Climate Change Accelerating as Economies Surge and Carbon Sinks Filling

Climate change acceleratingA new study indicates atmospheric CO2 is increasing swiftly [ark] “due to faster economic growth coupled with a halt in carbon intensity reductions [search], in addition to natural sinks [search] removing a smaller proportion of emissions from the air.” This is very important and confirms the trend that climate change is happening in an abrupt [search] and potentially runaway [search] manner.
It has become abundantly clear that pledges to cut emission by x% in 2050 are pretty meaningless, and that the emphasis must be upon substantial essentially immediate emission cuts even as work for the long term goal. We at EcoInternet would like to see an on average 20% goal for national greenhouse gas emission cuts by 2015. The focus should be upon energy conservation, efficiency and heavily subsidizing the ramping up of renewable energy systems known to work.

The findings published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the US found that "fifty years ago, for every tonne of CO2 emitted, 600kg were removed by natural sinks. In 2006 only 550kg were removed per tonne and that amount is falling. In addition to the growth of global population and wealth, we now know that significant contributions to the growth of atmospheric CO2 arise from the slow down of natural sinks and the halt to improvements in carbon intensity.”

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8 Responses

  1. zephyr says:

    Dr. Barry wrote:
    …..We at EcoInternet would like to see an on average 20% goal for national greenhouse gas emission cuts by 2015…..
    Although I'm sure a more ambitious goal is probably in order given the progression of rather calm warnings from the atmospheric research community over the past 7-8 years, this goal of a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas production by 2015 is in my opinion an eminently reasonable and REALISTIC one.
    Honestly, I don't see how anyone who isn't being willfully resistant could argue with it.
    Frankly, it is becoming absolutely necessary to think in terms of withdrawing support from corporate entities which continue to act as if a business-as-usual scenario is any longer excusable.
    Earth systems are in need of a detox. We cannot expect them to continue processing our waste at the rate we are still producing it.
    I remember back in the 70's thinking that one day the toilets would simply stop flushing.
    Well, here we are.
    And, by the way, I cannot believe it. Informed as I have tried to be, I never really believed that I would see in my own lifetime such a serious situation as the one currently before us.
    Anyway, 20% by 2015. I think we could make that, I really do.

  2. Juola (Joe) A. Haga says:

    Although our prospects may lead to paralyzing melancholia or to frantic flight to nuclear power, to screaming on a street corner. or to Canada, I think providence or luck, as one's predilections may suggest, will offer survival more likely to those who will not blow their cools. A captain addressed his forlorn hope about to scale a breach, “Don't forget to relieve your muskets as you relieve your bowels.” So now it's hand-to-hand struggle which faces us. The World Wild Life Fund's carbon footprint gauge for the UK, with some slippage for category fuzziness when applied to a Yank, sets me in a most unAmerican bunch. If I were a loyal citizen of the US of A, I should be stomping on 5.3 planets Earth. For fear of having any one think me impotent and so lose credibility with them, I will NOT reveal my score. As one seven billionth, I do apologize to the rest and will keep trying to repent not photo-oply but truly.

  3. Josephine says:

    Hey there,
    I agree, we have to do something and urgently it has to done! I also think that the situation we are living and the one that's expected to arrive is really bad for our future and for our planet.
    Keep going in order to change things!
    ps if you'd like to visit my blog, I created it to make people attentive on the matter…
    see you

  4. Dear Friends,
    Let's get real. Time is of the essence and is slipping away.
    In the final analysis, IMHO, please note that the human community may be governed in our time by a wealth-worshipping, power-driven structure that chooses to protect nothing else, ultimately, but the endless growth of economic globalization. Despite all their posing, the self-proclaimed masters of the universe, these children of men, these men playing God, these soon-to-be erstwhile leaders of the global economy have its unobstructed, unsustainable growth continuously in mind. The 'success' of the political economy is their raison d'etre. That their relentless drive for infinite growth of the world's human economy and for unrestrained per capita consumption of Earth's irreplaceable resources is scheduled become patently unmaintainable later in Century XXI, is not something they want to discuss. Afterall, for the heirs of Ozymandias SILENCE IS GOLDEN.
    Always, with thanks to each of you,

  5. Dave Moore says:

    For some practicality, lets try to go European on the carbon issue. Higher prices for eclectricity and gas are almost uniform in the EEC, People consume less. Its not rocket science.

  6. justin says:

    I think that we should start taking more responsiblity for global warming and start crancking down on company, car, ect pollution so that are next generation can leave just like we have.

  7. Mullen says:

    We definitely need to act now on this important matter. Things are being done but I think that they should increase the pace.

  8. Vern Ruddy says:

    I have never heard so much rubbish in all my life.
    Global Warming, you must be kidding, get real, firstly it was the Ozone Layer now it's the ice melting, good god what are you all going on about. These two things are connected and more than likely they balance each other out and even if they don't so what the next big Volcano wil do us in anyway.

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