VICTORY: U.S. Roadless Forests Sleep More Safely for Now

Roadless Forest MontanaThe on again, off again, U.S. roadless forest rules of former President Clinton are back in effect. In a setback for the Bush administration, a federal judge rejected a rule that allowed logging roads in national forests' last large roadless [search] wilderness areas. Whoop, whoo – this is a major victory for the many groups working daily on this matter for years – a movement really – of which EcoInternet and our network has been a part – including generating thousands of comments in the rules original formulation. We have done at least a half dozen alerts on the matter over the past 10 years (for an oldie but goodie see this 2001 alert). EcoInternet and its predecessors including are becoming ancient like the forests they seek to protect 😉

There will always be accountants saying it is justified to liquidate ancient, ecologically intact, and evolutionarily original natural ecosystems. The world's last large roadless forests are priceless ecological treasures that power many of the atmospheric/terrestrial processes of energy and nutrient cycling that powers Gaia. Achieving global ecological sustainability demands that ALL ancient forests must be protected as global ecological reserves and funding mechanisms found to compensate those forgoing logging and other industrial use. That all measures are taken in haste to bring this about is critical for finding solutions to both the global warming and biodiversity/ecosystem conservation crises.
Sure, the timber industry and some states like Idaho are going to sue to put the control of roadless forests back in the states. But for now, the state roadless area management requests are invalid and my understanding is that as of now all inventoried roadless forests (excluding Alaska's) – tens of millions of acres – are protected again.This is a victory for the forest conservation movement of which you have played a part. For the rest of time green humanity will have to keep watch over – being always vigalante of protecting the biosphere's ecological patterns and processes – and expand these ancient forests and other complex and mostly natural habitats. You protest thus we are.

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19 Responses

  1. Clara Piecuch says:

    Even occasional good news gives us hope which is often fleeting!
    Clara Piecuch

  2. don ross says:

    Good news is infectious and spreads like a ripple in a lake…..keep up the good work & soon the tide will turn in favour of preservation of the earth over it's destruction.

  3. pete lusk says:

    This really is a mighty victory along the road to protecting all America's ancient forests.
    In Aotearoa/New Zealand, virtually all forests (even previously logged forests) on publicly-owned land are protected under the Department of Conservation. Logging of ancient forests can only take place on private land and with a “sustainable” plan. In our region this means almost no logging. Us activists can now get onto other issues like coal mining.

  4. Jim DiPeso says:

    Republicans for Environmental Protection believes this is a great development. See <a href="
    posting”>posting”>posting”>“>posting of our news release.
    Conservation is conservative!

  5. Marc Sommer says:

    Heep heep Hurah for this decision eroding Bush's politics.For sure contributed to this positive result.
    Eventhough: is Alaska not a state of the U.S.A.?

  6. sue tribe says:

    Well done!!!!
    What a great victory.

  7. Betty says:

    Wonderful news – congratulations! Roads are facilitating the ruin of so many of our last wilderness sites all around the world – but this is one bit of good news. Great that 'the bush' (GB) has been whacked!!!

  8. Peter says:

    this is wonderful, glen!
    congratulations from germany!

  9. Julie says:

    Excellent news!

  10. Dave Moore says:

    Pay to save forest carbon in old trees and soil by upping the price of gas. Give some money to Forest Service to manage these precious roadless areas. Kyoto credits and helps to ease addiction to Middle East oil. Dave Moore

  11. Sanda says:

    WOO HOO Thanks for the fab news Glen. take care Sandra

  12. Maurice says:

    That's great news Glen.
    Well done.

  13. Colin Smith says:

    Congratulations from Australia, where we know exactly how it feels from
    our own experience to have to fight and fight and fight for the remnants
    of our intact forests and how sweet it is to have even half a victory
    (which is usually what we get).
    Colin Smith

  14. Ode says:

    Super News,

  15. Kim Hahn says:

    Good on ya, Glen!!!

  16. Tom Jackson says:

    Great News Glen

  17. Adam says:

    Aint it great when something good appens!!!!!!
    I've worked in the forests of the states and alaska on this very issue. Could tell you some pretty wild stories… I gotta admit though that when I was happily reading your email sipping my cold beer in toronto (I'm working on boreal forests at the moment) and I read (except alaska), my smile sadly slipped away. Of all the
    american forests its only alaska where you get the true feel of wilderness. You know there's not a highway on the othe side of the hill. Not many people see it but when you get up in some of those hills past where they're logging the forest becomes magical, old, open, and like a cathedral. I hope we can use this victory to lead to the protection of the tongas and the rest of the unspoilt stuff up there.
    keep up the good work

  18. Jerry says:

    Thank you for organizing all this and preserving peace.

  19. Ecology says:

    That's a real gooooood neeews ! I had wait this notice for many time !

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