Specific Global Heating Proposals Emerging

air pollutionAs noted previously, increasingly discussion is moving from whether global heating is occurring to solutions. To date most proposals lack the scale and magnitude of impact adequate to address something as massive as the heating of the entire Earth's atmosphere and biosphere. But as the challenge and urgency becomes more apparent, specific global heating proposals are emerging. A new report suggests the world would have to invest one year's economic growth [more] over four decades to reduce carbon emissions sufficiently to avoid catastrophe. To save the climate we must stop burning coal as soon as possible, and certainly build no more coal burning power plants. Promises of coal carbon sequestration [search] are unproven, unlikely to be implemented soon enough, and the amount of carbon found in coal will destroy the atmosphere if released. Humanity must pay to keep natural rainforest habitats intact and their carbon in place as has been done in Bolivia – no more ancient forests can be lost and old-growth forests must be restored. Reasonable solutions exist, but will is lacking.

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  1. Total Issues says:

    I have recently been doing some work with alternative energy companies, and have been pleasantly surprised as to how competitive the costs of renewables have become, especially wind power, which is now below the cost of thermal power generation in most places. There are also good prospects for solar thermal power. The problem with renewables is not their cost, but the fact that they are intermittent – the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine. Carbon-free chemcial energy storage is needed, and the best candidate may be not hydrogen (too many problems) but ammonia, which is cheap to make, easy to transport and a good fuel for both gas turbines and internal combustion engines. More on this at the total issues blog.
    It seems to be technically easier to get away from carbon fuels, with limited technical risk, than we thought. What is needed is political will and a sense of urgency – a few degrees further rise in temperature is all that would be needed to release the methane in arctic permafrost, and then we are in deep trouble.

  2. Siera Gibson says:

    Hello…I am a freshmen at Knox Central High School located in Kentucky. I am doing a science paper on global warming. I wanted to ask some Questions. maybe u will email the answers back to me. Will Global Warming Really happen like in the Movie “The Day After Tommarrow”? As a teenager what could i do to get the word out about Global Warming? And should we be really worried about this issue?…..Thank You and I hope You comment me back….Siera Gibson

  3. The solution to global warming need not and should not involve requiring Western society to go on some energy starvation diet.
    I maintain in my book PRIORITY ONE Together We Can Beat Global Warming that we can keep our high standard of living. (PRIORITY ONE is freely available at http://www.yeomansplow.com.au) We can have as many cars as we want and they can be as big as we desire. Our affluent society can be even more affluent. Because fundamentally we are not short of anything, energy or raw materials, and we never will be. For us to continue, and to continue to improve our health and wealth and standard of living the only things we must change is our support for countries and industries that mine and sell fossil carbon based materials.
    There are just four requirements to end cancerous climate change.
    FIRST We remove the current excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere that our use of fossil carbon materials have added. We use plants to extract it, and then turn it into masses of soil organic matter – and so produce rich healthy productive soil. We do this by switching to organic type agricultural practices. Recognize that past soil fertility losses in the Great Plains contributed as much carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as came from all the cars Detroit ever built. We simply reverse that process.
    SECOND For our mobile transport – cars trucks busses and airplanes, we switch totally to ethanol and biodiesel – produced from sugarcane and grains, and oil palms and oil seeds. Both these biofuels are economically practical and utterly feasible.
    Tropical Africa could fuel Europe and Asia. Brazil could easily fuel the Americas – both north and south. America imports its petroleum fuel. So too it can import its biofuels. (And subsidize its local farmers if it wishes.) To make all this happen we must demand the elimination of all taxes and all excises on biofuels and we must set a minimum petroleum oil price of something over $60 per barrel so oil interests can not continue to juggle the oil market to kill biofuel development.
    THIRD For large-scale industrial power generation we must accept, weather we like on not, the reality that nuclear energy is our only feasible option – and it's safer and it's unbelievable abundance.
    Nuclear energy admittedly, is a highly emotive subject. In my book PRIORITY ONE I describe and catalogue the history and the motives behind the creation of the well funded, and vociferous anti-nuclear movement. I also demonstrate that moderate levels of nuclear radiation, (just like sunlight) are a noticeable health benefit and actually increase longevity.
    FOURTH Sadly, we can no longer trust the motives of all too many environmental movements. To maintain the sale of oil fuels, petrochemicals and agrochemicals, global warming issues have to be consistently and systematically defused. It is logical and astute public relations to fund, to infiltrate and then influence and modify the aims and objectives of all major environmental movements (and governments).
    If the end result of some environmental campaign results directly or indirectly in the increased sales of fossil fuels or agrochemicals, they should not be supported nor trusted. Patric Moore was one of the founders of Greenpeace. However he now believes we should adopt nuclear energy. So Greenpeace vilify him. Another example, throughout Australasia, the giant BP Oil Company was run by Greg Bourne. He moved sideways and now runs the World Wide Fund for nature, the WWF – the one with the Panda logo.
    “—-but you can't fool all of the people all of the time”
    Global warming is happening now and is already proving enormously expensive in life and property and decreased living standards. It's frightening, and it's much worse than we are ever encouraged to believe. Being convinced is not enough. We all must convince others.
    Allan Yeomans

  4. Hi Allen
    I agree 100% with you. I don't see how anyone with children can't.
    I especilly enjoyed the GP/NucPower comments. I was doing exactly the same in CND 25 yrs ago.
    [size=14]”No More Nukes”[/size] [size=9]''apart from nuclear power”[/size] came the little dissenting voice from the back of the crowd. As one, everyone turned…
    I'm sorry to hear of Patric Moore's situation, but look at what happened to Lovelock. I myself was hounded off an eco-forum site just last week for spilling the beans about the up-comming Inundation;
    I backed all my statements with relative links, but when they dont want to know…
    In the media, they still talk about “tipping points”, but I think we've tipped. I've not seen snow since I was 15 and CO2 was 330 ppm.
    WAKE UP everyone, it's YOUR PLANET AS WELL!
    Ban the light bulb
    Free solar for every dwelling.
    Power usage rationing system.
    Mass 'packing protests' at supermarkets.
    Halting all payments to companies (eg, banks, credit cards, pension funds) who economically encourage non-permaculture policies.
    End Income Tax and Mortgage slavery.
    Only mass actions will propogate massive results.
    How do we get our message out past all the vested interests who hold the reigns of influence and dissinformation?
    I'm scared. I want to go somewhere high before all the borders are closed.
    The ice melted at the North Pole this summer. The pole floated off somewhere, in the sunshine. Two un-discovered (by modern man) islands appeared, and it was reckoned that the fabled North East Passage was navigable.
    Don't forget though, as we in EU wait for our winter to start, Antartica's summer is just starting.

  5. Derek says:

    I don't believe there will ever be a mass movement where people will insist on relevant environmental change. We are as good as dead. The general populance, flailing in fear, will allow fascist leaderships to take power. Wars upon wars will ensue and we probably have less than 20 years left.
    Since I don't believe that mass movement will ever come and demand the change we need, I do little things to help the environment to make myself feel good about it. I share what I do with anyone who will listen. I prepare to adapt to the changes that will be coming. And I wait. Maybe the end will come fast, maybe slow. The situaion is hopeless. I accept that now.

  6. Swami Mark Alla'n Anand Dharm-Reese says:

    Interesting comments.
    Have any of you seen or heard the recent reports on FREE ENERGY DEVICES? According to credible reporting, they work, and the VIPS that think they rule the world, took them, all of them. AT&T is said to have 23 different working models, parked.
    I am a Social Scientist, so the details of free energy are not my field, but as a trained scientist, I listen with care to the reports I hear, and it sounds valid. The Scientific Method, after all, is identical in all disiciplines.
    I have found several different solutions to many troubles, on my own, including cancer cure product, and discovered that the Powers that Be DESTROY anything, not approved, including getting my organic product to people in trouble. Three times, destroyed just as it was happening. Many years go by in this way.
    Further, discovered, INDIVIDUALs refuse to participate in anything not approved. At the most, they may seem to understand and agree, but when push comes to shove, they smile, turn, and change topics.
    Hence, the idea that mass action is the only boat, to sail to the port of intelligence, called survival in dignity, and as a former successful Civil Rights and Anti War Activist (1965-1973) I know how to help design such events that minimize police bad behavior, and still get people and messages directed to those who “can't get it”.
    Something must change, or our future is JUNK, and the JUNK is our refusal to be REAL, to live in this absurd playland that any old habit is gold, and any new idea, is shit.
    Years ago, when I was working on the cancer cure, I had a personal friend, into free energy, and he convinced me it is possible. He also found such opposition to his work, as I have for mine on how to save the ocean, and feed the starving, while curing madness. One very easy thing I designed, does all three. Few wish to be involved in such simple, elegant solutions.
    I'm about to lose three more broken teeth. My once new truck, is slowly falling apart. My grand-children never met me. Yet the budgets for war are higher than Viet Nam. I have a drawer full lof letters of Praise from VIPS at all levels of governments, and it is all BULLSHIT. As a godrealized human, I can only say:
    Strange species. Shabby species. Stupid in ways not valid. I also have a solution for this. I am a former Professor, even hired as a Dean, but I learned that no real teaching was wanted, in those places. Just more conformity to what was. Same in Mass Media, where I once had a great career. “We can't print this, produce this, air this…(new stuff) go with the flow, do what you are told,” blah-blah bullies say. ALL of that is what we must SOLVE if we are to have a future.
    I figured that out too. I launch a new 501c (my own) for SURVIVAL EDUCATION and EQUITY ACTION, and we are seeking mature individuals to be TROOP MASTER SCOUT LEADERS for SURVIVAL OPTION SCOUTING (c) where teams of youth, and mom's with kids, and ex-cons, and seniors, can gain a daily income equal to full-time pay, in part time hours, by taking survival issues, and my product, to individuals. ENERGY USE is a TOPIC high on the list of action, for such teamwork, the point being, EDUCATION to CONSUMERS THAT they must CONSCIOUSLY CHANGE CONSUMER BEHAVIORS, or perish. It is that simple.

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