Movement on the International Front for New Strengthened Climate Deals

human caused climate changeGreenhouse gases have yet again reached a new record high leading perhaps to the hottest January on record. With the outlines of climate science firmly established, there are long past due initiatives emerging to accelerate international processes which have until now only yielded the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) [search], the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) [search] scientific processes and the much maligned and underperforming Kyoto Protocol [search]. There are emerging from multiple channels – including pressure by EcoInternet and thousands of other truly grassroots efforts – initatives to accelerate talks; a so called climate summit and a new UN environmental body – to move forward with proposals that will avert global climate disaster by bringing the United States and China into a regime of mandatory emissions caps, as well as establish a global cap and trade system. The so called G8+5 Climate Change Dialogue recently met [more | more2] and agreed in DC that developing countries are going to have to face some sort of caps as well, and that a global carbon market to cap and trade emissions is needed.

Clearly Kyoto is defective in a number of regards, but it represents twenty years of effort to establish the first mechanisms to cap and trade emissions. It must be strengthened and made universal and equitable, not jettisoned to start over down some other track. All of the pieces are in place to begin the process of reducing emissions ultimately by some 80% by 2050 – the science rock solid, evidence of looming catastrophe all around, the Hollywood ecorazzi are posing (the only people that really deserve or get any media attention on the matter), and Al Gore is now a concert promoter for the Earth. Now we need the poliitical will to act to achieve universal carbon emission caps weighed in favor of developing nations initially, with eventual convergence and contraction of overall national rates of carbon emitted, and a global carbon trading [search] to set the right price on carbon. EcoInternet will be supporting an accelerated timetable for a climate summit to jumpstart international negotations and “turn positive words into positive actions“.

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3 Responses

  1. Glenn D says:

    Dr Barry.
    I am glad the ball is starting to roll on this issue. Reason being, Europe's famous surfing beach the ( Basque Wave ) a wave of some 20 feet, has been reduced to a 6 inch ripple. Scientist's believe, it is due to a dramatic weakening of the Gulfstream. This may explain why it turned south on Dec 19 2006 for 11 day's and the severe winter we are experiencing in the northern hemisphere. The current also turned south in 2004 for 10 day's. Nasa in 2004, put out a report that they would need 5 to 10 year's to tell if the current will dramaticly change the northern hemisphere's climate. It's 2007, i hope their scenario has……not already started with this year's horrific winter…………..!

  2. Tony says:

    I see that water is flowing on mars, as the permafrost starts to melt, I see the Sun Blasting SUPER HUGE solar flares, But all I hear is greenhouse gas ? Pardon me if im wrong, But perhaps what ever is going on here is not with our planet, But within our solar system.
    Should we stop mars from driving their suv's ?
    Take a closer look people.

  3. tata says:

    Haven't these forest been around for centuries? Did global warming ever occurred before like that way it does now?
    Wouldn't it be harmless if there's less pollution from us messing up the eco system?
    So now it's the forest to blame?

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