Desertification Is the End of Being

Desertification warningA new study by United Nations University suggests climate change is making desertification [more] “the greatest environmental challenge of our times”. They report that some 50 million people may be displaced within the next 10 years as a result of desertification [search], and that ultimately some one-third of the Planet's population is threatened by expanding deserts. The process of desertification is the ultimate end result of most poor environmental stewardship, a synthesis of climate change and land clearing, that quite literally makes the Earth a burning hell. They are not making much new land, so just exactly where will the natural resources, food and water come from to care for an increasingly urban world. Hello?! Is anyone home? Is there anybody in there? How many more reports on looming environmental catastrophe can be ignored without major loss of life and a severe decline in the complexity and habitability of the Earth? Are we so into our ipods and Paris Hilton that we can not see the Earth is dying? Climate change, water scarcity, over-fished oceans and desertification; to say nothing of AIDs, terrorism, militarism and poverty; threaten our very being. Yours. Your childrens. It is essential that policy and strategy to fight global threats are integrative, and willing to propose and implement actions that are up to the task of reversing monumental adverse trends. Fifty million people, driven from their land, because we refuse to stop wantonly procreating and consuming. I am stunned, shocked, dismayed (and yes deeply hurt) to read dispassionate accounts of the ecological foundation of being dismantled tree by tree, SUV by SUV. We shall learn to live differently with the Earth or we shall not live at all. Please forgive the emotions as I mourn the looming end of being, Eden turned to dust, by igorance and vanity.

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  1. Ana says:

    What is frustrating is the lack of public/
    government support to invest in and begin implementing solar technology and other clean energy supplies in urban culture.

  2. Yes, ignorance and vanity. In other words, Pride. Remember that the Bible states that Pride is the very worst of the 7 deadly sins. The awful truth of this is now shockingly revealed. Our collective pride in all our achievements, filling the media from school textbooks to novels, films and fine art, no longer looks so innocent and appealing today. So whether you are a believer or no, the Bible is still ripe for assiduous study.

  3. BJ Hunt says:

    I pray for us and do as much as I can to make a differance.
    BJ Hunt

  4. PeterW says:

    Dear Glen,
    You are absolutely 100% correct.
    Every day it haunts me that the world is quickly falling apart and the people around me seem completely oblivious to this. You try to talk with these people and they roll their eyes. Here he goes again. How in the world can you get things changed if you cannot even convince your family and friends to act?
    Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind, other times I think of Cassandra from Greek mythology.
    I also worry that people think the problem can be solved by just investing in renewable energy technology. They never seem to realize that consumption, that's also wrecking the planet, would continue merrily along.
    You are not alone Glen.
    Have a nice day.

  5. R. Gates says:

    There is part of me that very much agrees with what you are saying…however, there is another part of me, that looks at humanity as just ONE FORM of being on this lovely little world.
    If it should be the case that humans find a way to make this planet uninhabitable for them, I still have full confidence that Life and Being will find a way to go on without homo sapiens. We had our glory days in the sun, and like millions of species before us, our time may simply pass.
    Life and Being, shall go on in countless other forms on countless other planets.
    Enjoy the ride.

  6. well, as long as there are reports unread nothing will change. remember we are reporting on environment since the 60s and nothing changed.
    off course we will have large desert areas and not enough with that the hard rain in template regions will finish about 75% off all agriculture at sea level, water pushed through the hidraulic sistem will do the rest.
    If our glorious societies has failed to take action years ago how you believe they will manage 20 mayor problems hitting at once now? I am afraid that the main news are going to be killings, vandalism, war because thats the only where humans are good at when trouble comes along.
    Indeed human need a mayor stop. Loud and clear. But on the other side dont let forget about our responsability in front of life and not escaping into cheap spiritual frases which is nothing else as another version of ignorance and selfish auto medication. From the trees to the kids and to the elder people they do really need our help and our best efforts and I am willing to loose my life this way instead of waiting that the consecuenses of nature reaction finishes mine.
    R. Gates you are great. Hope you find some day that love you are searching in the smile of a kid you saved and let me asure you that transcendental view is not getting you out of that glass you call your identity or your inner world. We are born with responsabilities and this is exactly what our nature is trying to remember us for the sake of our spiritual development too.
    Never mind, I do escape to filosophy as well from time to time cause its just far to much that our humans trying to be different instead of being integral part.

  7. R, Gates says:

    Dr. Ludwig,
    Do not mistake what you call my “transcendental view” for some sort of philosophical or spiritual escapism from responsibilities. If you have ever read the Bhagavad Gītā you would know that it is not about escape, but about complete acceptance of responsibility.
    What my essential point is that the form of homo sapiens, as a form of Being, is not essential for Being to continue on this planet. It is a narrow perspective that sees that as such. There is a being-ness that is beyond our form as humans, and that being-ness shall not ever disappear from the universe.
    Having said all that, I am doing everything I personally can to reduce my own carbon footprint upon this planet. I shall take my responsibility in full stride, never wavering to fight the good fight, but ultimately, it is but a another dance of Being, and whether or not humans continue on Earth, in the infinite view of things, matters not.

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