VICTORY! Uganda Government Finally Scraps Mabira Rainforest Giveaway

Sugar cane for biofuels must not threaten protected rainforestsIn a major victory for Uganda's people, rainforests, environment and ecologically sustainable development aspirations; the Ugandan government has finally scrapped controversial plans [ark | moreark] to allow Mabira rainforest [search], one of the country's largest and most important protected area, to be partially cleared for sugar production for biofuels. This may sound slightly familiar, as on a previous occasion it was reported the plan was dead but it came back to haunt us. Statements by the government this time are from the Minister of Finance, other numerous sources and are more firm. Mabira rainforest will remain protected, and a precedent has been set that protected rainforests must not be cleared for biofuel production [search]. This is huge!

The “Save Mabira Rainforest Crusade” represents a historical moment in Africa's modern environmental movement; as Ugandans used cell phones and Internet technologies to organize street protests. EcoInternet has been extremely pleased to lead an international support campaign for Mabira protestors, as nearly two million protest emails were sent by 11,000 network participants (YOU!) from 111 countries. This was the most participation and total messages ever.
Sadly, perhaps the biggest factor in the victory was the recent severe flooding throughout Uganda and neighboring countries which were widely reported to have been exacerbated by deforestation. We at EcoInternet very much desire that seeds from the Mabira rainforest go forth to restore rainforests, development opportunities and peoples' hope. Please continue to take action and to forward messages to grow our reach and effectiveness.

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15 Responses

  1. Bill Melville says:

    Why don't we have an e-mail issue congratulating such bodies as the Ugandan Government for their beneficial decisions.

  2. Dr. Glen Barry says:

    In this case, it is because after 2 million protest emails at least half of which went to government officials, we are banned from sending emails!

  3. Pamela says:

    Congratulations .. great work on keeping us all informed. … the support is obviously out there from the results of this.
    Warmest wishes Pamela Australia

  4. Nigel says:

    Congratulations Glen…on all the hard work you contributed to this issue…
    Your friend,

  5. Kalinke says:

    This is very good news! Thank you for caring so much!
    Warm regards from Kalinke

  6. Sonja says:

    Great news!
    it's really a victory!
    sounds good that officials gradually gain conscious over environment, nature, etc! 🙂
    IT does is encouraging for future actions!

  7. Emily Spence says:

    Happy to hear this, but don't trust that it's truly safe and that it won't still happen at some later date.

  8. Dr. Glen Barry says:

    No rainforests are ever “really safe” regardless of any policy or designation. It is a day to day, year to year struggle to keep the same places safe over and over again. Yet this was a very firm policy announcement by the Minister of Finance, and comes after this had become a very scandalous international incident. This is about the best news we can hope for at this time. And thus we rejoice to have earned the right to “save” these forests again…

  9. Erlinda says:

    I hope this really now good news that will stand.

  10. Jackie Turner says:

    Hope there is flood relief though.
    Jackie Turner.

  11. Debbie says:

    Great news

  12. Marc Sommer says:

    Let's see how long this victory lasts. The hotter the place , the more changebla the mentality of a posibble succesor. My gratulations

  13. Anon. says:

    I think that this website is great.
    Take the train, take the bus, walk, ride your bike anything but the car. I t all helps

  14. Robin says:

    Congratulations for victory,

  15. Jenni Young says:

    Perhaps we should all be sending messages of congratrulations to the Uganda government appreciating their decision.
    Jenni Young

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