Courageous, Adequate Climate Policy

Men of courage such as Prince Charles have called for a rapid response to climate change akin to fighting WWII, George Monbiot continues to show through methodical research that dramatic emission cuts are the only way forward, and lesser men such as myself have pointed out the need for serious structural changes in how society is organized to fight climate change; including population controls, carbon taxes, a ban on coal, an end to ancient rainforest logging [alert] and rapid, ambitious renewable targets, if we and the Earth are to survive. Forget about geoengineering proposals including seeding the ocean with iron (plankton blooms = ocean dead zones), orbiting Earth mirrors to reflect radiation, and distant plans to filter and sequester carbon from coal and the atmosphere. Doing so will lead to severe negative and chaotic follow-on effects, and distracts from the obvious – climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions and it will only be successfully addressed by starting to dramatically reduce these emissions now. In addition to the Chinese and American governments, and the UN IPCC process; individuals such as Laurie David, Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Branson and even Al Gore who sell easy, painless chimerical solutions are full of it. Climate change and the whole raft of attendant global ecological emergencies will only be solved through extreme personal sacrifice and learned voluntary simplicity, and major societal restructuring of economics, agriculture, transport and others. Those looking for easy answers that allow continued profligate energy consumption and living large are delaying the hard choices necessary to save being. Cimate change incrementalists do a disservice to truth and the Earth.

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  1. kerry says:

    Glen! I am on my knees praying hard that you take this the right way!
    IT IS SO GOOD to see the words “extreme personal sacrifice & learned voluntary simplicity” appearing in the context of the american response to our mutual global crisis…
    They won`t like it of course! The bottom will drop right out of the robot lawn mower market!!
    Are you REALLY going to take that pesky ad off our screens because you have noticed it does rather contradict your more important messages???
    FAIR PLAY TO YOU! Truly I am impressed and eventually you will get a donation from the Irish taxpayer to support your work…

  2. peskykerrybug says:

    Is America really this dumb and insensitive?
    I just read this link to … Q/A with Laurie David.
    “So how do you react to the Bush administration`s stance on global warming?”
    It`s terrifying… I don`t personally believe we have two years to waste before we start solving this… I`m focused on right now. Here`s a perfect analogy: if you had a choice between being in a 5 mile-per-hour car accident or a 50 mile-per-hour car accident, what would you choose? I would choose everything we have to do avoid the larger collision ahead.
    “What changes have you made in your own life?”
    I don`t believe everyone has to do everything. I don`t do everything. It`s about everyone doing something. I have changed as many lightbulbs as I could to (higher efficiency) bulbs. I started a new idling rule at the school carpool lane (cars dropping and picking up kids can`t idle their engines more than 30 seconds). I bring a garment bag to the dry cleaners (instead of having the dry cleaners wrap her clothes in petroleum-based plastic). I drive a hybrid.
    Thus spake Laurie David, putting its foot in it for America!
    I don`t know what this Laurie David creature is, or what it looks like, but judging by its words it seems inordinately proud of itself for its heroic contribution to trashing the planet. On behalf of six billion human beings who do not live the American dream, the ones who are actually going to suffer the pain & trauma of climate change, I want to say something… I would love to have dinner with Laurie. Something in my heart tells me if I had ten minutes with her … It is VERY DIFFICULT to express how horrified I am. Without swearing or being insulting…
    Thank God for our Glen hey!
    “Climate change and the whole raft of attendant global ecological emergencies will only be solved through extreme personal sacrifice and learned voluntary simplicity, and major societal restructuring of economics, agriculture, transport and others. Those looking for easy answers that allow continued profligate energy consumption and living large are delaying the hard choices necessary to save being. Climate change incrementalists do a disservice to truth and the Earth.”
    Our Glen is terribly polite isn`t he. I don`t know how he does it. I can`t manage it at all. I`m a natural born hellfireandbrimstone tub-thumper! I want to froth & spit & shout & point the bloody Holy Bone at all of them in severe & withering judgement (& sod what such judging might cost me in Eternity! I KNOW I am right… This creature is off the wall. She DRY CLEANS HER CLOTHES!!! Please. Will someone send Laurie David on a fact finding mission to have dinner with the entire population of a refugee camp in Dafur. In fact, invite her to stay to dinner for a month. They will pick up the tab… Then let us see how much her dry-cleaning bill comes to after that.????
    On behalf of the six billion… Sorry! But even Jesus lost his rag at this lot!!! This woman is SO out of touch with reality she makes Imelda Marcos look… like …
    Here goes with rant… Moderate me if you must Glen but please don`t wipe me out…
    So many super-rich in America that the rich believe they are deprived… Sitting at the top of the pile, she thinks WE should do everything, but SHE is not going to do everything herself. She is going to change her three hundred & ninety three lightbulbs! (but not the twothousand and seventy six bulbs that need the whole ceiling rebuilding in order to fit the effiecient ones… ) (UH? Six billion are lucky to have one reliable 15watt incandescent per village!) She is going to act like a fascist in the school car-pooling lane. (How many billion have access to what education?) She is going to DRY-CLEAN HER CLOTHES?????!!!!!
    Sorry! I don`t want to be venemous & bileful BUT!!! Dry-cleaning clothes is a bit like robot carpet-cleaners… I kind of LOSE ALL SYMPATHY & RESPECT… I can`t get past the supreme total heartless insensitive arrogance of this creature…
    Please, someone take Laurie David to Dafur & put her in front of some of those Dafurian women & children and fucking film the bitch explaining to them how much she spends every week DRY CLEANING HER CLOTHES… Somebody film Elton John explaining to some child soldiers in Somalia how important it is that he has the right to spend whatever the fuck he wants to spend on flowers, clothes, perfume, make-up, sunshine holidays & eating out…
    Somebody wake these eejits up!
    Please God… Will you bring about a miracle? Do you think you could cause Mssrs. Bush Gore and to suffer an epidemic rash of coronary attack & curiously drop dead over the next few weeks. I mean, seriously God! Would anyone really cry? Would anyone really miss them?
    Abandon hope all ye who enter here!
    I apologise if I upset anyone… John Howard prayed for rain & he got it! There is hope for me yet!! Please God… Will you give these celebrities an ecological road to Damascus experience they will never forget? Just for five minutes, in a dream if necessary, let these pampered poodles of the West experience reality… Heat – with no air conditioning. Hunger – with empty shelves. Thirst – but no ice cold beers in the cooler…. Sunshine & blueskies – with no credit, no shelter, no food, no drink…
    Sometimes… Only sometimes…. I feel like, “Hell is too good a place for these creatures”
    Laurie & Al – Go to Dafur.
    Get rid of your light bulbs

  3. Jon says:

    Tender blossoms depart black boughs,
    Blown about as last years' leaves;
    Boy becomes a man

  4. I want to pay your attention to the power that of Internet in indroducing changes in the society. The easiness of networking and community platforms turn out to have stronger and stronger influence on the society. Just check some websites dealing with so called social design. They want to change something, change the word the society, the awareness and they succeed! They are modern and active. And they can change the world. Be open and use all the possibilities to achieve the same.

  5. Susan Caring says:

    If you think any action is going to come out of the realm of politics, you are mistaken. It will be the same old smokescreen until doomsday, same old tired discussions, same old problem-reaction-solution scenarios designed to placate the masses.
    If you are seeing the truth about what is occurring on this planet, in whatever sphere (political, corporate, economic, climate change), than the only thing is to take individual action such that there is no longer a psychological split between what is true and what you would like to believe is true. We can't keep backing up media lies by sitting on our hands waiting for another Daddy to come along and make everything OK. No guru, no politician, no organization, no belief system of any kind is going to change the simple fact that only those individuals who see what's up and act outside of what is generally acceptable, taking a flying leap into the unknown and attempting to live what they know is true, are going to survive this disaster known as the human experiment.
    We are designed to evolve, just like all species, but the programming we receive from cradle to grave has us all thinking in looping video/audio tracks that spell out how we are to live in society, and it is enslavement to being a cog in the machine. How to get out of the machine? How to no longer be a mind-numbed robot? It's a radical step that's needed, and it is too scary for most to contemplate. It brings up too much fear for most. But every great teacher has said that though we live in the world, we must not be it's slave, so gotta step out of the box and be free.
    My partner an I are attempting to contact like-minded others who are ready to act, whose highest priority is to be the awakening necessary. And to ride out the current changes, which are coming no matter what at this stage, survival is key. So where?
    After much research it seems that the most severe cataclysms are occurring in the areas towards the poles. New Zealand and Australia, Indonesia and Japan, India and China, all are experiencing drought, earthquakes, floods, and all types of extreme weather. In the states, it's either water shortages and hurricanes in the south and west, or frigid cold, blizzards, and tornadoes across the mid-west and east. And it's getting more extreme.
    Though there seems no areas immune to the possibility of radiation from increasing solar flares, it seems mid to high elevations in tropical climates with old growth rain forest near the equator are the best bets. So we are looking for land in the highlands of Costa Rica and want to attract others who are ready to hunker down and build a sustainable life. We intend for the focus to be awakening, using silent sitting as the only reasonable method. We do not have a teaching, just an understanding that only through silence can the original blueprint of a real human being come forth from the veil of sleep created by the decades of programming by our social systems and governments. Unless one gets a glimpse outside the program (some liken it to the Matrix as illustrated in the movie by the same name), one will think, speak, and act within it's influence, not realizing how pervasive it is in the consciousness of mankind as a whole. Until the bubble pops, the illusion is perceived as real and governs our course of action.
    Ready to pop the bubble? We figure if just a handful of people come forward who are serious about getting out of the system, we can pool our energies and create a model of what is possible for others. So if you are REALLY serious about taking action, contact us at, sell your objects, and get your buns down here to Costa Rica. Time is of the essence.

  6. kerry says:

    Hallo susan. I have been to where you are going. I am glad you are going because you will hear her in your sitting silence – if you sit silent long enough… She will take over your bodies. Good luck to you & all who go with you… After seven years she sent me back to the town – to be ready to help the people. If you are only looking after number one she will trip you up. The Spirit of the Earth, Pachamama, she is only dealing with Whole Life, & everyone is equal to her …
    Here are some tips from the wilderness…
    The first thing she said to me in the silence was “get yer shoes off and leave them off NO MATTER WHAT!
    Plug the other end of your brain into the bio-electic body of earth…
    Be barefoot or you don`t stand a chance. And don`t use anything ANYTHING that you have not made yourcellves from what grows there.
    Not even one match, not one machete…
    You will be best off going to live with the last remaining uncontacted tribes in the Amazon. They are actually the only people on Earth who can teach you TRUE sustainability. You must live with them AND forget EVERYTHING you ever knew…
    No cheating!
    Costa Rica is being developed high-speed like county Kerry is… Wealth is everywhere wrecking…
    So! You are going to create a model of what is possible for others… Others with high-land tropical rainforest…
    I am becoming cynical of you and I don`t want to do that.
    Susan – I am serious about passing on to you what I learned from my Goforit deep ecological sitting silence retreat into what was then the “safest” place – the mountains of SW Eire!
    If you are interested in what you can learn from others in words! Visit MyEcoEarth.Info – the social network on this site. You can put up your project details in a more prominent place to gather your folk… and we can chat ALL about what you doing… See you over there?

  7. Dustin says:

    Actually, the South Island of New Zealand is supposed to have suffer the least impact overall with the increase of global warming. It will be mighty windy, and of course more dry….but they'll not be suffering as much as the North. And, I would avoid tropical locations entirely. Disease anyone?

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