Dramatic Arctic Sea Ice Loss

Arctic sea ice meltArctic ice cover has shrunk faster this summer than in any year since reliable satellite imagery of the polar cap became available in 1979. A record has been set for the lowest recorded northern hemisphere sea ice area, and we still have five or six weeks of ice melt before the usual minima.
A user pointed out this graph and map showing clearly the magnitude of ice melt. Replacement of ice with open waters leads to further warming, making it very unlikely that previous ice levels will be achieved any time soon. Artic sea ice loss is a major indicator of abrupt, runaway climate change [search]. As a trained ecologist it hurts so much to see these dispassionate presentations that clearly indicate global ecological collapse.

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6 Responses

  1. R. Gates says:

    Thanks for being one of the first to bring this out to the public. It will be getting a lot of press later on, but you are at the leading edge of this dramatic change. Russia has been following it all summer and it was one more reason why they planted their flag when they did. They are hoping it melts even faster so they can get to the oil! How very sad but very typically of the oil addicted human race!

  2. We need more sites to be doing this, I am starting a site to do this same thing – EDUCATE THE WORLD ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING! http://www.effectofglobalwarming.com

  3. Sherry Mayo says:

    I don't understand just because the Russian's put up a flag they have a right to go for the oil on our soil?

  4. is this all that the world is. all anyone cares about is the small stuff. like oil, money, and power. no body ever takes the time to look at the bigger pitcure like how were killing are planet. we building builting and in the process of that were kill tree. were driving cars that take oil and gas that makes CO2 and that goes to are ozone. which lets in uv-rays and thats what melts everything. so i say we stop or were next.

  5. Parasto says:

    I really care about the Environment. I realy liked the article it tought me something. I hope others will take a look at this and notice something is changing.

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