Western Forest Fires in Line with Long-Standing Climate/Drought Predictions

Climate change and droughts cause forest firesI have resisted as long as I could pointing out the fact that Western forest fires are precisely in line with long-standing predictions regarding regional impacts of climate change [ark] [moreark] expected in West/Southwestern United States. Ecological truth must be spoken often and loudly. Of course there are other exacerbating factors that interact with global heating including poorly planned urban sprawl [search], fire suppression in wildlands [search] evolved to burn, and over use of ecosystem water [search].

But these all are exacerbated by, and pale in comparison to, well known overwhelming implications of regional climatic shifts: “The catastrophic fires that are sweeping Southern California are consistent with what climate change models have been predicting for years… and they may be just a prelude to many more such events in the future -; as vegetation grows heavier than usual and then ignites during prolonged drought periods. 'This is exactly what we've been projecting to happen, both in short-term fire forecasts for this year and the longer term patterns that can be linked to global climate change… In the future, catastrophic fires such as those going on now in California may simply be a normal part of the landscape.'”

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