Dreadful Dearth of U.S. Climate Leadership

This blog regularly bashes President Bush and his political counterparts for criminally negligent obstruction of vital climate change policy responses. Bush reneged on first term campaign promises to regulate carbon dioxide [search], withdrew from Kyoto, and has just generally impeded crucial international cooperative measures. Frankly, regardless of good deeds after leaving office, the Clinton-Gore team was not able to achieve much either. They dropped the ball on a BTU based carbon tax, never tried seriously to get Kyoto ratified, and generally wasted the booming 90s as a decade to get out ahead of the climate change problem. I consider myself a green independent though given the current Republican neo-conservatism, the current regime naturally repels me. The point of the matter is that all political parties in the United States including the greens (such as they are) have failed the Planet and her citizens. Into this dreadful dearth of climate leadership has stepped Governor Schwarzenegger of California [search] and several other high profile state politicians including other Republicans such as Governor Crist of Florida — who recently unveiled rigorous climate policies [more] for his state. Given, Arnold's greenness is open to debate, nonetheless he has hit it on the head: the Republican party as well as the states can and must lead on climate. I disagree with statements by Gore and others that climate change is apolitical — anything this important in regard to resource allocation has a major political element. I do not really care which political philosphy latches onto the need to restrain growth and consumption to save the Earth's climate, just that it happens. The need to avert climate change is deeply conservative while the response will require liberal change. No political philosphy has all the answers to climate change.

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3 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    I agree that we shouldn't “care which political philosophy latches onto the need to restrain growth and consumption to save the Earth.” It's interesting that a carbon tax is supported by both the Nation on the left and the American Enterprise Institute on the right. To see the wide range of carbon tax supporters, see http://www.carbontax.org/who-supports/

  2. danny bee says:

    wonder if you in Oz have ever considered building polar cities for survival year 2500 or so? google POLAR CITIES or wiki the term search POLAR CITIES, or see my blog at climatechange3000.blogspot.com
    and email me pro or con
    there is a method to me madness BTW

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