PRESS RELEASE VICTORY: Brazil’s Cristalino State Park’s Rainforests Saved

By EcoInternet,
February 12, 2007
Contact: Dr. Glen Barry,
White Whiskered Spider MonkeyEfforts by the State Government of Mato Grosso, Brazil, to drastically reduce the size of Cristalino State Park, one of the Amazon's most biodiverse reserves, have been stymied by exemplary on the ground organizing by Fauna and Flora International (FFI), many local groups and supportive international protests by EcoInternet's (EI) Earth Action network. An important precedent has been set regarding the strength and permanence of protected status for ancient rainforests under Brazilian law.
The Cristalino State Park is a world-renowned ecotourism destination, whose 184,000 hectares are home to over 550 species of birds, and protects endangered species like the white-whiskered spider monkey. Some 27,000 hectares of forest were to lose protection by a vote of the state government; becoming vulnerable to logging, cattle ranching and agribusiness.
In total 4,237 participants in EI's network sent 137,800 protest emails to Brazilian officials, including Brazil's Ministerio Publico, which has now ruled that the proposed reduction of the park by the Mato Grosso State Government is illegal. An FFI spokesperson states “I am convinced the alert played a big part in saving the park. Thank you. I think EcoInternet is a fantastic creation.”

“This is a victory for true forest protectors seeking to expand rainforest protections rather than improve industrial logging in ancient forests,” states Dr. Glen Barry. “The Earth needs every ancient rainforest to remain intact for its survival. This will require massive payments from over-developed to not yet over-developed countries for avoided deforestation. If you are not working to keep rainforests under permanent protection, you are the problem; do not buy tropical timbers, certified or otherwise.”
The announcement effectively grants the park a reprieve from destruction, but FFI, EI and the Cristalino Ecological Foundation (CEF) will continue to monitor the situation. FFI will continue to strengthen CEF as the guardians of this area, and will also work with other local NGOs and the Environmental Authorities to complete the management plan for Cristalino and create an effective management entity to prevent this kind of threat in the future.
This Brazilian victory is the latest success to be achieved by EcoInternet's unique brand of “Grassroots Global Earth Activism”. Indeed, two additional current alerts (see list at ) show the impact of EI's efforts and may eventually prove victorious as well. Uganda's President has halted the giveaway of the Mabira rainforest reserve for sugar cane production as EI requested, though the matter is still under study. And the Australian Green party has taken up EI's call for Australia to cease mining and exporting coal, though dirty coal virtually runs the government. Join the network and make a difference at .
For further information, please see
For media interviews:
Dr. Glen Barry
EcoInternet, Inc.
P.O. Box 433
Denmark, WI 54208
+1 920 776 1075 phone

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  1. Diane says:

    Dear Glen Barry,
    Good show!!! Thanks.

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    Congratulations, Glen! That's wonderful.

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    This is encouraging, indeed – congratulations to you and your supporters on this success !
    Kind regards,
    Gerhard L. Mueller-Debus
    Frankfurt a.M., Germany

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    fantastic news glen ,a job well done !

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    Glen…Thanks for the information…It is very good news…a start!

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    Fantastic news, Glen. Keep on it.

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    Diana Trimble
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  12. Ross says:

    Kudos–Kudos–Kudos Glen
    A breath of FRESH air!!!
    Ross Roberts—Senior Chemist.

  13. Rexy says:

    Ohh, Thank God the forest is safe!.Keep up the good work Barry!

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    It is good to hear such a great success stories with respect to the lung of the world.
    Many thanks,
    Ayele Kebede
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  18. Tim Marsh says:

    This comment comes later than most but is heart-felt none the less. The work you're doing is fantastic! As a nature Artist this subject is near and dear to my heart. My images portray rainforest life and other exotics in a way to showcase thier awsome beauty and future importance but this voice is a whisper. Any thoughts on how I can lend my work to a greater cause and be heard by more?
    Tim Marsh-nature2nature

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