Avoided Deforestation Now to Fight Climate Change

Indonesia rainforestOne immediate partial climate crisis remedy whose time has come is the idea of “avoided deforestation” [more | more2] whereby countries are compensated for maintaining intact ancient forest ecosystems. This win/win/win/win/lose strategy would maintain critical global ecosystem services, preserve biodiversity and genetic resources, keep existing carbon locked into terrestrial ecosystems, and provide a major source of sustainable development income to forest dwellers. It is only the timber merchants of death that lose, and given their poorly shared benefits from years of ancient forest ecosystem liquidation, frankly they do not count. They will be lucky to get out of the business of forest ecocide alive and not be strung from the few remaining trees for their ecological crimes against humanity.

Forest rich, not yet overdeveloped, countries could be paid almost immediately to protect their forests in order to offset greenhouse gas emissions. Ending old-growth industrial logging could end quickly almost 20 percent of anthropocentric carbon releases, but only if industrial selective logging and other activities which industrially diminish forests and their carbon sequestration potential are included in the ban. The economics of deforestation/forest diminishment overwhelmingly support keeping forests standing for their carbon storage – i.e. a rancher destroys a $US7500 forest asset in terms of carbon held to create a pasture and beef that is worth $US300. Paying to avoid deforestation and diminishment of ancient forests means an end to industrial ancient forest development of any type other than continued traditional uses by local peoples.
Other promised fixes like the hydrogen economy and clean coal technologies are promising but will take a long time to implement, and may not ever be feasible. There is no program to save the Earth's climatic system that does not include ending and reversing deforestation and forest diminishment, an urgent embrace of energy conservation and efficiency, dramatically reducing emissions including forgoing the use of coal and other fossil fuels, and reducing humanity's population and consumption inequities. Anything less is doomed to failure.
EcoInternet is in the final planning phases of a campaign targeting those that continue to aid and abet industrial activities in all remaining primary and old-growth forests worldwide, particularly environmental apologists for “green” logging. It is time to pick a side – either you are for ending ancient forest logging and taking other essential dramatic steps to reduce carbon emissions to combat climate change – or you are part of the problem and are killing the Earth and your children.

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31 Responses

  1. Raymond Delauney says:

    My 8-year-old daughter has just come running to me in a flood of tears.
    Because she thinks the world is going to end sometime soon and it's the fault of me and, to a lesser extent, my generation.
    That's why.
    Why does she think that? Because she takes it for gospel that over bearing boffins like yourself know more than ordinary folk like me.
    Does it make you feel good? Making an eight-year-old girl with a mouth brace bawl her little eyes out?
    Centuries ago wasn't it scientists who were worshiping the sun as a God?
    Wasn't it scientists who thought the world was flat?
    And wasn't it a scientist who invented the nuclear bomb?
    Hell, before Newton came along not one single scientist could work out what gravity was.
    I'm a salesman, have been for 20 years. think you union guys are smarter than me, do you?
    Listen, I sell to put food on the table. Give me some shit and I'll sell it.
    If I don't sell I get fired. Simple as that. The pressure is on me every week.
    Yet, the wife has a direct debit with you scientists at the cancer charity and I'll confess it rankles with me.
    Everyday you scientists go to work in your white coat sand fiddle about with a few test tubes and at the end of every day, every week and every month you shrug your shoulders and say, “nope , we still ain't found a cure.”
    But you still get paid.
    That's one tough gig!
    Win or lose you still get paid a fancy salary, you get to comp those expenisve lunches and with your other 'concerned' scientists.
    My wife pays for that.
    Let me tell you something about global warming.
    We're enjoying unseasonally fine weather. So what if a bit of the North pole drops off?
    Sounds like a pretty good bargain to me.
    Besides, in a few thousand years the likelihood is we'll be dead by then so who really gives a crap if the world has fried by then?
    Besides, we'll be living in apartments in Pluto by then .
    Luclkly I sat my little girl down and articulated this to her and now she's stopped her babbling..
    I think you ought to quit you scaremongering tactics and stop frightening the wits out of little girls like my Roxanne.
    Raymond Delauney
    RESPONSE: Dear Raymond,
    I am sorry that the truth and your daughter's ecological sense makes you so angry. I have spent my entire life studying ecology, 28 years of school. And yes, I do think I am smarter (at least regarding climate change) than you. You are doing a grave disservice to your daughter by failing to educate yourself.
    Warm regards,
    Dr. Glen Barry

  2. Leyla says:

    Dear Raymond,
    Firstly, I feel sorry for your wife. She has had to put up with an ignorant and frankly, egotistic moron like yourself.
    People like you are the reason why we are in this mess to begin with.
    Secondly, scientists have more brains in their little fingers than you do in your entire body. They have studied for years to get where they are, and have brought a lot to this Planet. A heck of a lot more than salepeople have that's for sure!
    And thirdly, when your daughter gets a little older, she will discover that you have been misguiding her and just telling her a bunch of rubbish to keep her quiet.
    The only reason the world has become so concerned about Climate Change is that the warnings have been ignored for over 12 years, and finally, now, it is becoming a matter of urgency as we start to see the impact of it.
    If you had any common sense, you would stop denying that there is a problem and do something constructive in trying to dtop Global Warming.
    Otherwise, kindly drop off the face of the Earth and do us all a favour.

  3. zephyr says:

    “Raymond Delauney” wrote:
    …..We're enjoying unseasonally fine weather. So what if a bit of the North pole drops off?
    Sounds like a pretty good bargain to me…..
    Mr. Delauney, would you like to be the one who will explain to the children of the Inuits and other northern Alaskan natives why their parents, aunts and uncles can no longer support them?
    Do you know what is going on up there?
    The Inuit man who taught me how to carve in soapstone left northern Alaska 20 years ago. He saw it coming. What's going on now, I mean.
    Just thought I'd pass that along.

  4. Marc Sommer says:

    It is a pity inrinsic value of nature is not seen , not aknowledged by a lot people.
    It is a pity the panacee is to value forests in money and to pay the(poorer)countries money for forests they save.
    OK I do not know a better way.But it fits in perfectly well to the thought that everything is for sale for money.It is a pity economics are still more important than ecologics.
    Money is still number one cause of most “evil” on this earth.

  5. Paul says:

    I surmise that Raymond is floating a tongue-in-cheek bad) humor or else the chemicals in our water and food have done even more damage than we expected.
    As the campiagn to target those involved in industrial old growth, primary, and (I hope) maturing forests goes forward, I hope we can give appropriate attention to those corporate and government agences in the U.S. that would make the 19th and early 20th century timber barons blush. I'm thinking of, for instance the BLM and Forest (Dis)Service in Oregon still targeting the last of the last. We need to dismantle these agencies and or reinvent them. An enormous task, but otherwise we will have to keep fighting them with our hands tied behind our backs.

  6. anthony says:

    Re:Raymond Delauney's outburst.
    I think most people out there are working and struggling to make ends meet and provide a decent living for their families:Paying the mortgage,getting xmas presents for the kids and trying to keep their marrages from falling apart is all they can manage :at night they come home from work tired and only feel fully rested at the weekends.If they slack for a bit things start to fall apart! Compared with the aforementioned climate change is very far away,these people are living from paycheck to paycheck and if they don't deliver they're fired.Their greatest joy is their children and what security they can enjoy.Not to excuse Raymond's rudeness he does have a point! Climate change is academic if your horizon is week by week.I used to be that way but now only work part time,I am not married and do not have children:it's much easier for me to take an interest in Climate Change,I don't have any nappies to change but only pet cats!
    Scientists have said that man would not have survived thus far without the emotion of fear which helps to prevent dangerous hubris.
    Fear is a nasty feeling ,but is a survival spur to do what is necessary to survive!Fear controlled leads to bravery and courage:these qualities could not be without fear first?
    It is because we love our children we must face the fear of climate change and do what is necessary to stay it and/or adapt,that way we may survive.
    Of course modern media now is markedly infotainment :If you alarm the populace your contract is not renewed.As Richard Heinberg has said this was fine and dandy when there was nothing to be alarmed about,but does not serve us when the modern world must face not only climate change but peak oil and ecocide must we remain sheople or is it too late to grow up!

  7. Raymond Delauney says:

    You know what I've just spent the last 4 minutes doing?
    Leaning out of my bedroom window emptying a WHOLE can of deoderant into the sky. I probably wouldn't have done that had you not insulted me by claiming to be smarter than me. Before you insult someone you should really have a think about the consequences of your actions.
    Let me tell you something, buddy. You think you're smarter than me by spending 28 years at school? I was asked to leave when I was 15. When you were still in school I was out earning for an extra 13 years.
    Last year I banked £50,000. That's right, 50 big ones. I doubt you get that much learning economy for 28 years. So who do you think is smarter now?
    I did my schooling at the University of Hard Knocks – in Chichester.
    My dad used to beat me regularly and I hated him for it.. I remember kids saying to me, “my dad can beat up your dad.” I'd get excited and say: “Really? When can he come round and do it?”
    But you know something? If I learnt anything from him it was to stand up for yourself. If someone is being rude to you then you shouldn't accept it. You should whack them in the face, hard.
    People like you think we should give up flying aeroplanes and driving motor cars?
    Don't think so buddy. This planet, like life itself, has an expiry date.
    While we're here we might as well party.
    I will accept an apology if you are prepared to issue one.

  8. rob beijer says:

    “While we're here we might as well party.”
    Well, Raymond (and other partypeople in da house), the party is over and its time to close your coffin lits.

  9. Tracy Austin says:

    We could wait around for the governments to get their acts together and start cooperating to preserve the rainforests, or we can do something right now. By finding a source of sustainably harvested rainforest herbs, and buying some, you become part of the solution.
    Rainforests are the nature's pharmacy. The pharmaceutical companies descend on the rainforests to study herbs. Many are known (and scientifically proven btw) to assist the body in healing itself of many of the degenerative diseases that afflict so many folks here in the US and other Westernized nations.
    When big pharma is able to isolate an active component of a rainforest herb, they make sure it still works then recreate it in labs, patent it and sell it for huge profits. Good for them. Not so good for suffering people who just want relief. Preferably affordable relief.
    When they can't isolate an active property – because it's the herb as a whole that works, not one component of it – then they toss it aside and no one ever hears anything about it. It wouldn't matter if it has been proven to destroy cancer cells. No profit, no patent, no incentive to bring it to market.
    There are herbs and herb combinations that are available right now that address the majority of degenerative diseases that are rampant in the modern world, including cancer. As more people learn about them, and start buying some and experiencing relief, then the rainforests become more valuable alive than dead.
    It's a win/win/win situation for everyone. The native people keep their land, their knowledge of how the herbs work is preserved for the world to benefit from, they earn money to use as they see fit. By taking herbs, we can regain or enhance our health, and the rainforests get left alone, which benefits everyone since that's where over 50% of our planet's oxygen comes from, among the other benefits.
    Sure it's a nice idea to pay the politicians to not sell-off their country's rainforest to the highest bidder. Or we can make them more valuable left alone, not to mention less vulnerable, by creating a huge, worldwide market for sustainably harvested rainforest herbs. It's free enterprise at its finest.
    Raymond's right that nothing lasts forever. But I think we're collectively smart enough not to ruin our planet before its' time.
    Tracy Austin

  10. Anthony says:

    Re: Raymond's comment
    “Don't think so buddy.This planet,like life itself,has an expiry date.”
    Dear Raymond sorry to hear your dad used to beat you up,mate,But one question?
    Will your daughter and her children and their children into the future be happy with you treating the planet as a commodity with a trash discard limit?!I thought real men didn't use deoderant?I used to sell things ,you can't smell of sweat puts the customers off,so I suppose deoderant is necessary for salespeople.

  11. kristine o'neill says:

    Hi Glen,
    I think that making it profitable for countries to keep ancient forests in tact is a great idea. I just wanted to know who would pay them and how do we start this process? It would obviously need to begin as soon as possible.

  12. boo says:

    Sorry to hear you think the planet has an expiration date. Wrong! Humans as a species may have the expiration date, especially seeing how we are making the planet unliveable for ourselves, and many species of life.

  13. richard says:

    Raymond presents us with an interesting opportunity to see how most of the people on the planet think, and why the problem is so immensely difficult. We haven't known about this problem for just 12 years: in 1969 the Editor of Horizon on BBC published a best-selling book assessing this, and the other galloping environmental risks, and people were warning even then that by the time the average person sat up and took notice, we could easily be twenty years too late to do anything about it – the classic image of the oil tanker suddenly trying to turn round. In 1972 the Club of Rome published Limits to Growth, and almost all of their predictions, scoffed at thirty years ago, are now taking place. Raymond, as a successful salesman, is an excellent example of being an unwitting part of the problem because when once our basic needs are met, the corporate interests require good salesmen to tell us that we need the things that they have to sell. We don't of course: if we did we'd go and buy them ourselves. We don't even need most of the luxuries – how many televisions can you watch at once? – What we now need to do, very firmly but perhaps gently because we need the Raymonds to realise that we're all on the same side – is ask him what he's going to buy with his fifty thousand in the bank. And most of the problem is this one of all of us educating ourselves, and then doing something about it. I read four years ago that global fish stocks are being impossibly hammered. I heard it again on the news today – a third of all fish face extinction, and there are a tenth of the fish stocks that there were a few years ago. We don't see it because the oceans are a long way away. Things are getting worse, because fishing techniques – with spotter planes and satellites – are getting better, and because there are more people demanding fish, and because with increasing income, there are more Raymonds out there with fifty thousand to spend. And, of course, fishing is a single example: we could all, who read this Blog, think of any number, because the world really is heading for a very, very big crisis. It would be nice if Raymond and his peers became aware of the extent of the problems, because that is, and has to be, the first stage of dealing with them. The alternative is that Mother Nature will deal with them for Raymond. And since we humans are the biggest problem of all, you may depend that we humans are not going to be part of the solution. Mother Nature is very harsh on the individual, alas, as we see every time we encounter a field of myxy rabbits.

  14. nebula says:

    im very sorry for you ray.
    but, i think the truth is your very afraid, afraid for your daughter, for yourself..and youd rather close your little world into a box of security..the only problem is, that your little box will also be very effected by the coming changes, and i know you feel frustrated because you say to yourself, “well what the hell can i do anyway?”..you could prepare yourself and your children mentally, you could teach your children the importance of taking care of the planet, you could encourage them to learn how to grow and stock their own food, how to make fire, the basics of first aid and survival… (besides, these things are always good to knwo anyway)you could show them how to not misuse energy, in things around the house, you could put your two cents in and that has its value..of course than you think ” hell, its not going to happen for a long time” WRONG. its going to happen NOW far sooner then most think. so please if you love your children then do the best to help them be strong to understand the changes that are coming.

  15. lara says:

    His aggressivnes is actually so intresting, it illustrates exactly the kind of ideology that has helped to create this earth crisis and sickness: greed and egosickness. He wants to “party” (!), and yet he is concerned that his daughter is afraid, WELL SHE SHOULD BE.
    Once a guy told me, “who cares about a bitch named gaia”. well i do

  16. ewoc says:

    Raymond (and others who posted a response):
    I am very sorry to hear about your dad's violent behavior. I was lucky enough to have parents who respected their kids, but know from the experiences of close friends who weren't so fortunate that that kind of treatment from those who are supposed to love you leaves scars for life. I would hope that others who read climate ark could think about their tone, and try to cultivate more compassion. Without quite a bit more of that we're not going to get through the next several decades as a species in very good shape………
    Ray (and others) it's really not all that relevant who is smarter than who, as intelligence doesn't make you a better person or necessarily make the world a better place. Robert McNamara (US Secretary of Defense under President Johnson in the 1960s) was one of the “best and the brightest,” and look where that got us (and him). And look at the current US Administration, which in spite of having lots of “smart” people, at least on paper, is acting like they have the brains of a doorknob and zero concern for the future.
    Regardless of your IQ or potential in that regard, you can choose to show compassion to those outside of your immediate family and friends (including, of course, other species like animals), or you can harden your heart and close off the outside world. Your bitterness towards scientists and science in general is understandable, given your wife's illness, but I would bet that your job and much of your life is as dependent on the innovations of science as is mine. We wouldn't be having this conversation in the absence of efforts by millions of folks who happened to be lucky enough to obtain an advanced education. Is that a bad thing, just because you didn't have that opportunity?
    Sounds to me like you've experienced alot of sufering in your life. I would ask you to consider for just a moment the fate of millions of other people, as well as the billions of animals, that will, fairly soon, be suffering tremendously once the worst impacts of climate change kick in (assuming a business as usual attitude prevails). I would also urge you to consider how your choices (indeed all of our choices) will affect everyone, including your own daughter. I have a six year old son, and I talk about climate change with him, in part because he needs to know about it. He'll be living in a world where its effects will be everpresent, especially if we don't act now to change our behavior. I can't shield him from those impacts, but I can help him be aware of them so that he can make his own choices as to what he can do about it. I can only suppose that, wanting the best for your daughter, you might want her to understand this as well. Will she forgive your attitudes when polar bears, one of the most fascinating species to kids all over the world, disappear before she hits middle age, and she realizes that her parent's generation was responsible?

  17. Glen says:

    Thank you Ewoc. Of course you are right that when confronted by the likes of Raymond the answer is compassion. Thank you for reminding us.

  18. rena says:

    It is people like Raymond that cause the world to approach its doom. You must all remember, whatever you do in this life will be wiped out in the next. Who will remember puny salesman Raymond? Except his friends and family maybe. But if we put all our efforts in global issues such as global warming and starving children people would look up to us and say, “Yes, he was the one who saved the animals.” Now I am not saying we should do this entirely for fame, after all fame is a trivial thing when you are dead, and mayhap no one will remember you at all. But doing something meaningful in life, something big, something glorious. I think it's worth my time. Yes, you can all say human's are smart, they will live through the upcoming Ice Age, but only 4% of life on Earth will pull through. With all those species of plant and animals around, you honestly think we will be the lucky 4%?! Life on Pluto sounds boring compared to life on Earth, what will we do all day? Wear polar gear and freeze to death?! The Earth is not only ours, but shared by a community of living organisms, and I think we should respect that. How do YOU know it is not going to happen in our lifetime? Temperatures this summer (2006) in Germany and England and Spain have risen phenomenally fast, (I was there) and in Beijing this autumn research has shown that the temperature has risen by 2.7 degrees Celsius. You might think , well we don't need to bust our butts working for coal anymore, but seriously, without autumn, spring and winter the world would be awfully dull. How many years of sweltering hot summers can YOU go through? We'd have underground tunnels and never meet the daylight, now that's something to think about! Raymond, your attitude towards this is daunting, and I do not need to proove to you what everyone knows. Maybe people like you will open your eyes one day, may that day not be too late.

  19. craig says:

    raymond your pathetic, look after the world or you will suffer the consequences you fool

  20. Dear Raymond,
    I have a young son and a baby daughter due February.
    On Saturday we marched in the worldwide Walk Against Warming, with a large group of friends and family.
    The reason? Because I love my son, and I love my unborn daughter. I know that the earth is at threat, but I also know that telling our children that everything will just be fine if we ignore it does no credit to their intelligence and does not keep them safe from harm.
    The truth, however painful or scary, is always preferable to lies.
    As my children grow older, we will work together in every way we can to turn the world around. I don't believe in giving up without a fight, and I will fight will every cell in my body for the right of my children to breathe fresh air and drink clean water.
    We have changed our diet to a locally grown, whole foods, organic vegan diet, switched to green energy (although it costs us more), and take public transport wherever we can. We are not wealthy people, and live in a small two bedroom apartment, but if these are the choices we make to promote sustainability, then that is what we will do.
    Life is a choice. I choose to do everything I can to fight for this beautiful, shining planet, for the right of my children to grow up healthy and strong, and for the truth to set us free.
    I hope that you will choose the same for your daughter.

  21. Phila says:

    Besides, we'll be living in apartments in Pluto by then .
    Yep. Scientists are stupid. But we'll be living on other planets after we trash this one.

  22. Evan Heasley says:

    I was interested to read everyones comments and I thought it was particularly sad that Raymond thinks what he does. I believe there is an issue with climate change(things are getting worse) and we can continue to put our heads in the sand and carry on 'partying'but I look around at this beautiful world in which we all inhabit and see that people are putting money above everything. I work for a living, I have 3 small children and I would like them and their children to be able to experience the rich diversity of species and cultures that I have experienced in my life. It's easy to sit in our nice comfortable western world and ignore what's going on but it is important to remember we might be comfortable now but a few years down the line things can change, so instead of getting angry and voicing your opinion look around at the deforestation and the destruction of beautiful habitat and make a difference by being a contribution and not just a consumer.

  23. abecheo says:

    this comment is no intelligent statement of my beliefs or refutation of anything any of you have said. I would just like to state that if you all are so concerned about our planet and the suffering it's bound to experience, why do you sit on your computers all day arguing with eachother about it? go do something, scientists and salesmen alike.

  24. bob colcutt says:

    Hi Raymond
    Think what you like
    Facts can't be ignored
    I never did like car salesmen – and I hate them more now
    Have a good day

  25. Pandu says:

    When I realized how people were impacting the world and heading for doom, I could think of nothing but to search for God.
    Tell the girl, “Situation's hopeless. What are you going to do?” Maybe she'll find her strength. Hare Krishna.

  26. zephyr says:

    “Raymond Delauney” wrote:
    …..You know what I've just spent the last 4 minutes doing?
    Leaning out of my bedroom window emptying a WHOLE can of deoderant into the sky…..
    I must say, that's very creative, Mr. Delauney. Sheesh.
    Anyway, here's a no-frills report on how regional warming is in fact making life increasingly difficult for those directly affected. Thought I'd pass it along. Nobody's making this up or cashing in on it that I can see:
    13 November 2006
    Global warming isolates Canadians in far north
    TORONTO, Ontario (Reuters) — Aboriginal communities in Ontario's far north are becoming increasingly isolated as rising temperatures melt their winter route to the outside world and impede their access to supplies.
    “The ice doesn't have its solid blue color anymore,” said Stan Beardy, the grand chief of Nishnawbe Aski Nation, which represents Ontario's remote First Nations. “It's more like Styrofoam now, really brittle.”
    “With the toxic waste moving north, and global warming, we don't have that solid ice anymore, and that's why we have problems with winter roads when it's mild.”
    The 34 First Nations reservations, scattered in boreal forest across northern Ontario, are accessible only by plane for much of the year.
    During the coldest months between January and March, “winter roads” are cleared on the frozen network of rivers and lakes to let trucks deliver bulk supplies like fuel and building materials.
    But average temperatures have risen during the past decade, weakening the ice and shrinking the bulk-shipping season by several weeks, aboriginals say.
    Beardy said the communities he represents have lost up to a month of heavy trucking time “because one or two degrees really makes a big difference” to the endurance of the icy route.
    About 20,000 people live in the remote reservations and rely on winter shipments of heating oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel to power generating stations. The fragile ice has forced them to hire more trucks to carry lighter loads….. (continued)

  27. Alin says:

    If Raymond's view is how 'most of the people on the planet think' (boo) then why is his childish little e-tantrum outnumbered 10-1 by intelligent, caring responses?
    If anything he's indicative of what most abused and abusive, cowardly, ignorant, Western male nobodies think. I would hope that they are the minority, or else what has our society achieved?
    PS: Raymond, any Westerner in their right mind would feel more inclined to apoligize FOR you, not TO you.

  28. Anonymous says:

    are scientist doing something to stop deforestation?

  29. derek powell says:

    thats so funny!!

  30. I Respect the Planet. Do you? says:

    I agree with reymond that the earth like all things has an expiery date, (its not a fact but it makes sense) but like all products you can try to preserve them in order to prolong their life span. For e.x the expirary date on a cartoon of milk is true as long as you put the milk in the fridge. if you leave it out it will go bad WAY BEFORE its expiery date. i think we need to put our planet back in the fridge- stupid metaphor i kno but u get what i mean right?

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