World Has What It Takes to Fight Climate Change

Agreement has just been reached by UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) delegates, a grouping of climate science experts, regarding the best ways to mitigate climate change [more | news search]. Importantly, the main conclusion is that the world has what it takes to fight climate change and that such climate mitigation policies are affordable [more | more2]. This Working Group III Report “Mitigation of Climate Change” [official summary] is the third segment of a larger IPCC report. The first concluded global warming is almost certainly human caused and the second warned of the consequences already occurring and yet to come such as massive human death and disease, droughts, floods, and storms. The new climate mitigation [search] report proposes limiting concentrations of greenhouse gases to between 445 parts per million and (gulp!) 650 parts per million (we are at 380 now). China replaced the US as the primary obstructionist, fearing the lower end target would harm its booming economy, yet it appears scientific recommendations emerged largely unscathed by government representatives. Key recommendations for stopping the rise in carbon dioxide levels include not waiting for new technologies but proceeding with the tools and policies we have now. Available policies that it is suggested must be intensified include shifts away from coal, embracing energy efficiency, reducing deforestation, fuel taxes, strengthen Kyoto's binding emission limits, and advances in solar and other renewable technologies. Climate Ark has been advocating these policies for years.There are concerns in the report as well — an emphasis upon nuclear energy, biofuels and little mention of ancient forest logging. Yet, in balance it is refreshing the report focuses upon real ways to reduce emissions now rather than pie in the sky technology for later.

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  1. Apollo Alliance says:

    FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2007
    CONTACT: Noreen Nielsen at 202-955-5665
    WASHINGTON -; Apollo Alliance president Jerome Ringo released the following statement on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) Global Warming Solutions Report released Friday morning.
    "The experts agree. If we act now, we can win the fight on global warming. As today's IPCC report shows, with strong leadership and the right solutions, we can tackle the challenge of global warming while also creating new opportunities for jobs and growth through increased economic activity.
    "By expanding the production of biofuels, we can promote energy security, strengthen our trade position and create jobs in agricultural communities. By investing in renewable electricity we will create economic activity while decreasing air pollution and its associated health care costs. And by making wise investments in new technology, we can reinvigorate our economy though the creation of good, new clean energy jobs in the manufacturing and construction sectors.
    "We can no longer ignore the facts. Global warming is happening, and if left untreated, the effects will be devastating for our planet and future generations. We have the solutions, now let's fulfill our responsibility as Americans and international citizens and do everything we can to reduce global warming pollution."
    # # #
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  2. bobby johns says:

    My thoughts on Global Destruction:
    Here we are, sitting in our comfy air conditioned and heated homes, on our part-time lifelines called computers. It's easy to sit behind a screen with a keyboard to “sell” our opinions to the world. Did you ever wonder how much energy it takes to run every computer rig in the world? Like the one you're on right now?
    If you TALK THE TALK on saving energy and the globe, WALK THE WALK.
    First, SHUT IT ALL DOWN! EVERYTHING! Sell your car and lawn mower, ride a bike, grow your own food, recycle your computer, wash your clothes in a creek…. I think you see where I'm going here. IF you don't do this while preaching global warming, then guess what? (um…. you see…… there's this little word called hypocrisy….) And don't give me this, “But I need my computer to spread the word that we're all going to perish, will you please cry with me?” crap either. Mass destruction is coming and extreme measures need to be taken now! So get rid of it…. all of it.
    Now, back to reality…..
    Predictors of world collapse have been around for ages and duh….. we're all still here! Which leads one to this: Arrogance. What kind of man today, thinks he knows when and how the world will end?
    Here's my answer: A man who's EGO acts as the anesthesia for his own stupidity. Do you actually know, without a doubt, WHEN THE EARTH WILL DEVOUR ITSELF? You really see this coming do you? That is amazing… for centuries men have wanted to know when it will end and YOU ARE THE FIRST!
    While you're at it, you should have figured out the answer to how the earth was formed too! Including: (all energy accounted for, elements, mode of transformation, etc.) Also, how gravity works (not in theory mind you.) I want all this scientific information with undeniable proof!
    Let the scientists who invented darn near everything that is polluting the planet figure it out…
    But wait, they aren't responsible for pollution, they're just research and development, right?
    There are those today who are sheep of so-called science just as there are sheep of organized religion. Lack of self-awareness is the common thread in these two examples with not all but most people. It's ruining the world.
    So this global doomsday crap leads me here: FEAR!!!!!!! It takes a lot of time and effort to live in fear. After doing so for many years, it wore me out.
    Like when I was a kid, “Wait till you father gets home,” or “Does that belt feel good?” and neighborhood bullies. Later in life, “What if I don't get that promotion,” or “What will others think of me,” or “I'm afraid I can't do it,” “I don't measure up to anyone else” or even ” I'm superior to everyone else… 'cause I don't want them to know how stupid I really am,” ” the earth is dying.” blah blah blah…
    Do you see how fear-driven life can be? Being afraid is a familiar, comfortable place to live.
    So, gaze into your “earth fever” crystal ball, bite your nails and ask yourself: What purpose does my fear really serve?
    If you want to live in fear of tomorrow, go ahead. That's a choice you make, isn't it? There are better choices for me TODAY, like LIVE in it and ENJOY it.

  3. kerry says:

    Hallo bobby.
    Choice hey!
    I too, like Glen, “preach” global warming. It is not a religion. It is a fact. I am not living in a deluded fear of tomorrow. I am living, witnessing with my own eyes (no scientist needed), the increasing rampant mindless consuming and destruction of Nature that goes on today & perceiving that if it does not stop – eventually the whole world will be consumed & destroyed.
    No-one is saying that they know exactly when this will happen. No-one can know, partly because when individuals suddenly get the picture – that they are responsible! – and change their attitudes & lifestyles… the whole picture changes… And the dealine moves.
    Don`t be so total! It looks to me like YOU are scared!
    Do you know bobby, it is actually possible to freely choose to sell ones car and lawn mower, get a bike, start cycling AND REALLY ENJOY IT! It is possible to power your laptop with a little gizmo that uses sunlight – you don`t have to plug in to nuclear just to stay safely connected…
    It is possible to power a desk-top with a clever pedal while you type device which also helps reduce the risk of deep-vein thrombosis. Have a giggle bobby. Be reasonable but radical – it`s YOUR attitude that gets the enjoyment out of rising to meet the demands of the time.
    It is possible to get rid of one`s personal water guzzling washer-dryer, reduce the size of your wardrobe by 90% and take your small load down to the community launderette with a wee bageen of washing soda & have a great time!
    Without seriously diminishing the Quality of Your Life. Or Social Status!
    It is time we all demanded some trend-setting Radical Conspicuous Non-Consumption from our celebrities! I am looking forward to sitting next to Prince Charles on the train!
    Sure you can fly to Florida for a long week-end but it is also possible to spend a relaxing spring week-end out on the neighbourhood green WITH YOUR NEIGHBOURS turning over the lawns into lazy beds, planting spuds & beans & leeks in a new Think Global Act Local Neighbourhood Food Security Community-building Garden!
    Get WITH the project bobby! Join in. Use your imagination. Get creative. Voluntary simplicity does not automatically mean a return to the Stone Age. You might find that you relax, make some really good friends and quit feeling so hostile every time you hear the words “Global Warming”
    Can I recommend to everybody to check out No Impact Man… He is proving to himself & his family that it is simply a better way to live – even in New York City. It is really living LIFE – not passive consuming of a purchased product.
    You don`t have to preach global warming either to want to become more frugal. Many people are motivated to voluntary simplicity by compassion. Live simply so that others may simply live. Do it for Charity if you don`t want to do it for Al Gore!
    Voluntary frugal living is not only more enjoyable & kinder to Nature – it is also healthier, and cheaper, allowing you to be more generous with time & money.
    By all means possible bobby, exercise your choice – millions of the truly poor cannot choose – Be FEARLESS! Live in Today and Enjoy it – but please! Live with care to take care of tomorrow – because tomorrow does come!

  4. bobby johns says:

    thank you posting my comment! i didn't think it would make it in!

  5. kerry says:

    That`s our Glen for you bobby.
    It really isn`t easy for any of us to cope with the idea of climate change.
    Or with the idea that it is our own fault.
    We all go through all sorts of emotions about it – sometimes very strong ones – and hold all kinds of mental positions inside ourselves that often contradict. It is the future of our whole world after all & how do we know who to trust or believe?
    Doubt & confusion & bad information & personal vested interests & comfort zones all play a huge part, as well as fear…
    The points you make are actually very valid – why wouldn`t they be posted.
    Living for today & enjoying it is wise advice for all of us. Even our Glen needs reminding sometimes to get off the box & go into the garden!
    If you feel the need to say more… There`s a great place to do so over at My.EcoEarth.Info – the new social network for regular visitors to this site.
    Thankyou for writing.

  6. If human beings evolved on Earth (did not descend from heaven or come here from some other place in the universe) and the emerging data of human overpopulation of our planetary home are somehow on the right track, then humanity could soon confront daunting global challenges.
    Perhaps hubris confuses human reasoning about the "placement" of humanity within the natural order of living things. There is the rub, I suppose. We have learned from God's great gifts to humanity

  7. natasha says:

    I've been poking around all over the IPCC site looking for the full report and all I can find is a similar-sounding report with the year 2001 featured prominently in the title. I want to look specifically at the sections on land use change and soil carbon sequestration, so, help?

  8. alfredo Alvarez says:

    IMAGINE if we as humanity find our way to resolve the global warming issue. This fact beyond all our past problems will be known as a Universal Triumph. A place for us in time to think on how we could came together for once. For there before we have seen and thought in despise upon and around all our disagreements. We can not agree in religion. We couldnt agree on war. We didnt agree in politics, economy, football or the color of your dress.
    For once in time in a gathering of all our blue, brown, green, black eyes, we have the chance to come and do something together that we all could say, see, rejoyce, think ahead, think in remembrance, that we finaly did it. Finaly did so. Came together as we are to stop, reverse and change the curse to begin the journey of our salvation.
    Ours and theirs. And of our dear dear planet, lovely called Terra.
    Can you, can me, can we come to say we, we came together?

  9. Heather says:

    I agree global warming is really, really big – important – difficult to fully comprehend and accept. I don't think it will be the end of humanity – but, like war, just an incredible tragedy if WE create death and destruction when we ought to know better! And climate change effects will be MUCH bigger and cause much longer-term problems than ANY WAR HAS EVER DONE OR EVER COULD DO.
    That said, I wrote a little poem to make myself feel a bit better about it …
    “Putting Global Warming in perspective”
    We're all going to die
    (that has nothing to do with global warming)
    The sun will still shine
    People will still be good, and evil
    will love, and hurt
    suffer injustice
    create, solve problems, and write about it
    Evolution will continue to “do its thing”
    Life will still amaze us
    Seeds will grow, babies will be born, artists will draw
    In microcosm, new universes will unfold
    We will know our vulnerability,
    to others of our species, and to forces which cannot consider us
    Global warming is just more of the same, but more so
    Governments deal in death, destruction, environmental degradation
    Human suffering.
    People here, vs there
    now, vs tomorrow

  10. Julito Aligaen says:

    The continuing destruction of our planet, due primarily to the production of the human food stuff, destructive agricultural practices because of the purpose of increasing the profit against the cost of production multi national farms resort to chemical farming system. From weed control, pests and diseases, Which in fact it is clear according to the law of nature that farming against the law nature we'll have to suffer the consequences.
    One way of extending from the final extinction is Pushing the Organic Farming (Natural Farming System) reducing to 75% the use of synthetic fertilizer and 90% weed killer and pesticides. One way of the doing this is we educate the our consumer the risk of eating commodities which are chemically grown. When consuming commodities contaminated with agro chemical increase the risk of cancer and other serious illness because the immune system is weak due chemical contamination. So to help extend life of our planet let's push for organic farming (Natural Farming System)

  11. Siddharth says:

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  12. Louis Vilhauer says:

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