Global Ecological Collapse to Start in China

An epic environmental disaster of unprecedented proportions is playing itself out in China. Yes, Europe and the United States are historically culpable for introducing and establishing capitalism without reference to sustaining natural capital as the foundation of economic life. Yet China has embraced resource intensive, ecosystem devastating capitalism [search] with a particular fervor. What is happening in terms of resource use, climate impact and junk consumer product production in China (and the world's role in consuming) simply cannot be sustained.
All right thinking free peoples have a choice to be made. Either learn to live ethically and environmentally responsibly as one of over 6 billion human inhabitants of the Earth, embracing personal virtue and sacrifice; or be part of the ecological devastation of everyday consumer living that is dismantling the Earth biosphere, and thus suffer with your children the horrific consequences of eating the Earth to death. This environmental leader is telling you the full truth: personal sacrifice is required for the Earth, climate and humanity to survive.

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11 Responses

  1. R. Gates says:

    Who then shall lead the way to a new kind of sustainable future? China is enjoying an incredible surge in prosperity, and though likely short lived as the climate changes, one must again ask: Where is the leadership? This to me is the essential question, as a model for sustainable human civilization needs to be brought forth.
    Might it need to come from the “grass roots” – a double meaning here if there ever was one. Literally, if every individual on the earth could realize the need to change and put it upon themselves to rid themselves of addicted consumerism, a new model could grow from those grass roots.
    Perhaps the internet could be the communication network for that new system…

  2. Marklad says:

    It's very easy to blame the chineese for this, but remember that it is the Western World who are enjoying the primary benefit of cheap goods. Whilst these guys work for pittance and live in semi-squalor, we live carbon rich lives and complain that the people we outsourced our production to create too much polution.
    We could easily do something about this by a) not buying goods that have not been produced sustainably and b) encouraging Western firms who outsource thier production to the East to insist on sustainable production!

  3. zephyr says:

    Dr. Barry wrote:
    …..This environmental leader is telling you the full truth: personal sacrifice is required for the Earth, climate and humanity to survive…..
    A great many of us wholeheartedly agree with you and are already endeavoring to live as responsibly as possible in the waste-and-emissions department.
    I support the comments of R.Gates and Marklad to the effect that the change in thinking required to salvage Earth's inter-dependent ecosystems MUST begin and be sustained at the grass-roots level.
    I also feel pretty strongly that the increasingly depressing environmental situation in China has in no small part been at least exacerbated if not actually catalyzed by the self-serving actions of the international corporate sector, including the United States. I won't elaborate here as I think Marklad has quite succinctly conveyed the gist of the matter.
    We “consumers” need to STOP SUPPORTING this insanity.
    This means we need to THINK before we buy. Starting NOW.

  4. Phillip Huggan says:

    Chinese 9% annual GDP growth would be cut in half if the -4.5% annual loss in environmental capital were costed. China is responsible, not because if they aren't cutting GDP growth by 1-2% to eliminate the enviro-capital losses, but because the Chinese government is forcibly pressuring economic bodies to ignore the environmental capital losses. If China honestly came to terms with this degradation of their own resources, they would be more than capable of finding a solution.
    It doesn't help that the leader of a major international financial institution doesn't understand economics or science. On the bright side, Australia is poised to elect a leader who understands science (given Aussies are the Western country most exposed to climate change); things are looking tentatively good (in terms of mitigating humanity's #1 extinction threat) for 2008…

  5. Tom Disouza says:

    The affects of greenhouse gas ozone, which has been increasing near Earth's surface since 1850, could seriously cut into crop yields and spur global warming this century, scientists reported on Wednesday. For more information about Effects & Causes Of Global Warming

  6. Anthony Ivankovic says:

    Personal sacrifice is necessary to prevent further devestation- however the majority of people aren't altruistic enough to reach a critical mass.

  7. Ian says:

    Mr Ivankovic, that is another problem with most people's thinking on climate change. They equate it with animal rights and other 'noble', and 'altruistic' campaigns.
    However, in truth there could surely be nothing more based on self-interest than preventing the extinction of one's species. The problem is a lack of foresight. People are good at looking out for themselves – but only for tomorrow, maybe next week; not twenty years in the future.
    Live fast, die young and God help us all seems to be the motto.

  8. E.E.R. kamphuis says:

    i completly agree with the comment made by Ian above. climate change is to closely related to such issues as animal rights, when in reality it is in a completly diffrent leauge. Along side this goes the mentality of people who think that caring for the planet makes them a “hippy” which is a complete load of garbage. all in all global warming isnt being made out as the huge crisis it is.

  9. Panagiotis says:

    I feel that our planet it going seek…the forest's in Greece the ARE TOTALLY burned…everywere devastation…65 people are died,thousands of animals…were are we going?

  10. College Students Address Global Issues‏
    From: The Clinton Foundation (
    You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
    Sent: Thursday, 20 March 2008 1:26:46 AM
    To: John Berbatis (
    Estimating Exponentials
    by Bob Powell, 5/29/07
    Printer page
    Email article
    An article, Australian Researcher warns about Mass Human Extinction from Global Environmental Collapse by John Berbatis made me think, “Gee. Maybe things are worse than even I thought.”
    He writes: “Judging by the current extremes of global weather conditions and the recent increase in worldwide seismic activity, I believe humanity will face extinction before the end of 2008.”
    2008 !!! Holy Cow. And here I've been worried about the coming economic collapse at about that time.
    Alarmist? Maybe. Maybe not. That's next year. Maybe he's wrong and it's at least 10 or 20 years away. Whew! That would be a relief.
    But really. Exponential increases do quickly get out of hand and humans are really, really terrible at recognizing how quickly. How terrible? This graph shows how bad we are at it based on experiments with real human beings.
    Estimating Exponential Growth. From The Logic of Failure, Recognizing and Avoiding Error in Complex Situations by Dietrich Dorner, 1996, that I used in my Systems Thinking and Problem Solving class at Colorado Tech (in the slides for the second class).
    Link to Systems Thinking and Problem Solving class.
    Beyond this, we're terrible at understanding the dynamics of stocks and flows as described at Global Warming: An Inconvenient-to-Understand Truth and Sterman's paper to which there is a link, also based on experiments with human beings, students from MIT and Harvard.
    So that's two reasons why the seriousness of climate change is so easy to obfuscate, which I view as a crime of planetary proportions considering the number of people who will die unless the human race takes immediate action.
    In the past ten years there has been an exponential melting of the ice sheets and a noticeable disintegration of the ice shelves, owing to 'global warming'.
    The loss of mass from the underlying Tectonics Plates causes them to ascend (iso-static rebound), and this results in an increase in the intensification and frequency of global seismological activity. The seismic data of the past ten years confirm this conjecture. Furthermore, the ice shelves impede the flow of glaciers and ice sheets into to the oceans; and when the 'polar regions' are subjected to unprecedented seismic upheavals, these events will then cause the ice sheets and glaciers to be dislodged en masse into the ocean!
    This occurrence will then instantly destabilize the earth's surface weight distribution (isostasy), and so precipitate a 'crust displacement' (Mag. 12). i.e., axis change! The previous subterranean extraction of fossil fuels will greatly exacerbate this impending Apocalypse.
    Currently, the excessive amount of carbon and methane gasses in the atmosphere is causing catastrophic weather conditions, globally – and this situation will rapidly deteriorate… 'a climate runaway!'
    The global environmental and geo-political situations are now coalescing into a 'critical mass'; so I believe humanity can expect a catastrophe of worldwide proportions within this year!
    In 1998, I submitted my dissertation on the above matter to various eminent institutions and individuals, to which I received positive responses from PM's Tony Blair, Helen Clark (NZ) & Lee Kwain Yew (Singapore) as well as the UN's – Dr Mary Robinson, Hon. Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG of the High Court of Australia, Premier P. Beattie (Queensland, Au) and Chief Justices of Canada, Norway, Taiwan, Mexico and Netherlands etc,.
    Reality rules this universe! … not unproductive discussion & debate?
    Subject: RE: Global environment collapse -how+why(seismic)
    Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 13:32:39 +0000
    Dear John,
    Thank you kindly for your email and for the information. Yes, there is a reasonable amount of credible scientific literature on the topic of linkages between (i) weather and climate and (ii) tectonic events. The linkages are even stronger when we consider disaster events, not just the environmental changes. It is good to hear about your contribution to this body of research and I hope that you find opportunities to continue such endeavours.
    I would be cautious about promoting endorsements of science from lawyers, such as the politicians and judges whom you mentioned, because their values and training are not always the most appropriate for judging scientific merit. Some are able to straddle more than one field and make important contributions in several areas, but that does not apply to them all. Mary Robinson left UNHCR in 2002.
    Reality rules this universe! … not unproductive discussion & debate?
    As is clear from my work, including on the disaster diplomacy website, I agree with this sentiment.
    From: “Ackerley, Beth” To: “John Berbatis” Subject: Tsunami SMS Warnings Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 11:50:53 +1000 Mr John Berbatis Email address: Dear Mr Berbatis The Premier, Paul Lennon MHA, has asked me to acknowledge and thank you for your email of 29 March 2007 in relation to Tsunami SMS warning. Yours sincerely Beth Ackerley Executive Officer Premier's Office Telephone: 6233 6068 Fax: 6234 1572 Email: From : thepremier Sent : Tuesday, 13 March 2007 2:00:16 PM To : Subject : AA07/06566 – Global warming From : thepremier Sent : Tuesday, 13 March 2007 2:00:16 PM To : Subject : AA07/06566 – Global warming Dear Mr Berbatis The Premier has received your recent email concerning global warming. Your views have been noted and Mr Iemma the appreciates reasons which prompted you to write to him on this occasion. You may be sure that your comments will receive close consideration. Yours sincerely Jocelyn Mouawad Assistant Private Secretary From: WA-Government Sent: Tuesday, 10 April 2007 4:13:08 PM To : “john berbatis” Subject : RE: SMS alerts for tsunami warning. | | | Drafts | Inbox Dear Mr Berbatis We refer to your recent email regarding SMS alerts for tsunami warnings. Your suggestion has been noted and forwarded to the Hon John Kobelke, Minister for Police and Emergency Services for consideration. Regards WA Govt >>> “john berbatis” 5/04/07 9:30 am >>> Dear Premier Alan Carpenter, In last month, there has been a heightened level of global seismological activity, especially in the Pacific basin 'ring of fire'; and it appears to be substantially escalating. I have recommended by email – to all State Premiers, PM Howard and the Chief Minister Clare Martin, that they consider the immediate establishing of a SMS alert for a tsunami threat, so as to facilitate the most effective means of the warning the public. Kind regards, John Berbatis 4/21 Cornelian St Scarborough 6019 Perth WA April 5th, 2007 Tel: 0422621382 NB. Premier Peter Beattie sent me a positive response by letter, on March 26th 2007 – pertaining to above matter.
    FiFrom : Sent : Wednesday, 25 April 2007 8:14:56 AM To : Subject : | | | Drafts | Inbox We have received your e-mail.
    Best Regard,
    E-mail Team
    Cabinet Secretariate Government of Japan
    Dear Editor, Syllogisms that I submitted in 1998, which were recognized by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights – Dr Mary Robinson and the Hon. Justice Michael D. Kirby AC CMG of the High Court of Australia. Time must exist before matter can be created, and only an animate entity can conceive of space-time. Time must be a stabilized and uniform condition before matter can form, thus Monotheism is a Truth. The Universe consists of space-time; which is functionally active and growing but remains stable. These combined characteristics are indicative of an animate entity only, thus Pantheism is a fact. Consequently, all mortals' behaviour and attitudes become conspicuous by our Creator. Reality is the dream of a Universal sentient being; sensations of all mortals are merely light flashes within elongated fractal crystals, flowing in a white mist which is time itself; ensconced within a beige coloured and velvet textured Pearl, that is, a holographic Universe. If all electrical particles were in different time zones – matter would not form, thus time is a controlled electromagnetic radiation (energy) E = mc2. To be perfect – one must know the past, present and future, there is only one, the one that created Time. John Berbatis Perth, Australia March 26th, 2007 Tel: +61 0422621382 Email: ——————————————————————————–

  11. stef says:

    America has 4% of the worlds population,yet has caused 50% of the worlds accumulated carbon emissions.It has also spread capitalism,by hook or crook..We are the forest fire.. I have already moved on to game 2.Dont waste your energy on this one ,as its good as done.stef.

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