China Buys into Myth of Sustainable Ancient Forest Logging

China's government has belatedly issued rules to its foreign logging ventures, a too little too late response to being identified as the heart of a global trade for lumber from illegal logging [search] that it sells to markets in the United States and Europe. Efforts to date by the Chinese government to address their role in providing the market for much of the illegally logged ancient forest timbers are inadequate because they do not address the purchase of timbers from companies of other nationalities — and Malaysian and Indonesian logging companies [search] do much of the dirty work of actually ruthlessly stealing logs for the Chinese market.
Even more troublingly is that along with WWF, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network and the World Bank; the Chinese government falsely contends that industrially harvesting ancient forests can be done in a responsible, sustainable manner. Ancient forests cannot be preserved and sustainably logged at the same time. Industrial forest management destroys permanently forest function, structure, composition and dynamics. Yet all these forest power brokers insist we can log our ancient forests and protect them too. The World Bank is even set to suggest that logging ancient forests has carbon benefits — NOT! It is a tragic, deadly myth that if only done correctly and responsibly, millions of years old ancient rainforests can and should be logged in an ecologically acceptable manner.

It is time to take off the kid gloves with China and, calling a spade a spade, acknowledge this dangerous, totalitarian, human rights abusing regime is the greatest threat ever to global ecological sustainability and the recent history of hard earned democratic human rights. EcoInternet will call increasingly be calling to task the Chinese government's growing role in liquidating the world's forests, climate and water for a few percentage points of illusory economic growth — to provide dalliances for fat ass Americans and Europeans. You may recall our campaign some two years ago to draw attention to illegal tropical timber use in Olympic construction. Measures are in place to ensure this will be verified during the games. It may be too late to save those rainforests perhaps, but not too late to highlight the Orwellian, lying, abusive and ecocidal Chinese communist regime.

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  1. Terry Mock says:

    Filling the Void
    August 30, 2007
    Terry Mock
    Sustainable Land Development Today Newsletter Editor
    As discussed in the May SLDT top story People, Planet, & Profit -“Opposition to development is now stronger and more organized, and the obstacles that must be overcome today are larger and more complex than ever… As our population and knowledge base continues to grow, people are becoming more aware of the total impact that humans can have on our natural systems, carbon emissions, non-renewable energy resources, water quality, biodiversity, and many other issues… There is a mega-trend occurring, and industry professionals of all disciplines need to get on the bus… There are a host of emerging technologies, products, perspectives, knowledge assets and other resources necessary to enable professionals throughout the industry to make it happen…”
    As a longtime land developer and contributor to SLDT magazine, I am
    pleased to be able to participate in this cause as the new editor of this monthly newsletter. I welcome the support of other developers, such
    as Tim Searfoss from Michigan who wrote in with this thoughtful and passionate Reader Response for the July/August SLDT, and said “Your
    article (People, Planet, & Profit) was the only one I've read anywhere
    that supported my thinking. I appreciated it.” Thank you, Tim.
    I know what it feels like to be called an “oxymoron” because you have the audacity to believe that land development can be environmentally sound and socially just, as well as economically rewarding.
    Together with SLDT publisher Tony Wernke (The Father of Land Development) and editor Greg Yoko (Industry Advocacy), we are embarking on a noble adventure to assist the land development industry in creating a bold new world in which to live – today, and for future generations to come.
    Your participation and comments are welcome.
    Terry Mock
    Tree Of Life Sustainable Development
    Understanding the Sacred Bond We Have With Trees
    Biodiversity is the Living Foundation for Sustainable Development
    Building A Sustainable Community Forest
    People, Planet, & Profit

  2. Julia Carter says:

    The ancient trees are older and wiser than we humans. They have as much right to be here as we do. Old growth forest logging amounts to murder.
    The oldest trees usually need their forest surroundings to survive, right? Redwoods are a good example of this.
    Thank you Dr. Barry for providing a forum where we can reach into so many forest protection actions. And thank you for your no compromise approach!

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