EcoInternet Portals Tap Thunderstone to Search 5 Million URLs

Nonprofits' Conservation Websites Inform More than 35,000 Visitors a Day
CLEVELAND,OH -; August 24, 2007 -; Thunderstone Software LLC announced today that Denmark, Wisconsin-based EcoInternet, Inc. has renewed its license of Thunderstone's Webinator Web Index & Retrieval System to continue offering industry-leading search capabilities on all its environment conservation websites, including the highly popular and
EcoInternet, Inc. ( is a non-profit organization specializing in the use of the Internet to achieve conservation outcomes. As part of its mission it seeks:
* to empower the global movement for environmental sustainability by working to conserve climate, forest, ocean and water ecosystems
* to commence the age of ecological sustainability and restoration
* to provide forest/rainforest, climate, water, ocean and environment conservation websites–presented as a free service to the environmental community.
EcoInternet maintains up-to-date climate, forests and environmentportals that serve more than 35,000 visitors a day. It enables its website users to quickly search the indexed content of five million URLs and retrieve the desired information.

Thunderstone's Webinator Web Index & Retrieval System allows a website administrator to easily create and provide a high quality retrieval interface to collections of HTML documents. Webinator serves as an example of the type of applications that can be built around Thunderstone's Texis RDBMS and Web Script.
“Thunderstone's Webinator program has been the foundation of our efforts to build web sites that facilitate environmental conservation by providing accurate information for action,” explains EcoInternet President Dr. Glen Barry.
“There is no other comparable product that brings full-text customized search to non-profits at a reasonable price. We wholeheartedly support Thunderstone and would recommend the Webinator search platform highly.”
About Thunderstone
Thunderstone Software LLC ( pioneered simultaneous searching of both structured and unstructured data with the Texis relational database optimized for full text search. Since 1981 Thunderstone has continued to develop its global reputation as provider of the world's most powerful, scalable and flexible enterprise search solutions.
Sales Contact: Mark Bacho
+1 216 820 2200 ext.105
Media Contact: Peter Thusat
+1 216 820 2200 ext.118
EcoInternet Contact: Dr. Glen Barry
+1 920 776 1075

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