My.EcoEarth.Info – Grassroots Global Earth Activism

Last week EcoInternet (EI) launched a new environment social network entitled “My.EcoEarth.Info“. This site is the latest addition to EI's leading climate environmental portals – Climate Ark and EcoEarth.Info – and the new social networking capabilities are going to be an important element in fostering “Grassroots Global Earth Activism”. The intent is to broaden EI's unprecedented global environmental advocacy network to allow more communication, sharing of information and collaboration between Earth Action network participants and EI itself. On the new site you can share your
environmental concerns in an on-line diary, and even launch campaigns with petitions; all while networking with people from around the world that share your concerns and are working as you are to Save the Earth. Please, at your earliest convenience stop by and take the 5-10 minutes it takes to setup your free profile as either an individual or organization. And then start adding content and networking with others. We look forward to feature
requests as we continue to work on a version 2.0. Together we can will global ecological sustainability into being.

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2 Responses

  1. Mairwen McQueen says:

    How do I tell my kids they proberly wont live past 20 and if we dont do something now that in five years it will be to late, they will be 15,12& 8. I WANT TO GIVE THEM THE GOOD NEWS WHERE IS IT. Trying to save our mother when half her kids have forgotten what gave them life and continues sustain them without them noticing.

  2. Emilio says:

    hi…i write from italy and i have started a site about global warming,if there is something that i can do for you please write me(petition,campaigns etc)

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