Earth’s Climate Changing Quickly, Violently

melting ice“Evidence emerging in the past five years or so suggests the presence of many previously unknown tipping points that could trigger dangerous climate change.” There are indications that the speed and severity of climate change is approaching or exceeding the worst case scenarios as given in ranges of possibilities by scientists. Throughout the years of international climate negotations worst case scientific scenarios of abrupt [search], run-away [search] climate collapse were consistently downplayed and watered down. Old ideas of gradual smooth change are giving way to cataclysmic shifts of state in atmospheric processes and patterns. It was thought that Greenland and Antarctica ice sheet melting [search] would take hundreds if not thousands of years to appreciably rise sea levels, allowing plenty of time for adaptation. Science has now become aware of crevices in the ice sheets which allow melting water to enter oceans in as little as 10 seconds! “These flows completely change our understanding of the dynamics of ice sheet destruction.”

Evidence of sudden violent climate changes historically are also emerging, and from perturbations far less severe than humanity's rapid changing of atmospheric gas composition. Barring last minute universal dramatic personal and government action, we are entering a world of climatic turbulence, where tipping points are constantly crossed. An example is the predicted death of the Amazon causing a massive further carbon release and climate change feedback. Civilization's requirement for regular seasonal patterns, if not met, will threaten our food, water, shelter and social stability.

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  1. Alexander P says:

    Another alarm signal that is pulled. Congratulations! I am very interested in the matter, as I am very shoked by the rapid changes that climate passes through.
    I share the opinion that the ocean and, by expanding, the war at sea and the ocean activity, have a great impact on the way the climate changes. In order to determine steps in stabilizing the climate, I guess we must first understand how we got in this situation in the first place. I have found an interesting, to say the least, thesis on the matter:, where A. Bernaerts has a synthesis of his booklet on Naval War changes Climate.

  2. John James says:

    See all the details on tipping points in
    and what you can do.

  3. Rob Beijer says:

    Listening to James Lovelock and fellow researchers, the next five years will be crucial. We need to curb emmissions soon to nearly zero (instead of 10% by 2012, Kyoto) otherwise change will be more rapid then humans can adapt to.
    I live in Amsterdam, 2 meters below sea-level. Two weeks ago there was a moderate northerly storm – 10beauft- wich surged waves up to 20 meters (the government is now testing the equipment which measured these waves because these heights are unseen on the north sea). Will the dykes hold this violence over a longer period? I dont think so. The government tells me not to worry, they are working on the dykes according to 1993 norms, huge billions of dollars worth of projects which will be finished in 2020. But why have they started this tv-campaign telling us citicens to prepare ourselves for disaster? There's a worrying voice in the back of my head telling me there will be a major flooding in the Netherlands the next few years, when storm is full strength – 12beauft- from the right direction and the tide is high.

  4. Duane MacNeill says:

    I am amazed how scientists, enviromentalists and the lot continue to play god with the planet. do you think a measly 4 billion people can effect the outcome of this planet?
    i doubt it…..whether you believe in god or mother nature there are greater powers then us that will determine the fate of planet earth.
    much of our climate change is not undestood as we dont have records dating back 100 million years.
    this planet has gone through warming and freezing.
    lets discuss the reality of the world in the context of the last 100 million years, we actually could discuss the last 4 billion years, but most people cant grasp that much time.
    so we play with the last 50 years as if that is all that is relevant.
    anything to keep those grants and tax feee donations pouring in eh?
    when are you going to tell the people the truth?

  5. ewoc says:

    I've got a little news for you, Duane. The earth's population is well past 6 billion right now (more like 6.5…) so your information is more than a bit outdated. And your sources on the issue of climate change (assuming you have more sources than Rush and his ilk) are equally dated. We actually do have records now from ice core and sediment studies, but I imagine you are not interested in science all that much.
    It's unfortunate that ignorance continues to pervade our world, as time is growing short……..

  6. Newsquoter says:

    Frank Ackerman of the Global Development And Environment Institute in the US says the Climate system's momentum is like a supertanker and we must start turning off emissions now:
    Climate system's momentum like a supertanker – we must start turning off emissions now

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