Facing Deadly Global Heating in Oz

dried_ground.jpgDid you hear the joke about how many Australians it takes to recognize climate change induced environmental ruin in the form of deadly drought and wildfires? Apparently more than the lackluster government can muster, as Australia refuses to implement rigorous climate change policies as it is being wracked by the “worst drought in a century [more | more2] with rampant fires devastating agricultural areas, rivers drying up, crops failing, and farmers forced to sell off their livestock.” Australia is an incredibly ecologically fragile continent, and Australians have been whooping it up for decades, unsustainably crapping on the atmosphere, rivers and land. It is absolutely crucial that Australia and the United States cease their obstruction of international climate change policy and ratify the Kyoto protocol (expect more activism in this regard here soon). Kyoto [search] is clearly inadequate to achieve the magnitude of emissions cuts necesary to save the Earth and human existence. But it does provide mechanisms that can and must be strengthened.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Referring to Garrett Hardin's 1968 essay in Science “The Tragedy of the Commons”
    In which we learn that:- free access and unrestricted demand (By-product of fossil fuel released energy)for a finite resource(Atmosphere providing life giving services such as a stable climate courtesy of the Gaia effect:being used as pollution sink)ultimately dooms the resource(Stable climate and other life giving services)through over exploitation.
    We think we live at the surface of the earth,but for us it's most vital aspect is the ocean of air which we live at the bottom of and the solar energy which flows through it:without this the planet would be dead!
    On a personal level whether I drive my car or not makes no difference:The other hundreds of millions of drivers will not be affected by my decision either way:I'm free to pollute the commons without any responsibility :Like a 1 billion motoring firing squad my little contribution could never be blamed for climate chaos.
    I think the attitude of the Howard Government is:Whether they join Kyoto or not makes no difference because of the immense emission weight of the U.S.A. and CHINDIA,China is growing at 8% a year!
    As George Monbiot has said,to paraphrase,If people have a choice between saving the atmosphere or having a new dinner ware set! The atmosphere is going to come second every time!

  2. brian says:

    i have no comments about your stupid thing

  3. Daharja says:

    As an Australian, I have to agree with the poster completely, except in one point: not all Australians agree with our Governments complete lack of action and complete irresponsibility.
    There is a huge groundswell of green action happening in Australia, with a large number of citizens disatisfied with both the current right wing government and the exceptionally week Labor alternative.
    Australia's problem has always been apathy – getting our citizens up and into action is a difficult thing to achieve. As an activist, I find it disheartening and frustrating. But I do know that increasingly the mass media is reporting the truth about global climate change and the disastrous affects it will bring to everyone if we don't act now, and people *are* waking up and demanding action from our elected (or not elected, depending on who you voted for) officials.

  4. kamarra says:

    G'day Mate.. As an aussie farmer & a woman, it is obvious that you know bugger all about farming. We do not crap on our country.
    The drought, which is a whopper, is due due to no bloody rain for like a few years, look to city yobbos and Co 2 emissions, thanks, and a farmer a day is committing suicide..So working together we might save this planet for our children…

  5. We will become more impatient with one another as stresses evolve. It is human nature – and for us to curb. Not easy. Not easy. We (shudder) are looking at a huge oil refinery in New Brunswick Canada and at least half of the product will go to our USA neighour. It is not the average person's intention to hurt the environment – in my view – but we are creatures of habit. In Canada the farmers also suffer. Sigh … women are gathering throughout the world … they just are. Maybe the “mothers” will find a solution that politics and big business can't seem to come to grips with. xo Loving you all from New Brunswick. Barbara

  6. zephyr says:

    …..women are gathering throughout the world…..
    Indeed they are.
    Thank you for reminding us.
    East Coast USA

  7. “On a personal level whether I drive my car or not makes no difference”
    This is right, but taking the decision to start campaigning and protesting about government intransiance and ridiculous energy policies will make a difference.
    The alternative, is to sit back and watch the planet die.

  8. simon says:

    i really think u guys r makin a diff 2 dis world. i fully support u 100% good on ya

  9. zephyr says:

    Does anyone here have an idea to what degree the thinning of stratospheric ozone over the southern hemisphere has been impacting the drought situation in Australia? It seems to me that this situation has been developing for a few years now.
    Also, I see this morning that Australian farmers are taking their own lives out of despair over current conditions. Does anyone from Australia feel up to commenting on that?

  10. zach says:

    “As George Monbiot has said,to paraphrase,If people have a choice between saving the atmosphere or having a new dinner ware set! The atmosphere is going to come second every time!” (Anthony)

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