal power while capturing carbon emissions" his Department of Energy (DOE…

  6. Anthony says:

    Stupid modern misconceptions

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