Climate Ark and All EcoInternet Sites Fully Upgraded

Dear colleagues,
Over the last several weeks the Climate Ark and other EcoInternet web site have been moved to a massive new server with over four times the capacity of its former host. This was necessary as on recent high-volume traffic days, such as the release of the UNFCCC first summary report, the server had been crashing due to too many users. The whole exercise of moving the content and getting everything working took somewhat longer than we expected – it really involved recreating something I had created over 8 years. But we are now in a position where the blog volume will be increasing, news tracking will be more regular, and our search capabilities expanded to include blog entries. We are very excited about the server hardware upgrade which essentially gives us the computing power of a small bank. The update was largely personally funded so I look forward to recouping some costs in our mid-year fund-raiser. But surely the climate change issue is not going away quickly, the Climate Ark is clearly filling an important niche, and this was an essential investment for biocentric climate change solutions. We are very proud to be your climate change portal service provider. Let us know if you find areas that are not fully restored yet. Thank you for your continued support.
Dr. Glen Barry, President, EcoInternet

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4 Responses

  1. zephyr says:

    THANK YOU for your continued commitment to the Climate Ark project. I'm sure it was a long haul getting the server upgrade completed but it's going to have been well worth the effort.
    Climate Ark is hands-down one of the very best resources on the Web. I discovered it over four years ago and haven't missed a daily visit since. I rely heavily on Climate Ark for its consistently up-to-date news coverage and for current information on what people can do to facilitate awareness of climate change-related problems.
    Thanks also for announcing and supporting “Step It Up.” I've signed on to participate in two events in Boston, MA on April 14 and am looking forward to meeting new people to work with.
    GREAT WORK, Dr. Barry.

  2. kerry says:

    hallo thankyou also. I have been off-line since mid-March as I TRY to get broadband up and working in my house. It isn't simple at all! It may be another couple of weeks before I can get back to regular visits. I miss the news! I miss the opportunity to express… Thankyou for being willing to wrestle with this machine.

  3. Akamewane Kingsly says:

    We have been preaching climate change not until recently the world has gone through severe disasters,revealing neglect and calling for more concern for action that lectures and political campaigns,yet what have we done,the countries at the head of pollution list USA and china have still not done anything and are not willing despite the the changes both countries witness as a result of climate change. These disasters are not enough prove for climate change?Please these two nations in particular should copy the examples of Germany and some other EU nations.

  4. akamewane kingsly says:

    At the time our mother world is demanding greater attention for our actions morethan ever before, some still do not believe and still hesitat to change their ways of life.What youdo,how you do it, has been affecting and still affects the Planet. Please change your ways atleast to say no to the horrible catastrophies the World is embrassing this day.It is winter time and many peopel still have their heaters on 24 hours!Just a little tip: put on your heater and close the windows, these is beneficial to you and to your future generation because it saves you cost and reduces energy wastage.Put off your computer or to the least sleep function to save your bactery,avoid energy wastage and reduce cost again.
    Obeying these few roles wouldn't cost you anything but would benefit you and also the tomorrow generation.
    Akamewane .k.

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