Asian Timber Cabal Threatens Creation for Your Dinner Table

Rainforest logsA massive criminal timber cabal including elements of China's and Malaysia's government is liquidating the world's last ancient rainforests [more] for low cost forest products for the planet’s over-consumers. The basic biological elements of being are being transformed into consumer throw-away goods. This is not to suggest that European and American loggers have not pioneered the transnational industrial timber trade [search]. But the Asian timber mafia [search] differs in its ambition and scale of impact. Should industrial logging of ancient forests by these criminal companies, their distributors, customers and environmental apologists not be globally banned, humanity will be left with a much biologically diminished and ecologically depauperate planet. Those logging, buying the products and otherwise abetting the destruction of the world's last ancient forests are evil, selfish criminals. They are destroying the basis of creation for a relative pittance. Millions of years of evolutionary and ecological brilliance reduced to rubble to bring the consumer a cheap dinner table. This must be stopped. It must be stopped now. And it must be stopped at any cost and by any means. Or we are all going to suffer and then die as a species from lack of a biosphere.

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14 Responses

  1. John Hope says:

    The excesses of human greed and cold-heartedness are appalling!

  2. Caren Furtado says:

    Where is man's ingenunity when it is needed? Can we not recycle or reuse or simply do without?

  3. Marcus Lanskey says:

    What we face is a decision whether to continue the party until we are thrown out or to leave as a sober, mature species. Gluttony will end either by our own decision or by a decision made by the Earth's ecosystem.

  4. mike jewett says:

    I will stop buying paper products PERIOD. Stop this insanity!!!!

  5. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” We must take responsibility for our collective complicity in the degradation of the earth and all life on it. We cannot escape the future we are creating unless we wake up and change our consciousness and consuption in this moment, using all of our Divinely given creativity and collective inner wisdom to embrace and establish sustainable community on a worldwide scale and sustainable economic models that are both equitable, rational, and ethical if we and our children and grandchildren are to live into a more promising future than we are presently creating. We cannot afford to wait for a “Savior” we must all take action today.

  6. SUN WONG says:

    Cause and effect is the natural law.Whenever human species undermine the law it will meet disaster.

  7. Jean Bird says:

    I don't buy wood, we recycle what we can. My heart breaks for the rainforests, what can we do to stop the destruction? I just feel so helpless.

  8. Hilary says:

    Any one heard the story about the foolish man who was cutting down the branch that he was sitting on.

  9. Heather says:

    How can people still be so evil and wasteful?? We cannot keep doing this to our earth! It must stop now because we will surely die as a result of it, like the earth is dying, like all these species are dying just because we want cheap short-lived convenience! It makes no sense at all when you look at the big picture! Why is eveyyone looking for shortcuts in the short term?? We just can't afford to do that anymore. There is no other planet we can jump to after we've fully raped and trashed this one! We need to really appreciate this one and respect it like some used to thousands of years ago!

  10. Lorraine Boston says:

    What is wrong with the Human Race are they so so stupid they truley cannot see what they are doing to our Earth mother. Rape & Violation is against the law in all nations hearts. Hope the enforcers of this violation are prepared to pay the consequences………..

  11. the old beachcomber says:

    Shop as little as you can. Reuse in innovative ways to meet needs- for ex., a cast off door over 2 supports can function as a table. Shop second hand. scavenge and dumpster dive- it is amazing what you can find being tossed out or second hand.
    Refuse to go along and do not cooperate, don't shop!

  12. Here's another thing we can do do help save the rainforest.
    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was established by the Rainforest Alliance and is considered the gold standard for sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible forestry. Be sure that any wood you buy for construction or furniture is certified by the FSC. This standard has earned a stellar reputation for its contribution to saving the rainforest, but has only scratched the surface in terms of how much it has been adopted by foresters. Consumer education and demand is needed to further strengthen its effectiveness. We can help by spreading the word.
    Peggy Farabaugh
    Fine Furniture from Sustainable Sources

  13. the old beachcomber says:

    I have said it before, but now is a good time to say it again…shop second hand for what you need! You will find better quality merchandise,esp. in regards to furniture.I have found mirrors and chairs at flea markets circa 1860, better constructed than anything you will find sold at a mall today. You save resources and do not channel money to the people in charge of forest destruction and their minions. Or, even better, improvise for your needs and add creative flair to your home decor. For example, cast off barrels make interesting end tables, old wire spools have a second life as tables, large cushions-perhaps sewn by yourself from cast off clothes- can be stacked on the floor to double as a sofa. Do not be afraid to buck the trendy. Avoid all that chi-chi stuff for sale at the trendy chain store. Be vocal about it and this gets other people thinking, believe me. Personalize your cast-off finds or homespun creations with decoupage,paint or carving and start a new trend. Finally, why not consider obtaining what you need through barter? Remember, and other lists like them. Finally, there is always dumpster diving and scavenging to consider. Amazing what we toss out.

  14. We must find ways to conserve energy before its too late. Every little effort we do is big enough to make a change and help preserve our planet.
    We must be responsible to take care of our environment or say sorry for what we have done, and the effect could be irreversible.
    If you want to know more about helping our environronment, check out these links:

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