Google Seeks to Make Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal

Google seeks to make renewable energy cheaper than coalAfter revolutionizing Internet search, Google's philanthropic arm is now poised to significantly invest in renewable energy [ark | moreark]. Google seeks to commercialize large scale solar energy at a price that is competitive to coal — specifically to demonstrate it is possible to produce one gigawatt of renewable energy, enough to power San Francisco. The “Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal” project will initially focus investments in the tens of millions on advanced solar thermal power [search]; and then move into wind power technologies, enhanced geothermal systems and other new technologies with large hundred million dollar investments seeking “breakthrough renewable energy projects which generate positive returns”. This is a fantastic approach. Climate change solutions MUST focus upon ending coal carbon emissions [search] and competitive renewable energy systems of scale. By way of disclosure, Climate Ark is a grant recipient of, receiving in-kind significant amounts of free advertising.

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  1. William C says:

    great, fun short video on Global Warming!
    go to

  2. Are we literally "fiddling" while our wondrous planetary home is overheating, secondary to unbridled human consumption, production and propagation activities, and beginning to "burn"?
    Based upon the carefully and skillfully established scientific consensus on climate change, do wealthy and powerful leaders not have a "duty to warn" our children of whatsoever knowledge has been discovered by science? Inasmuch as apparently unforeseen science has potentially profound implications for life as we know it, the future of children, and the integrity of Earth and its ecosystems, does our current leadership not have clearly defined but unwelcome duties to perform?
    Perhaps someone will kindly explain what foundation in human thought and behavior can be reasonably and sensibly chosen as an adequate justification for what looks like a perverse determination by a small minority of people within the family of humanity, the wealthy ones with selfish interests and political power, to consciously eschew and willfully refuse to openly affirm the knowledge that God's gift of good science has provided to humanity for its benefit.
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population, established 2001

  3. lee says:

    All good stuff – thanks!
    Here my meager attempt at spreading the word.

  4. Dan O says:

    Google and Solar energy!!! Man, ITIS 1210 students are going to have an extra chapter in their text books in no time.
    Hi Mr. Long

  5. Brynmor says:

    This is tremendously ambitious, but admirably so. They are right to focus on producing the power at a competitive price: human beings respond to economic motives. I wish them well.

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