Climate Change Policy Explosion

windmillsIt was so hard not to be blogging on climate change these past few weeks with so much going on in climate policy as I had to put in hours instead setting up and tweaking EcoInternet's new server hardware, software and moving over the content. OK enough crying about that. Now thankfully that is done and I wish to draw to your attention some of what I find the most interesting developments in climate policy in the last few weeks. In no particular order, EcoInternet and collaborator's campaign regarding the dangers of biofuels from Indonesia's peatland rainforests [alert] continues to make it more into the mainstream media and public eye as an example of “how well-meaning efforts to limit climate-changing carbon emissions may backfire”. Scientists are gathering in Belgium to release the second installment – Impact, Adaptation and Vulnerability – of the IPCC fourth assessment report by this Friday. IPCC's report is expected to show very serious climate change impacts occurring now and ramping up [more]; evidence just continues to pile in that ice is history, so are many species and surprise, surprise it is the poor that are going to suffer and die more relative to the rich. The climate change movement is as much about social justice and equity as it is cutting emissions and avoiding global atmospheric ecosystem collapse. Goodness, I just realized this only covered today's developments! Climate change is a hot issue right now and will be for a long time.

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  1. Onno Klinkenberg says:

    Just a short note: The currently released part of the IPCC fourth assessment report is not the first (Scientific basis), but the second (Impact, Adaptation and Vulnerability). The first part was released a month or two ago in Paris.

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