Bush Administration Again Censoring Climate Science

Yet again the Bush administration has seen fit to politically censor climate change science [more] according to the journal Nature. There is no appreciable scientific evidence that suggests that humanity's use of fossil fuel is not the primary cause of global heating. Essentially all climate scientists are in agreement and remaining skeptics that climate change is human caused are comprised of President Bush and others on the oil industry payroll. This does not mean that there are not many areas of uncertainty – for example whether hurricanes are more frequent and strengthened by oceans warmed through climate change. There is good scientific debate that is peer reviewed and meticulous, the way science works. Who does Bush think he is to censor the latest round of scientific inquiry from the U.S.'s own National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration which suggests global warming is indeed contributing to the frequency and strength of hurricanes. Some leaders would rather lie, kill and obstruct than lead, provide vision and save the Planet.

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5 Responses

  1. saanya says:

    i am well aware of all the reasons that are contributing to global warming and am extremely upset with the response of president bush.i dont think he has any right to ruin the lives of millions of people.global warming has become an issue worldwide and usa is the country which produces maximum gases that are polluting the atmosphere.usa and all the other countries of the world need to make it their duty to protect world environment and not just the governments but the people to must cooperate and hence make this world a better place before it gets to late.im sure no one wants their future generations to see drastic climatic changes and get extinct even before they learn how to live.

  2. Rudy says:

    Although we can point to fossil fuels and many other items as causes for the global warming, we must not ignore the root cause. Irregardless of all efforts to change our habits – global warming can never be reversed until we are willing to admit and take action on the root cause.
    The root cause is very simple and obvious, over population. Until all the worlds governments can agree to reduce populations we will continue on this cycle to extiction.
    My estimates show that the earth can support approx. 1 billion people at our current standards of living. Therefore a plan must be put into effect that limits childbirth to a rate that brings us to that 1 billion headcount by 2070. This can be easily achieved through attrition and controlled birth rates but only with world co-operation. Over the past 30 years the US and European countries have seeked out the cheap labor of Japan, Phillipines, Taiwan, India and now China to mention a few. As these highly populated countrys become industrialized their standard of living becomes more like ours requiring many more products, cars and industry.
    The earth can not substain life as we know it should China reach our level of consumption and waste due to their huge population. There simply aren't enough raw materials or food and the damage to our eco system will destroy us all.
    So, the focas on saving our planet must begin by population reduction at a rate never thought to be possible. I believe humans in general are too greedy, self centered and stupid to make this happen therefor our future in my opinion is very dim. As a species we have never done anything because it the right thing, we always re-act on how we can profit. Very sad I would say

  3. Glenn D'Angelo says:

    Dr. Barry.
    The U.S. represent's 5% of the world's population yet consumes 42% of the world's resource's. If we can get the other 98% of the world's population in line. We can all live in stupidity forever……..just what Bush teaches !

  4. PW says:

    I think you should look at your population theory again. The U.S. citizen in particular and the rest of the western world consume a disportionate amount of the earth's resources per capita. The problem isn't population, it's the population that's consuming everything. That's your problem.

  5. Bruce says:

    Why don't you mention that global warming stopped in 1998?

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