Linking U.S. Coal to U.S. Mega-Droughts

Many droughts now human caused i.e. by coal useFor the first time in the nation, a state regulatory agency in Kansas “has turned down a permit for a large coal-fired power plant [ark] solely because of the global warming gases it would emit.” [moreark | more2ark2] This sets a magnificent precedent building upon sentiment nationwide [ark] regarding the absolute climate necessity to not build any further coal plants that emit their emissions into the atmosphere. The continuing use of coal, much less its expansion, is the greatest destroyer of the Earth's climate [search], and it is leading to human caused climate disasters.

Avoiding and limiting damages such as massive droughts devastating the Southeastern and Western United States [ark], including the possible complete collapse of Atlanta's water supply [ark] in 80 days, must be linked to decisions such as whether to build more coal plants, the type of car you drive and frequency of use, and whether to allow logging and buying of ancient forest timbers. Certainly these droughts are also caused by poorly planned over-development, over-population and water over-use. However, we are way past the point where energy, resource use and personal consumption decisions can be separated from climate change induced droughts, floods, melting, sea rise and general lack of seasonality. It is good to see Kansas leading in linking coal to climate change — now if they just start accepting the science of evolution…

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  1. R. Gates says:

    This is great news and we can hope more such actions will follow!

  2. Thought you might be interested in what a fellow blogger from western Kansas had to say about the background politics of the Kansas coal plant permit denial:

  3. Steven Chen says:

    Good news.
    The problem with global warming issue is that people think their bad action do not create problem for themselves. They will not act until they discovered that they are also paying grave price.
    I try to tell them that they are destrying the future of their children. I hope that would help them to wake up.

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