Global Carbon Emissions Soaring ‘Out of Control’

air pollutionThe journal Nature reports “Global carbon emissions are now growing by 3.2% a year… That's four times higher than the average annual growth of 0.8% from 1990-99… We are not on any of the stabilization paths.” [more | more2] We are well beyond Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projections of the emissions levels needed to prevent damaging climate change. International negotiations are lagging. China currently contributes some 16% to global emissions, but accounts for 40% of the growth in world emissions. What in the hell is going on here? Clearly humanity as a whole must start acting soon — it's urgent. It's beyond urgent. It is life threatening. The greatest test of humanity ever. Without immediately placing all intellectual, financial and societal resources at the disposal of those studying climate change science, developing sufficient policy responses, and those advocating for the necessary social change; the Earth is going to burn. All countries must in earnest participate in negotiations to set mandatory carbon emission caps for each nation based upon many factors including each country's wealth, past emissions, and potential to grow uncontrollably. We need to start yesterday, and the U.S. and Australia must end their criminal defense of fossil fuels.

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  1. Leyla says:

    Why aren't our governments taking more notice of these issues? I have written to John Howard urging him to make some DRASTIC changes, and he is still meandering along, making insignificant improvements. He hasn't even responded to my email. What are we supposed to do?

  2. Isaiah says:

    What can i start doing to make the government make a change

  3. Anthony says:

    Just some quotes from “It's a matter of survival” Anita Gordon and David Suzuki Published 1990,Canada.
    “It has become crystal clear that the planet is losing a battle with the deadliest predator in the history of life on Earth.”
    “What propels us on this lemming-like rush to the brink of species suicide? A belief in an endless nature with an infinite capacity to process our excreta and renew itself”We believe (nature is infinite.)
    We believe we can (go forth and multiply without end.)”and if we do not quickly understand that we are one species among millions that must fit into a web of life,our sheer numbers will strip the Earth of its ability to support us.”
    (…And DOMINATE the earth.)
    “Now we are in the middle of an extinction spasm that makes the demise of the dinosaurs seem minor in comparison.Humanity is carrying out the greatest massacre this world has ever witnessed.”
    “Once we lose it,this book of nature is gone forever.But the solutions are there,and in saving the rain forests we begin to save ourselves.And we start by deciding that environmental destruction is too high a price to pay for what we are being told is progress.”
    (Pollution the price of progress)
    “Now that we are faced with this climate change apocalypse ,it is extraordinary to discover that there are–researched,developed and ready to go–technologies that could clean up the First World's mess and provide the Third World with an alternative route to development.”
    “There is a new bargain to be struck among us humans.It is called “mutually assured survival.”We all share the same goal–we want the best for our children.”
    (Growth is progress)
    “GNP is a man-made illusion:what we see in the text book is a circular diagram that has no input at all from the real world.””The cosy world of economics is a closed,isolated-system in which the real cost of doing business on this planet,the cost to the environment in terms of depletion of non renewable resources and pollution,has no place.””That kind of fairy tale economic thinking has given us a skewed view of the world,and has pushed us to the verge of a calamitous future.”
    “There maybe upto 30 million species on this planet,of which HOMO SAPIENS is but one.Yet that one species has devised a system that measures value in its own terms exclusively.Economics is the ultimate form of this conceit.If we can think of a use for something,then it has economic worth.If we can't,then its worthless.”
    “”It seems to me,”says Rees,”that there is no genius involved in saying that a system growing within a larger system that is fixed ultimately results in a total collapse of the two.”
    “What is being asked of us in the name of survival is nothing less than to take a new measure of what it means to be human, to face the future stripped of the cloak of materialism.”
    (The World at our disposal.)
    “we have created a world where time is money,convenience profitable.We put our babies in disposable diapers,enough of them each year to stretch to the moon and back seven times.Worldwide 1 billion trees annually are cut down for those fluffy liners in disposables.Every hour of work saved by a disposable diaper translates into hundreds of years of waste.Modern life is a Garbage-Makers pepetual motion machine:Every year 1.6 billion pens,2 billion razors and blades,and 246.9 million scrap tires are discarded;And every 3 months ,Americans throw away enough aluminium to rebuild the entire U.S. commercial airline fleet.”
    How to break the garbage habit?
    “This new sacred truth of raised consciousness–that we can fit saving the planet into our lifestyle–is patently false.we can't negotiate with a faltering life support system.We can't buy a future for our children.The only thing we might be able to buy them,if we act now,is a little time:the time it takes to embrace a new way of living,a new worldview.”
    “This is the test for humanity.Will we degenerate into territorial creatures,struggling for power,land and survival,or will we emerge with a new collective image of ourselves as a species integrated into the natural world?”
    I recommend people read the book these quotes are taken from,it's based on a Canadian radio series of the same name :”Its a matter of survival”

  4. PhxFreddy says:

    Hey Coastal Liberals, Take the Global Warming Challenge!
    You pray at the alter of Global Warming and Environmentalism. Your religion can not possibly be false. This can not possibly be a scam by researchers who get more money for their research ONLY if there is a topic of import to research. Yes you are convinced Global Warming is a hard fast solid unquestionable reality.
    Ok. I accept that.
    Now I want you to demonstrate your faith. Those of you Coastal Liberals with seaside property this is your chance. In a scant 20 years your property will be under water due to rising sea levels. At that point it will be worthless. Now is your chance…….Sell your property to me. I will offer you 10% of its current appraised value. Its a great deal for you as the land is soon to be submerged. 10% is much better than nothing at all.
    You can email me any time. I will be on the next plane. Deposit required before I jump a jet……you libs like to change the rules to suit yourself.

  5. Glenn D says:

    And you Neocon's don't …….give me a break………

  6. jose says:

    Quick! Don't look up. The sky might be falling…!
    Seriously tho, whats with this doomsday thinking? Sure there are problems, but are we going to stick are hands in the air and our heads in the sand, or are we interested in actually working on solutions?
    And if you're really 'biocentric' as the website claims, then who cares if a few more parts-per-million of CO2 are put into the Earth? You don't actually think that will cause the 'Earth to burn'?? There have been several extinction events thru the Earth's history, yet the Earth still makes it thru, and even the life doesnt all die off! Its simple the Nature of Nature to change.
    If humans want to hang around for a while, our best bet is to adapt and change, as needed. This involved diversifying our knowledge, and working to improve the lives of less fortunate humans. Not simply to 'put all our money and effort into climate research'.

  7. Newsquoter says:

    Frank Ackerman of the Global Development And Environment Institute in the US says the Climate system's momentum is like a supertanker and we must start turning off emissions now:

  8. PhxFreddy says:

    Still waiting on some MMGW religous faithful to take the global warming challenge…..none so far. I guess that suggests how much you ACTUALLY believe in MMGW….. pretty soon you're gonna be MMGW deniers !!! DENIER !!

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