Buying of Climate Skeptics Threatens Earth

Exxon and others are again being called to task for funding climate skeptics. Fossil fuel front groups have long sought to cloud climate science for the purpose of prolonging windfall profits at the expense of an operarable global climate system. George Monbiot fires the most recent volley in a new book called “Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning” which I intend to review at a later date and in several commentary articles, which make the point Exxon has collaborated with the tobacco company Phillip Morris in the UK to continue a “devastatingly effective… campaign of dissuasion”. Where better for big oil to turn for assistance than big tobacco, which has decades of experience lying about the science regarding the dangerousness of its product. It has been suggested that this new book which also took to task Virgin Airlines' fuel inefficiency and the scale of its operation upon the climate was partially responsible for Richard Branson's recent announcement [news search] to fund renewable energy – which for the aviation sector seems far away and perhaps unattainable. All climate criminals will face justice.

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  1. Mike says:

    Another kind of “purchasing” is the almost tabloid use of a captured audience. Minnkota Power, an electric utility in North Dakota, has taken it upon itself to put a global warming myth article in all but one of its customer newsletters in the last 18 months.

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