Military and Climate Change? Hasta la vista Greenland and Blair

BlairClimate change impacts both ecologically and socially appear to be going from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds. Dramatic news regarding ice melt in Greenland [more | search] as this huge ball of ice is starting to become lubricated from intra-ice melt water flows. There exist very large differences in estimates for how fast Greenland will melt and thus how quickly sea level will rise. Recent IPCC figure is 79 cm by end of century, but other recent studies have suggested that if the whole Greenland icecap was to melt that it would be more like a 7 meter (23 feet) surge! All my ecological observation and intuition indicates in my own life that the climate is changing perilously fast and chaotically, and reading of melting polar ice just strengthens conclusions based upon what I see around me. This week also saw talk of the “military aspects” of climate change [more], as the UK army was called to be ready to deal with challenges posed by failed states. While there have been frequent discussions of national security impacts, and we know the U.S. military has reported upon their concerns, this was the first news item that really addresses climate change as a military matter. So UK troops are going to take resources at the end of a gun? Hmm… not so new afterall. Are we really approaching a point where climate change induced scarcity will heighten military tensions and lead to various types of armed conflict? As a last note, Tony Blair moved on this week — he has tried to get out from under Bush's dead-no willingness to negotiate on climate, to no avail; yet hope he stays involved in the issue. But on the up side, his friend Arnie of CA came to say good-bye!

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