Global Warming Intensifying Rainfall

UK floodsAs Britain reels from rainfall of unprecedented intensity [news search], a new scientific study found that heavier rainfall is caused by global warming [more | more2]. The study in the journal Nature found that “more intense rainstorms across parts of the northern hemisphere are being generated by man-made global warming”. Meteorologists agree that the miserably wet British summer of 2007 has generally been caused by a southward shift towards Britain of the jetstream. The new study does not purport to blame any given rain event on climate change (should it?), but it supports the general finding that global warming caused by human emissions is causing increased rainfall [search] — by showing that in recent decades rainfall has increased over several areas of the world, including the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere.
This sort of extreme weather response to global heating has long been predicted, but this the first time this link has been made directly. Given an unprecedented string of weather related catastrophes, anyone that does not acknowlege climate change must be a dullard or have investments in fossil fuels. What good is climate science if it preducts climate change produce extreme weather phenomena, but there are no specific events that can be considered as a direct result of the warming? Humanity and the Earth are facing a new type of problem for which they are ill-prepared. By the time there is 100% proof positive that climate change is causing extreme weather, it may well be too late to do anything about it. We need to exercise the precautionary principle and act on the greater than 90% probability it is.

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  1. girl_jakarta says:

    global warming also have a great effects in asia. what we got from the nature's catastrophy is very devastating. It's sad to see our world is getting “sicker” every year. The sky is very different than 10 years ago. Today I can't see the blue sky anymore. Everything is plain white and hot. More cars on the street and automatically more pollution. Physically I easily get tired and weak. I feel the energy in my body easily gone..usually it's raining on september through december, but now it's rarely raining. But when it's summer, it rains and it's a hard rain. And there's more flood in jakarta. I can't imagine what will happen to the world if we don't stop this. I wonder what will happen to our next generation? or will there be any next generation?

  2. VIGINIA says:

    HOW CAN WE STOP GLOBAL WARMING BY HAPPENING????????????????????????????????????????????????????????”????????

  3. Anthony says:

    I grew up in the U.K.(now live in New Zealand).Those 29 years I can't remember flooding on the current scale ever happening, and remember Hull has been simarly flooded some weeks before the current episode.
    Here in New Zealand,we have just had severe flooding in Northland in the sub tropical area of NZ.Similar film of cut off little towns and impassable roads.One Township it's now thought,Kaeo,Flooded for the second time now,should move lock stock and barrel to a higher place as its now acknowledged by the Prime Minister that the climate appears to be changing.Almost 2 MONTHS OF RAIN FELL IN UNDER 24 HOURS ! This is much the same as the U.K. experience.
    Point? Scientists have been warning us for 25 years about Global Warming and Climate Change:Now,it's becoming obvious to the man on the street,it's no longer academic,if,but,maybe,but obvious and concrete.
    just to cheer you up further across the Tasman mid and south Australia is continuing its devastating drought.In the Amazon region its reported another year of drought is affecting the Rain Forest.
    With 6.5 billion people on the planet now ,our numbers are far too large to effectively negotiate a new contract with Gaia,which would mean a massive retreat from our impact on Earth (refer James Lovelock).
    We're a biological,visceral,sexual species to ask us to behave like another intellectual,cerebral,tightly cooperative species without destructive and violent competition is impossible.But on the other hand those fighting qualities that caused us to survive this far,are now a handicap :We are incapable of addressing climate change effectively as a united species!

  4. Ricky says:

    WE Need More Rain in Aussie
    Animals are dieying from drought

  5. I agree that whether you can specifically link recent floods to climate change is debatable. Certainly it is bad practice for scientists to do so solely with the benefit of hindsight. However I have just had a book published, Climate Change: Biological & Human Aspects, and with the recent floods I wondered what I said in my book (it was months since I handed in the manuscript). I found that I had concluded that this sort of thing (summer flooding in Europe) is what one would expect in a warming world. I therefore have posted the appropriate text on the web free here .

  6. Logan says:

    I would like to know why how humans were causing global cooling 20 years agoand now it is global warming. If anyone can answer that, please let me know. Since when is science based on consensus. THat throws the scientific model out of the window. There is still significant discent on this topic. Before you make al gore rich so he can expand his already disgustingly huge estate to waste more energy, please gte educated. But then again what can you expect from the public school system.

  7. ewoc says:

    Hello Logan,
    thanks for repeating the canards of the global warming deniers for all of us who use this site – it was incredibly insightful!
    By the way, regardless of whether or not you were the product of a public school system (as I was) you might want to learn how to use the spell check feature on your software. (i.e. discent=dissent) You might also want to read up a bit about the global cooling forecast from the 1970s, which was based on one (1) article from Newsweek, as I recall. I am sure you could find some dissenters who do not accept evolution as a valid scientific hypothesis, but that does not paint the scientific consensus on the subject as somehow wrong.
    Nice try though.

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