King Coal Loses Its Tarnish as It Destroys Earth’s Atmosphere

pollutionThe world's coal reserves hold some 3500 gigatonnes of carbon, compared to the atmosphere currently holding around 800 gigatonnes (600 gigatonnes before the industrial revolution). Burning this coal [search] will single-handedly destroy the Earth's atmosphere. Australia holds some 8.6% of global coal reserves, that they sell to some 35 countries Their coal industry virtually runs the Australian government. Recently EcoInternet launched a campaign calling upon the Australian government to leave their coal in the ground which is still active. There has been some progress in this regard, as the New South Wales state judiciary has issued a landmark environmental judgment [more] in relation to coal mine approval processes – that the state government must now “take account of the greenhouse gas emissions from burning the mine's output – even though 80 per cent will be exported.” The need to account for climate change in coal project's environmental impact statements could prove significant in keeping more of it in the ground and less in the air.

The coal industry's propaganda worldwide is untruthful and disgusting. The myth of “Clean Coal” is pernicious nonsense, as promised carbon sequestration technologies remain unproven, are not likely to be pursued at any scale anytime soon and are primarily illusory projects being used to put off limits on burning coal. In Texas and elsewhere in the United States major new coal plants are being planned – 150 in all – using the oldest of technologies, locking the U.S. into dirty coal for at least 50 more years. China is expected to become the largest emitter of carbon dioxide by 2009, largely on the basis of their use of dirty coal. “China uses more coal than the United States, the European Union and Japan combined. Every week to 10 days, another coal- fired power plant opens somewhere in China.” Climate Change can not be solved nor the Earth saved if the world's coal reserves are burnt. There is no future for King Coal except to remain unburnt in the ground.

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  1. T. Venkat Rao says:

    The coal reserve are less the alternative is Biomass coal. We are the manufacturer of Biomass Coal i. e. Briquette / White Coal our raw material is Agriculture waste. But, no suppote from small industry or Goverment of India.
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  2. Mixolydian says:

    The most likely alternative to gas fired power plants ill be coal fired plants. So called “clean coal” is still a pollution causer. those in industry will want to ramp up coal production as soon as it is more economical to do so. The fact that the energy lobbies “almost” run most governments in the world means subsidies for wind and other technologies will not recieve the support they need. Most consumers of energy still do not have a true commitment to green energy. Some have argued and do that most people faced with increasing energy prices, and a choice between keeping the lights on with dirty coal or having to ration with wind, will choose King Coal most of the time. Still we have to fight the good fight and keep calling people to the right thing, a sustainable lifestyle.

  3. Dennis Newton says:

    Coal questions:
    I have had tremendous difficulty finding simple percentage information on the amount of U.S and world GHG emissions are attributable to the combustion of coal and associated emissions (fugative coal mine emissions of methane w/ 21-fold from impact than CO2 emissions, handling, transporation, etc.).
    Any leads would be appreciated.

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