Australia’s Own Issue Dire Climate Warning

Australia's climate change causing drought and bushfiresAustralia, already suffering some of the most evident impacts of climate change anywhere [search] and ravaged by a monumental climate change enhanced drought [search], has this week been further buffeted by scientific predictions regarding climate change [more | more2] from its own government scientists that border upon apocalyptic. The first comprehensive climate projections since 2001 from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia's national science agency, presented dire new evidence that Australia faces a sharp rise in temperatures, danger from bushfires, and severe drought if greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed.
Sydney's temperature is predicted to rise by an average 4.3C by 2070, drought months are expected to increase by 20% nationwide, and a nationwide increase of temperature of 1.0C by 2030 is now considered unavoidable. Sadly, the nation is failing miserably to mobilize to reduce energy use and emissions, continues to clearcut its native forests, and refuses to participate in good faith with international cooperation on establishment of mandatory emission cut targets. Australia teeters upon continental scale ecological collapse, yet parties on like there is no tomorrow, ensuring this may indeed be the case

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a very old story and it started with millions of square miles of native forest being destroyed through “Ringbarking”
    The Desert from that point in time when early settlers started this practice up to present time, has been more & more tightening his grip on Australia's neck.
    Sir Jean-Paul Turcaud
    Australia Mining Pioneer
    Discoverer of Telfer, Nifty & Kintyre mines in the Great Sandy Desert
    Exploration Geologist & Offshore Consultant
    Founder of the True Geology
    ~ Ignorance is the Cosmic Sin, the One never Forgiven ~

  2. Shweta Narang says:

    Australia's Climate Action groups from across Australia are heading to Canberra, encircling Parliament House on the first day of sitting. After Rudd's pathetic announcement of 5% emission cuts for Oz, his failure to meet the bar at international negotiations, and $4 Billion pledged in hard cash to the coal industry, it is clear that Rudd is not serious about climate change. That's why it's time to take mass community action.
    This year is our ONE CHANCE to affect international policy. Failing that, we are saying goodbye to the world as we know it.
    So head down to our capital city, join us at Parliament House, and make your voice heard where it counts.
    Be there, or be as lame as Kevin Rudd.
    Event Details:
    What: Australia's Climate Action Summit
    Where: Parliament House, Canberra
    When: 8am, February 3, 2009

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