VICTORY: Gas Pipeline Through the Amazon Flounders

It is reported that plans to build a massive South American natural gas pipeline through the Amazon rainforest from the Caribbean to Brazil have “cooled off”. This was the most atrocious of many inappropriate industrial developments planned for the Amazon [search] which EcoInternet has publicized and protested against for several years. No rainforest is ever protected indefinitely, as badly conceived projects tend to linger on for a long time. Yet given a one and a half year delay and signs that momentum for the project has been stymied, EcoInternet is ready to declare this campaign a victory!
Congratulations to all those that participated, the Amazon rainforest is safer given your efforts. EcoInternet's Earth Action Network first brought concerns over the pipeline to a global stage in February of 2006, issuing several alerts, to which 8,792 participants sent 75,765 protest emails over nearly a year. As the international profile of the twisted project grew, so did local protests on environmental and economic grounds. As is our intent, our efforts inspired grassroots global Earth activism.

It is vital for the Earth's and humanity's future to protect as global ecological reserves all remaining large contiguous and mostly intact natural ecosystems from industrial development of any type. To ensure continued sustainability of global biosphere functions, rich societies must pay for avoided deforestation and diminishment of ancient rainforests/forests, and encourage small-scale eco-forestry sustainable development activities by local peoples as the only acceptable ancient ecosystem use. Otherwise the Earth and her humanity will die a horrific death.

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15 Responses

  1. Daniela Baer says:

    How many more things are being planned to be done to the Amazon rainforest??? Isn't it enough that illegal logging has been destroying many an animal's habitat for years already as well as a piece of the earth which we certainly will never get back again in the way it was at the beginning? STOP this further plan – now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dave Moore says:

    Natural gas is needed for fertilizer and should be conserved to last several centuries. Dave Moore

  3. Chris says:

    Excellent news, Glen. Congrats yet again!

  4. Dianne Beatty says:

    You are an angel, Glen.

  5. Susie Zent says:

    That is wonderful news congratulations.
    Susie Zent

  6. Pat Gedvilas says:

    Congratulations to everyone who worked to stop the progress of
    destruction on this beautiful rainforest

  7. Julian Bakker says:

    Great news! Many thanks.
    But if I may: Glen, could you be a bit more specific in addition to saying “it is reported ..”? What source, country, what was said, etc.? Now I am left with more questions …. Thanks!

  8. Miriam Kurland says:

    I'm so glad that something positive happened. I was in Ecuador in the Amazon 2 years ago, and then I went to Costa Rica this summer. You can definitely see the impact of these companies when you compare the rainforests in both countries. We have to work sooo hard to make sure the Amazon is saved, and also make sure that the monsters don't start swallowing up the Costa Rican rainforest… which there are definite signs of and threats to. A lot of development is going on and being encouraged now in the beautiful oasis (plural) in Costa Rica, and I'm sure other places like Belize. The threat is so huge and overpowering, it's so good to hear that the gas pipeline was stopped in the Amazon.

  9. Nicole Perrot says:

    This is great news but the war isn't over. There is so much more work to do.

  10. Merry Loscalzo-Stumpf says:

    Congratulations to us all-and to all of the earth. I will continue to help as much as I can!

  11. Gerhard says:

    GREAT – every once in a while it pays off to be obstreperous !!! Congrats !

  12. Julie says:


  13. Dean Brodrick says:

    good news can travel fast too!

  14. Theo says:

    Great!!! Thanks!!!

  15. This is great news.
    I can suggest an action alert against the Australian Labour Government's (the current opposition) forestry policy. This pro-logging move has been widely condemned, but Kevin remains complacent and totally in limbo with the wrongful logging industry.

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