VICTORY: Ecuador Strengthens Some Rainforest and Indigenous Protections from Oil and Logging

“Save America's Forests” reports on a stunning partial victory in the international campaign to end oil exploration and production in the world's “protected” rainforests, in this case in Ecuador. Many key demands in EcoInternet's longstanding “Oppose Oil Production in Ecuador's Yasuni National Park” campaign have been met, which is still running and now updated. The heavily rainforested Yasuni National Park region is widely recognized by scientists as one of the most biodiverse on Earth.
A large portion of Southern Yasuni National Park and adjacent ancient rainforests, 2 million acres or an area the size of Delaware, have recently been declared by Ecuadorian Presidential Decree as an “Intangible Zone”. Such designation protects the last two indigenous tribes living in voluntary isolation in the Ecuadorian Amazon from oil and logging development. The victory is partial because the Northern part of Yasuni still remains open to oil exploration and development – albeit without roads due to an earlier victory – and key oil fields were left out of
the designated area.
This campaign which EcoInternet initiated as an international effort several years ago has grown to encompass a huge amount of groups and individuals. Together we are establishing the precedent that protected rainforests must be totally off-limits to oil, logging and other industrial development. This is the only way their ecological integrity including ecosystem services, biodiversity and indigenous cultures can be most fully maintained.
Please choose to send the updated alert, a congratulatory email that asks for the designation to be expanded to all of Yasuni and other Ecuador protected areas. Networked people power is an amazing thing, together we have generated hundreds of thousands of strategically targeted protest emails on behalf of Yasuni National Park. Thanks to those that collaborate with and participate in our campaigns. Together we are making a World of difference.

Title: Ecuador Creates 2 Million Acre Amazonian Intangible Zone
In Megadiverse Yasuní to Protect Uncontacted Groups
Source: Press Release, Save America's Forests
Date: January 9, 2007
4 Library Court, SE
Washington, DC 20003
CONTACT: Matt Finer, Save America's Forests

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  1. Betty says:

    thanks for the wonderful news – best wishes, Betty (Greenpeace Australia member, residing in Singapore)

  2. Elaine Charkowski says:

    Thank you for signing the Decree to protect the Tagaeri and Taromenani people.

  3. Martijn says:

    This is the kind of news that makes me smile! Wow! I live in Ecuador and support any initiative to stop loggers from ruining this beautiful country!

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