America’s First Greenhouse Gas Cap Signed

windmillsGov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California signed legislation yesterday [more] that imposes the nation's first cap on greenhouse gas emissions and will require major reductions in energy consumption. The legislation requires a gradual rollback of greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the state's emissions 25 percent by 2020, to be achieved through many measures including launch of an emissions trading market [search] for businesses to buy and sell pollution credits. Schwarzenegger said during the signing “we will create a whole new industry that will pump up our economy — a clean-tech industry [search] that creates jobs, sparks new cutting-edge technology and is a model for the rest of the nation.” Given that most climate experts believe we have less than a decade to embark upon major emission reductions or else suffer catastrophic ecological collapse, California has shown great courage in leading an intransigent energy addicted nation. There is every indication that as with previous environmental initiatives, California will lead the nation and the world to address climate change.

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  1. T. Slone says:

    You have a very good flair for being concise yet comprehensive with your summaries. I start my day every day with a cup of coffe (organic, free trade, shade grown of course) and yours sites. Keep up the tremendous work. Whether you know it or not you are changing the world.

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