Threatened Primates, Troubled Humans

Primates ThreatenedPrimates, humankind's closest relatives [ark], are deeply threatened. Nearly a third of all monkeys, apes and other primates are at risk of extinction [ark] due to “rampant habitat destruction, the commercial sale of their meat and the trade in illegal wildlife.” [moreark | more2ark2] Some 114 of 394 primate species are threatened by extinction. The primary culprit is diminishment and destruction of tropical rainforest habitats [search], illustrating yet again the necessity of stopping all industrial logging, agricultural (including biofuel) plantations [search], and other industrial developments in ancient primary and old-growth forests. Climate change is also believed to be having an impact. Humans are primates and our habitat and existence are just as threatened by processes destroying water, fertile land and stable atmospheric conditions.

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  1. Nina Marrocco says:

    Oh please don't murder these babie's, how horrific they are used for the sale of their flesh! This is no different than murdering a person.Please PROTECT them and their habitat.

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