International Protest Campaign Launched to Stop Ocean City, New Jersey from Using Ancient Rainforests for Boardwalk Decking

Contacts: Rhonda VanWingerden,; Dr. Glen Barry,
Ocean City, New Jersey, September 10, 2007 — Friends of the Rainforest (FOR) and EcoInternet have launched an Internet based international protest campaign to stop Ocean City, NJ from using ip

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  1. Glen Barry says:

    I just wanted to share with you one of the special personalized protest emails that we see quite often:
    Dear Mayor Perillo,
    please, read this…. and please don't stop reading it till
    u r threw…. and please think about this…
    i'm 13 years old, and i absolutly, positivly LOVE OCNJ.
    people ask me, why don't u go to OCMD? since i live in
    maryland. i don't know how to answer them… but watever. i
    just totally ADORE going to OCNJ!!!
    anywayz, i'm going to tell u a little story i made up, and
    i want you to read it. and keep reading it. i know u've
    recieved thousands of emails from tree huggers all around
    the world, but maybe none quite like this.
    Once Upon a Time, there was a little tree. This little tree
    lived with all it's neighboring trees, and loved them all.
    The trees would whisper to eachother, talk to one another.
    The little tree would provide oxygen for the people and
    animals who lived near it. The little tree was the home for
    many animals. And this little tree lived in the
    Well, one day, the little tree grew up. it grew to be big
    and strong and mighty. it became the home for many more
    animals, and it provided more oxygen for the people.
    Occasionally, a tourist or explorer would come, and look
    with wonder at the tree. It was so big, so colorful, so
    facinating! Adorned with flowers, vines, colorful birds,
    bugs, and animals.
    Then one day, something terrable happend. The tree knew
    something was up when it saw men comming right toward it.
    The tree wanted to run away, but it couldn't. it was stuck
    in the ground! the men came and started sawing into it. The
    men could not hear it, but the tree growned in pain. The
    tree then fell, down, down, down to the ground with a
    Many animals lost their homes that day, some even were
    killed. The tree could no longer produce shelter, oxygen,
    or beauty. And that was the end of the little tree….
    Why should we take advantage of the trees? What's wrong
    with the boardwalk that we already have? Imagine life with
    no trees. i climb trees almost every day. i would not be
    able to live!!
    Please, Mr. Mayor, please do not cut down all those trees
    for the boardwalk. Please… no one wants you to. no one.
    not at all.
    When i was little, i wanted to be an explorer. i was so
    determined to be an explorer! when someone asked me what i
    wanted to be when i grew up, i said, “I want to be an
    explorer and explore the rainforrest!” What are you trying
    to do here, Mr. Mayor? ruin children's dreams? destroy the
    enviroment? replace the boardwalk. i know that this seems
    to be ok with you, but it's not ok with everyone else. and
    it is very immature of you to ignore all these emails and
    enviromentlists. please don't cut down all those trees.
    Please don't. if people keep cutting down trees
    mindlessly… i'll, i'll never, ever get to live out my
    dream…. never…. ever….. ever…….
    D. Roland
    United States of America
    Ocean City councilpersons, City Engineer, City Clerk, City
    Purchasing Agent, Ocean City Chamber of Commerce

  2. Kermit says:

    You should really get some facts before making this stuff up. OCNJ is much greener than any place you will ever live. Ask Scott Paul of Greenpeace who says Ocean City should be commended for seeking FSC-certified wood and paying extra for it.

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