Bush Under Siege on Climate

Bush is dumb re: climateFor seven years the Bush administration has used every tool at its disposal to obstruct efforts to address climate change [search]. Now this immoral do nothing climate policy is threatened by both a renewed national push by the Senate to reduce emissions through a trading system [ark | more2ark2], and an united international community demanding the United States engage in post-Kyoto negotiations [ark] in Bali. Bush and other Republicans resist mandatory emission cuts on the basis of alleged economic costs and using the red herring that poor nations were not also required to cut emissions. The Bush cabal has lied about the science and obstructed national and international efforts to meaningfully cut greenhouse gas emissions. In pure ideological delay-tactics, Bush spokespersons assure us that the Senate action will not lead to Bush embracing an international program of emission cuts [ark]. What a dumb man that knows no shame.

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3 Responses

  1. Dear Glen Barry,
    I like everything about what you are thinking and proposing. Let me add here, that your views and plans for action appear to be ones that many people will soon come to understand and appreciate.
    What worries me is how much time it takes for people to share long-range views like yours and to adopt farsighted proposals like the ones you are putting forward because the necessary changes that are in store for "the masters of the universe"

  2. If we keep overpopulating Earth; if we keep conspicuously overconsuming limited resources; and if we keep endlessly expanding big-business activities and polluting the relatively small, evidently finite, noticeably frangible planet as we keep doing now, then a good enough future for our children cannot be assured, can it?

  3. Even though scientists generally agree that time is of the essence, they are also acknowledging that time is being wasted by many too many of our leaders, who are willing to "think globally" occasionally, but everywhere "delay nationally" and "repose locally."
    Has anyone in Bali seen a correspondent from CBS, NBC or ABC News Networks? I can find no nationwide coverage of the Climate Change Conference in the USA by these

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