Bush Intensifies War on Forests, Scientific Truth Be Damned

In a last minute effort to hand out forests to cronies before his term ends, the Bush administration has proposed eliminating protections from 1.5 million acres from Northwest forests considered critical to the survival of the northern spotted owl [search]. This will reopen the 1990s battle between timber production and wildlife habitat on public lands, and there is little reason to believe that this is scientifically justified in terms of owl habitat and forest health. This comes as the scientific basis for Bush's languishing “Healthy Forests” [search] policy of logging and replanting burned forests [more] rather than allowing them to regenerate naturally has been shown definitively to be bad science. An important new study has found that subsequent fire severity is much worse in logged and planted areas, compared to those that had burned severely and were left alone in an earlier fire. There appears to be no ecological truth (or for that matter truth of any kind) that the Bush Administration is unable to spin, twist or outright lie about. How did this man come to be trusted with the Earth's climate and America's forests? Let's hope the planet can survive another year and a half of what will certainly be renewed last minute assaults upon life giving ecosystems.

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9 Responses

  1. Drew Martin says:

    I oppose Salvage Logging. I oppose the reduction of protection for the Spotted Owl.
    I believe that these forests are invaluable and that they should be given maximum protection.
    Salvage logging removes necessary dead trees which provide habitat for existing animals. Fire is part of the ecosystem. Animals react after a fire by moving into dead trees. Also Salvage logging disrupts soils by disturbing them with heavy equipment.
    I do not want to see any reduction of protection of the Spotted Owl and its habitat. Right now we are losing Spotted Own Habitat because of poor decisions. I would not accept the loss of any additional habitat.

  2. Marc Sommer says:

    I think Bush will be responsable for more deaths in the near future than Hitler was………………..

  3. Gianni Girotto says:

    Please somebody prepare an email protest action

  4. josh says:

    I can't believe how Americans can have such irresponsible
    President, who is more into destroying earth as well as humanity. He creating more geopolitical tensions and contributing less to global warming. He is throughly reluctant to hear about the climate changes. i don't know what made Americans to give him a second chance.

  5. I remember when I moved to this wonderful central coast town fourteen years ago. I've stayed here longer than anywhere I've ever lived even as a child. My Dad was in the US Navy and we moved all over. I always loved the trees, they are God's Sentinels to me and I have always felt protected by them. Now they are being cut down all around where I live and so close to the highways you can see nothing but bare hills. A lot of it hasn't been replanted. It looks ugly and barren and like a war zone. Please stop taking the trees down. Sometimes I see a logging truck go by and it has one tree on it, one that was so large and so old and it fills the back of the truck. This is so sad because these trees are so old and none of us will ever see any this big again, not in our lifetime. I hate what is happening and who is responsible for it. They need to stop him!

  6. June says:

    Leave it to Bush to screw ANYTHING UP! EVEN HIS MOTHER!

  7. Warwick says:

    Dear Glen, I would join the impeach Bush and Cheney movement. Why we should put up with these criminals running everything for another year and more I can't fathom except that people just don't want a straightforward battle. THey think that polite objection to criminals will be effective in inducing them to back down on their projects. It will not. It will only encourage them to accelerate their depredations and bring on to us another catastrophe which will justify further depredations of the earth and our constitution. Impeach now before it is too late! Of course anyone who actually wants to do what obviously needs to be done looses all credibility and is deemed simple minded. So be it. Thanks for instructions on how to donate. Will do best I can.
    Best, Warwick

  8. Mike Morin says:

    Although I can sympathize with the lives of spotted owls, I would suggest that you take the tact of sustainability as your first line of defense.
    Workin' for peace and cooperation,
    Mike Morin

  9. Barb Knight says:

    George Bush does not give a rat's ass about our beloved forests or the beautiful creatures that live within them. It's crystal clear to me that something has to be done-like yesterday-to save our beautiful beloved Snowy Owl. If not, their numbers will decrease immensley just as every animal on our planet are, including humans. We have so many innocent lives being snuffed out by crazed people, I can't keep up with all the stories I hear on a daily basis!! Something POSITIVE has to be done NOW if we want to Save Our Mother Earth…

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