Taking Personal Responsibility to Reduce GHG Emissions

Pumping gasAll of us must take personal responsibility for reducing greenhouse gas emissions – particularly carbon dioxide and methane but others as well. Each of us will be able to do various things including getting our lifestyle to be carbon neutral [search] – where you emit no carbon in net total – or even negative through tree planting and care and other sequestring activities, removing more carbon than you emit from the atmosphere. Virgin airline chairman Richard Branson has more opportunities and cash than most. Thus it is appropriate and indeed inspiring that he has committed all profits from his various commercial enterprises, estimated to be some $3 billlion over 10 years, to solving the climate change issue. It is important that we realize that each of us is responsible for doing what we can to reduce emissions. We need 60-75% reductions societally asap and this is best built upon individual initiative. Cut car use and start planting trees!

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8 Responses

  1. Alan Zucker says:

    Thank You Richard Branson.
    We can have clean air and plentiful energy without war, oil and global warming.
    If only the US automobile manufacturers had the same vision. Instead, the people must force them through lawsuits to do the right thing. Read more at IwantCleanair.com

  2. Despite all the good work of a great many people, including Mr. Bransen, we all know that the only real way to halt the destructive progress of climate change is for each of us to change the way we live. It doesn’t require big changes or sacrifices, but we all need to be smarter and more concerned consumers. In our every day lives and in everything we do, we need make personal choices that are more “climate-friendly”.
    In the next few years, we will see a rapid spread of market-based “cap-and-trade” incentives that will fuel an explosion of “climate friendly” technologies. There will also be an ever growing number of businesses that will be committed to reducing greenhouse gases by changing their products and the way they do business. This is already beginning to happen.
    Another way that you can take direct action is to get directly involved in the emerging markets in greenhouse gas emission and rather than buying “offsets”, we should work to “permanently retire” allowances and credits so that no one else can ever use them to emit. We need to foster market mechanisms that lead to permanent reductions by creating economic incentives to reduce emissions and penalties for those who not.

  3. chris says:

    Hi yes well done Richard Branson. I have heard people condemn this as a marketing trick. No please stop saying that. I fully support him, anything to increase awareness and progress immediate action on this critical issue to life on this planet and human life. Great work Richard.

  4. kaz says:

    yer good job buddy

  5. PW says:

    I wonder if this is a response to George Monbiot's new book “In Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning”. On his website Monbiot (http://www.turnuptheheat.org/?page_id=3) takes Branson to task for Virgin Airlines CO2 emissions.
    It would be really useful if Branson used the money to reduce Virgins CO2 footprint.

  6. Energy Watchers says:

    Dear all,
    Individual commitment is also possible.
    Please find enclosed a brief description of Energy Watchers, a non-profit association whose aim is to build a european network of citizens, corporations and collectivities willing to start to reduce progressively their GhG emissions in order to limit the impacts of Global Warming for actual and future generations.
    In order to develop the association, i'd like to measure the commitment and potential engagement of a large citizens panel with such ideas. This is the reason why i sollicitate your cooperation..
    Within 10 minutes you'll have discovered Energy Watchers goals and answered to the form.
    Thanks to send back the filled form to energywatchers@gmail.com and to forward this message to your network and – maybe – in your newsletter, in order to spread the word and expand potentially the number of answers.
    The file is available in english, French, Dutch and Spanish.
    Thank you for your cooperation,
    Best Regards .
    Energy Watchers asbl
    c/o Frédéric Chomé
    Rue du Chateau, 206536 Thuin
    0474/ 701 832
    PS : the Association description and files are also available for download at : http://www.cogenco . be/cogeneration_belgique/energywatchers/download.htm

  7. Perhaps Sir Richard Branson should think about competing for the Green Riband (www.greenriband.org) – awarded for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe using zero emission transportation. Fuel cells, bio fuels, wind, solar etc…

  8. Gareth Kane says:

    Good to see Darryl Hannah doing her bit!
    Warning: this video includes scenes of a Hollywood actress licking the cap of her fuel tank.

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