IPCC Report Finds Climate Change “Very Likely” Human Caused, to Continue for Centuries

human caused climate changeThe United Nations has just released its long-awaited report on climate change, warning global warming is almost certainly caused by humans. “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global mean sea level,” the report said. What little debate still existed regarding human causality for climate change has been squashed as the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued their strongest statement yet that human activities are changing the climate. The report, Volume 1 of IPCC's Fourth Assessment, entitled Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basic [download official summary in pdf] states the cause of climate change is “very likely” man-made (>90% chance) and “would continue for centuries” (summary of main findings). It is quite interesting to note the changing levels of certainty of human causation of climate change by the IPCC over the last 20 years by this conservative grouping of world scientists. Though authoritative and exhaustively peer reviewed, if anything IPCC documents have and continue to error on the side of caution – partly the nature of science, the need to produce a consensus document, and lobbying by government bureaucrats protecting their interests. It is likely that scenarios of abrupt, runaway climate change [search] are given short thrift in such an environment. Climate Ark's news tracking and search feature provides full coverage of the lead up to, and the release of, the much anticipated report. Now on to climate change solutions [search] – 80% carbon reductions by 2050, massive renewable energy investments, banning coal, focus upon energy conservation and efficiency, and an emergency global summit to get all countries on board with equitable mandatory emissions caps.

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15 Responses

  1. Sandrine says:

    Thought you might also be interested in this interview with James Lovelock we have on our site:
    I think his comments really drive home the issue.

  2. P Ellis says:

    I just want to get this thought out there…. because it's really important that people put these two things together…
    The biggest threat in global warming is WAR!!!! Has anyone thought about the amount of pollution seeping into our atmosphere from all those burning oil fields and artillary explosions??? But it doesn't just destroy the climate in Iraq and the middle east. Besides the extra heat it creates, all of this pollution drifts around the world and contaminates the air and water everywhere… as absurd as it may seem, even the terrorists need to become aware of this. Even if the win the “fight,” what kind of country will they have if everyone is dying from diseases caused by pollution?

  3. Kevin says:

    There is no question that the earth is in another cyclical warming trend based on shrinkage of the glaciers in most parts of the world, except in Antarctica. Multiple ice ages and evidence of the tropical conditions in the past in the extreme northern latitudes confirms the cooling and warming cycles of Earth long preceded the man induced carbon dioxide additions to the atmosphere. But, where is the proof of man’s complicity in this warming trend. I do not care how many scientists have a consensus that man is causing this. Science is based on facts and proof, not consensus.
    And where is this article’s historical perspective on how ancient Europeans’ benefited from former periods of global warming

  4. ewoc says:

    Evolution is a “theory” too – it cannot be proven in the same way that a law of physics or a mathematical theorem can be. However, the fact that several thousand scientists worldwide agree on the causes of global warming is almost unprecedented in the world of science.
    Since you say that you don't care how many scientists agree on the causes, I would suggest that you rent “Inherit the Wind,” a 50s movie about the Scopes Monkey trial. Having seen the movie lately, I can tell you that you would fit right in in that town in Tennessee.

  5. Jonathan Carroll says:

    I can't believe there are still Kevins left, pontificating discredited science. Ice Age?
    Mammoths died eating daises and buttercups, so suddenly they had no time to swallow. Frozen to death in high summer? There was no ice-age, it was a cataclism. And that's how he misses the point on global warming: By ignoring the evidence. We're trying to save your life and those of your children, though in Kevin's case, I think a Darwin award for improvment of the genepool by his absence may be more appropriate. All we want is for people to stop pissing in the sandpit. We all have to share it.

  6. SH1IN3B0X says:

    I have to agree with kevin 100%!!!!!!!!!! the earth's climate run along with the output of the sun the sun has been a hell of a lot more active in recent years and we havnt see what our sun is capable of yet, im 99% shure of that too.
    kevin dont let people fool you in to “green taxes” “cut emmissions now before its to late” rubbish. how many volcanon's are eruting around the worl at the miniute ?!?!?! can any 1 answer that question??? there is around 18 erupting right now… i wonder have mush S**T thats pummping in to the atmosphire??? far more that we ever have. its the earth's way of burning its own fossil fuels…. u ever think of that? CYCLE CYCLE CYCLE THE EARTH SUN CYCLE dont listen to the SO CALLED leader of the world that are taking back handers left right and center!

  7. Glenn D says:

    The report is very good. But we have, a hell of a problem,it's two fold. One is dealing with greenhouse gases, and the other is dealing with radical climate change, which is here now. We just had an EF3… tornado down here last night. In the month of Dec, we had an EF2 in the same area. Ive been here 35 year's and never seen anything over an EF1 . Let's face it, last summer record heat this year record cold and winter is not over yet. The gulfstream on Dec 19 2006 turned south for 11 day's. The same current is running 30% slower as of 2003 . One of the set's of 3 salwater chimney's that are the engine's of the gulfstream has all but vanished due to fresh water intrusion. The pentagon put out a report in forbe's magazine in 2003 titled (climate change and national security threats from it}. Let's not forget Katina, Wilma and Rita and the list goes on and on, all over the world. What ever the cause, we have to prepare for the worst case scenario, we have no choice. Someone let the bull out of the pen and instead of looking for it we are all standing around, trying to figure out who did it, enough…WE NEED ACTION NOW. All our live's, may very well depend on it. This could very well be, ( The Beginning Of The End ) IT'S OUR CALL……………….

  8. Glenn D says:

    Dr. Barry
    Food for thought…..We will see riot's in the street's for food, due to climate change. Long before we either roast or see ice sheet's covering the landscape. Just look at California, they produce 90% of our fruit's and vegetable's. The midwest, the cattle are starving to death, no hay, all the grazing areas are buried under snow. 300 million people are alot of mouth's to feed, especialy the way we eat. For the first time, the cow'a are skinnier then the people……….

  9. Dick Russell says:

    In response to P. Ellis,
    Preach on, Brother, and Amen.
    If you look at it from no other perspective than the cost in money of the current war, you will realize that Bush and gang have spent enough money to have hung a photovoltaic array on just about every home in this country. Doing that would have made the middle east fairly irrelevent as to this country's energy needs. If you look at it from no other perspective than wasted manpower, those guys and gals could have built enough ethenol and biodiesel plants to pretty much take care of this country's transportation needs. Doing that would have made the middle east completely irrelevant to this country's need. It would also have gone a long way toward starting to reduce the reasons for global warning. And while I'm at it, doing both could have made the reasons for the war on terrorism irrelevant. Have you noticed that nobody is attacking, say, Denmark or Switzerland? Both countries have at least as high a standard of living as does this country. Both have a foreign policy that is basically, “don't f**k with folks.” If such were this country's foreign policy, we would not be inciting brave young folks to say, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country,” as they pulled the bomb trigger.

  10. Richard Clark says:

    To eliminate the problem, we must first eliminate all the things causing the problem. People are going to HAVE to accept change, the ways of live will be drastically altered. Ban the use of combustible engine motor vehicles. As soon as we take the polluting factors out, are we going to be able to find a way to reverse the affects. I suggest doing as I said at first and working on a way to help in 2012 when the venus mars and moon align and act like a circuit breaker to cool the earth off, to develop some sort of technology that will aid this process. Thank you and I hope that you took the time and consider what I said important information, but you probably already know all this information.

  11. Sil de Jutter says:

    Richard, I took some time to take your information in consideration.
    December 21, 2012. This date marks the end of the large calendar and of the cycle of thirteen so-called baktuns after which the earth starts the ‘period of the fifth sun'. According Mayan calculations, which still are astronomically correct, our solar system will be in one line with Hunab K'u, the center of the Milky Way, the place the Maya call the mother womb. Maya expert Peter Toonen writes in the beginning of this year in magazine Frontier: 'At that time our Earth and the sun are in one line to each other in the center of the Milky Way, therefore with Hunab K'u.
    There is no mentioning of any 'cooling effect', it simply states that astronomically we are stepping from one era to another. It also states that it will bring a transformation in human thought.

  12. michael shane bohmer says:

    first i would like to share with you something very personal, my most selfish desire is to be remembered.
    can you have cause without effect?
    is my imagination able to transcend the limits of what i now know?
    can we avoid our fate by choosing another?
    do i need a specialized education to have an opinion on a difficult subject?
    Climate change and the causes…
    first i believe we need an understanding of time and motion. time is a product of life and our understanding of motion.
    also i think its important to mention that life is a variable dependent upon its environments condition. climate change is a issue for all life on earth. there two kinds of forces causeing global warming right now: global climate change as a cycle and a homosapien veriable.
    if a person was to drink alcohol and consume another form of depresent you get a multiplication effect.
    our inability to identify to cause of global warming is that thier is more then one cause.
    mankind can not blame one source so we call this a phonominia.
    i have studied this subject very hard with no limitations because i have not been restricted by boundries or politics.
    before earth their was pre-earth and an object of planet sized mass(heard a theory like this out of russia) that collided with pre-earth. this fits the sceniaro… a glancing blow could cause the formation our moon, and the fact that it gets further away form our earth should prove it was much closer at one time. many other effects were also the caused by this glancing blow. earth rotates from west to the east also a product of this impact. the moons orbit has a gravitaional impact on our earth causing it to tilt, giving us four seasons and the positive direction of our magnetosphere, or magnetic north.
    Time is completely relative to individual interpretation. life is a variable not a constant we have a start and an end but life as a whole continues.
    thier is a general belief that their are 24 hours in a day on earth.. this is only true once in all of recorded time. because human life is so short we have a hard time understanding concepts like 100,000 years, 1 million years and 1 billion years, but what we need to understand is that things change, motion is constant. our time is based on motion and we know that time does not stand still because the objects we use to tell time continue in motion. time is only a tool earth uses to help understand the difference between what was, what is, and what will be.
    Can we avoid our fate by choosing another?
    all earths time can be sumed up as an expression of life during a period on earth.
    myans: their calender was more accurate then the one we now use! we can not take this likely.. thier is a reason thier calender stops on a certain day(dec 21, 2012) this day is the end of the current processional cycle, thought to be the day the polar flip will occur, or at least i think it is. and because motion continues they could not use this current long count calender because as the moon gets further from earth the time for this next polar flip(precessional cycle) will be greater then the one before it.
    So what is a Polar Flip? i believe in order for the poles to change our magnetosphere will weaken with the motion of earth, and earth will lose its protection to a degree from the suns harmful rays. because of motion(directional flow created by our moons mass).
    the source of all new heat energy on earth is the largest source of all heat energy in our galaxy, our sun.
    our greenhouse gasses only produce a cause that the earth produces naturaly from valcanos. but we have changed the cycle because we have started the process very early. what does this really mean!?
    Effect early melt down of our ice caps, the suns reflector is the color white, not an ice cap, an ice cap is a naturally occuring source of protection from the suns light energy.. but from the suns point of view its only white! we can produce a artifical artic landscape to compinsate.. also we can engeneer it in a way the the suns energy could reflect it and also increase the earths rotation to a constant by way of energy directional flow!)
    i leave you with a question. are homosapians ready to call earth home?
    send this message to scientists where you live, see what they say.

  13. steve says:

    What can we expect when China is making everything in the world and we're reduced to buying and selling their wares? Steve

  14. Max Anacker says:

    A Layman's Review of the latest IPCC report (2007)
    Is global climate changing?
    Yes, undoubtedly. The only constant in climate is change. Average surface temperatures rose by around 0.6

  15. Richard George says:

    I think Max Anacker sums it up. Mind you most on here would probably say he works for some oil company like they do to the other people who claim that humans are the main cause of climate change.
    I must admit in the past I was generally scared by the government warnings but I now realise it is propaganda starting with Thacher who wanted to close the coal mines and recently more powerful countries trying to stop 3rd world companies develop. Humans thinking they are more powerful than the sun what a load of tosh

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